rename failed for database

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R12.2.6 installation failed with-unable to rename database

Error message:Log information:/data/ebsdb/vis/12.1.0/appsutil/log/vis_ebstest/12222150.logPhase 3 Rename databaseexecuting command:sh-c "Oracle_sid=orclvis;export oracle_sid;oracle_home=/data/ebsdb/vis/ 12.1.0;export Oracle_home; /data/ebsdb/vis/12.1

ERROR 1396 (HY000): Operation RENAME USER failed for ' root ' @ '% '

To avoid security risks in MySQL, rename the default root user. Using the Rename user command to modify the root username failed, Hint Error: 1396 (HY000): Operation RENAME USER failed for ' root ' @ '% ' Modified successfully using the User table

Insufficient table space for the main library users to save the space-scarce DG system through rename

Sunday in order to save the main Library users table space temporarily expanded 20G tablespace, resulting in the DG Library's/bak/datafile/directory is insufficient. The log application to the extended-space archive crashes, and, more tragically,

Database suspect __ Database

Information A 1, stop the database server, the database MDF files and LDF files copy backup a copy 2, start the database server, delete the suspect database 3, only with the backup of the database MDF file attached to the database,

Oracle Connection Database prompt: Package receive failed: Ora-12637__python

Problem Description: When landing Oracle database, whether from SQL Plus or from Toad Landing, there will be no landing on the phenomenon. Prompt for package receive failed: ORA-12637 appears. Workaround: Modify the Sqlnet.ora file,

SQL SERVER 2005 Database Mirroring (3)

Because server A cannot see the witness server W or the original mirror partner server B, you must enter the disconnected state and make the database unavailable. Server B and Server w can compose quorum. Server B cannot see server A, so Server B

Usage of SQLite relational database _ MySQL

Database used by SQLite relational Database: the data warehouse stores a table, especially Excel and Numbers, which stores data in the form of tables. you can create multiple tables. Common databases: sqlite, MySQL, SQLServer, and SQLite relational

ORA-01109: Database failed to start problem __ Database

Database failed to start issue Prompt when logging on to database: Ora-12514:tns: The listener is currently unable to recognize the connection descriptor Solution: Then log on to the database server (aix5 Unix), go to the Oracle User (Unix turn user

Oracle Data Guard _ renaming Data files in the master database

8.3.4Renaming a Datafile in the Primary Database8.3.4 recommand the data file in the master database (that is, manually modify the same changes in the slave database) When you rename one or more datafiles in the primary database, the change is not

Oracle442 Application Scenarios-----------Oracle Database Physical Structure

-------------------------the physical structure of the Oracle database-------------------------------Oracle Database Physical StructureOracle's data is actually saved in the form of a file in which the user's data is saved,You also need to save

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