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How to remove Thunder ads? How to remove the Thunder advertising course

1.hosts file Screen Thunder Ads (this method is very common OH) We found the Hosts file in Computer C and added the following (where is the location of the Windows 7 modify Hosts file?) How to modify the hosts text tutorial): can also directly run "1 shielding Thunder ads. Cmd", the effect is the same. 2.

Thunderbolt 7 Ads How to remove the Thunderbolt advertising ban tutorial

1.hosts Shielding Thunderbolt Advertising We install the Thunderbolt after the opening of the hosts file will see a number of files pointed to, we can define the Thunderbolt several ads loaded files hosts address, (location: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc copy past paste can): plugin.xl7.xunlei.com127.0.0.1 search.daquan.xunlei.comcan also directly run "1 shielding Thunder ads. Cmd", the effect i

Thunderbolt ads and plug-ins how to remove

The Thunderbolt makes our daily life frequently uses the software, however, the Thunder inside advertisement and the plug-in can be really a headache. Today, small make up to share thunder ads and plug-ins How to remove, I hope to be helpful to everyone. Thunderbolt ads and plug-ins how to remove

Thunderbolt 7 How to remove ads

Thunder is a lot of users download tools, however, every time the Thunderbolt, there will always be ads to make people feel very annoying, today, small programming for everyone to introduce the Thunderbolt 7 to advertising methods. Thunderbolt 7 How to remove ads Thunderbolt 7 to advertising simple three steps: 1. By modifying the system Hosts file shie

UC Browser 8.X ways to remove ads

UC Browser is currently the largest number of domestic users, the most mainstream mobile phone browser one. Compared with other domestic mobile phone browsers, its core architecture has unique and advanced, the overall UI interface to highlight the humanized design, more in line with the use of Chinese habits, so many users favor, become a mobile phone system prerequisite software. But embedded in the page ads is also a headache, so how to

Dedecms 5.7 Ways to remove background ads and copyrights

background after landing the default home ads The main parts to be removed are: Sponsored links, development teams, business licensing inquiries 1, open/dede/index_body.php, at the end of the file to find the following code: Exitelse if ($dopost = = ' Showauth '){Include (' templets/index_body_showauth.htm ');Exitelse if ($dopost = = ' Showad '){Include (' templets/index_body_showad.htm ');Exit}?>Modified to: Exit}?>Then, delete the/dede/templets

How to remove annoying MSN ads

How to remove annoying MSN ads 1. Remove the label column on the left (1): Find "tool"-> "option" Figure 1-1 (2) Click OK. Figure 1-2 2. Remove the advertisement and search toolbar at the bottom. 2.1 Download The reshacker tool before advertising Open reshacker, "file"-> "open", and fill in "C:/Program"Files/MSN Mes

F12 Review, modify elements, remove ads, mask masks with web developer tools

F12 Review, modify elements, remove ads, mask masks with web developer toolswhenever you open a Web page, whether the page has a lot of ads and worry, whether to manipulate the page (such as watching ultra-clear video), please register login and so on, and so on, whether the Web lock video annoyed? today for everyone to share a skill, this article only provides

CSS code to remove image ads at the bottom of blog Park

Blog Park is a very good program development station, it is estimated that we also found the article at the bottom of the details page also appeared ads, if you do not want to see how to do?Don't worry, blog Park backstage is left a custom CSS style code entrance, here is the entrance to kill ads. Through the browser, careful observation found that the image of the outside of the ID unexpectedly use JS to w

How to remove the Thunder 7 ads

Every time you open the Thunderbolt, the advertisement will be very annoying, this tutorial for you to introduce the Thunderbolt 7 to advertising methods. Thunderbolt 7 to advertising simple three steps: 1. By modifying the system Hosts file shielding Thunder Ads You can manually modify the Hosts file by running HOSTSX and insert all the Thunderbolt items and the following two items:

