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RHEL/centos/Fedora various source (epel, Remi, rpmforge, rpmfusion) configurations

Centos comes with a CentOS-Base.repo source by default, but the official source to remove a lot of copyrighted software, and the installed software is not the latest stable version. Many multimedia software cannot be found in the source that comes

Rhel/centos/fedora various sources (EPEL, Remi, Rpmforge, rpmfusion) configuration

CentOS default comes with centos-Base.repo Source, but the official source to remove a lot of copyright dispute software, and installed software is not the latest stable version. Many multimedia software is not found in Fedora's own source, and if

LNMP + MEM + redis architecture deployment in CentOS

Generally, the architecture deployment is in two formats: LNMP and LAMP. Here I am talking about LNMP architecture deployment, nginx, mysql, php, and memcache compilation configuration installation, mysql Master/Slave configuration and permission

Build lamp environment and install Swoole extensions under Linux

First, CentOS 6.5/CentOS 6.9 use Yum to quickly build the lamp environmentPreparation: Update First Yum source I installed the environment is: apache2.2.15+mysql5.5.60+php5.6.36Enter the following command: Yum-y update1. Installing Apache[Email

CentOS 7 system YUM quick installation LNMP environment tutorial

Although the LNMP environment is easy to customize, a long compilation time is too long for small servers. If you can install the environment within 10 minutes, no matter how much.Then, how can I quickly install the LNMP environment within 10

CentOS installs PHP runtime environment with Yum, including Php,php-fpm,nginx,mysql

We want to use Yum to install PHP-FPM and compare the new version of Php,nginx,mysql-server, first we have to add a few sources for Yum, the CentOS default source inside the software is older, some software, libraries have not.Epel Source:Extra

CentOS uses YUM to install the php runtime environment, including php and php

If we want to use yum to install php-fpm and compare the latest versions of php, nginx, and mysql-server, we must first add several sources to yum. By default, the software in CentOS is old, some software and libraries are not yet available. EPEL

Linux PHP FastCGI

Linux PHP FastCGI1 FastCGIFastCGI: The Fast Universal Gateway Interface (Fast Common gateway interface/fastcgi) is a protocol that lets an interactive program communicate with a Web server.FastCGI is like a resident (long-live) CGI, which can be

Source Code Compilation Installation mariadb-5.5.48

Source Code Compilation Installation mariadb-5.5.48MARIADB IntroductionMARIADB database management System is a branch of MySQL, mainly by the open source community in the maintenance, the use of GPL license. One of the reasons for developing this

Yum install php7-php tutorial

Currently, the yum repo configured on VPS does not support php7 installation. Therefore, we need to compile the source code and install the dependency extension. this is very troublesome, however, a PHP developer from France maintains a yum source

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