Remove pages of ads, you deserve to have ~

Recent search data by a variety of dynamic advertising is really annoying, helpless feeling, these ads are really not moral integritySmall lifting of a few chestnuts:The most people can not endure is the last one, so you have no way to meditate on things good.Well, the exciting time has come, I've written a browser bookmark, a key to hide these messy things:javascript: (function() { varA = Document.queryselectorall (' iframe '); varIMGs = document.

itunes Radio 3 ways to remove ads

Method One: ITunes Match With ITunes Match, all of your music, even the songs you have entered from CDs, can be stored in ICloud. No matter where you are, you can access your music from all of your devices and listen to your entire database. Hot nettle R bad ┮, ICloud, can be played on any device. Just browse the music list stored in the cloud and click on it to play. Users can store up to 25,000 songs in ICloud at least. Apple did not mention that the annual subscript

How to manually remove Thunder ads and Plug-ins

First, find the installation of the Thunderbolt directory (Thunderbolt default installed in the C:Program Filesthunder networkthunder). Remove the above flash banner and text ads in the lower right corner: into the program folder, the folder named ad deleted, and Notepad open gui.cfg file, the inside of the "adserver=" and "homepage=" after the URL deleted, save. Remo

MSN Messenger for simplicity (remove MSN ads with Visual Studio 2005) _ Application Tips

I use the MSN Messenger version is 8.1 The interface is more complex, and the streamlining approach is as follows: 1. Advertising: With Visual Studio 2005 * Note: Back up Msgsres.dll first Drag the resource file Msgsres.dll from the MSN Messenger installation directory to the Visual Studio 2005 workspace, which appears as follows: ► Remove the ads at the bottom of the chat window: Open resource Numb

Ways to directly cite Youku videos and remove ads

In the off-site reference Youku Video, point "full screen" will jump to Youku's website, and play, put the mouse in the video screen, will display ads, play will also display relevant information and other issues, especially like we in their own blog, Enterprise station, online shop, business-to-consumer stores in the video, If the video starts to give you a 30 wonderful ad, I don't know how many users to lose.Off-site quote Youku video fullscreen and

Browser to remove site ads, registration tips and other content (just the current page)

Believe that any front-end developers to browse the Web site know how to get rid of annoying ads (if you need to stay on the page for a long time), but not most of the front-end developers do not understand, so the article is for small white write, nature can not recommend to the homepage;Write the background of the article: When we visit our website, we often encounter ads, registration tips, etc. (as show

How do you get rid of ads in cool video? Cool video through hosts to remove advertising methods 4. Find the folder, the location in Windows 7 is located in the C: User your current user Appdataroamingmacromediaflash player#sharedobjects, The location in Windows XP c:documents and setting your current user Applicationdatamacromediaflash player#sharedobjectsdxgb5y7g 5, will find the folder deleted, with Notepad to create a text file (do not enter any content), Save as

stylish--a button for Web page, change font size, remove ads

Today, we introduce a very useful plugin stylishStylish is a plugin that can customize themes for your websiteCan be found in Chrome's App StoreYou can also access the URLApp Store to find an installationClick on the website can also access the official websiteEnter the website you want to change skin after entering the websiteGive me a chestnut:Like I want to change my skin for GitHub.When you click insideBecause I've installed it, so here's the update.After installat

Remove ads on the web (Baidu, Google, etc.)

The original page, a lot of ads Processed after the page, no ads, a lot of good mood Press F12 to paste the following code at the cursor: Alert (document.getElementsByTagName ("iframe"). length);//Total number of IFRAME for (var i=20;i>=0;i--) {// You can also use the total number of IFrame obtained above var do1=document.getelementsbytagname ("iframe") [i]; if (Do1 = = null) { }else{ do1.parentNode

Thunder Speed version of the v1.0.2.24 function changes: Remove some plug-in ads

Thunder Speed version March 25 update, optimize the cumbersome installation process, the default to you the most intelligent settings, farewell to pain, speed start, Peer-to-peer Accelerated module resident, Priority queue acceleration, hide some advanced features, removed some plug-in ads, and strive to do the best to understand your thunder. Functional change 1. A large number of default skin under the interface details of the adjustment

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