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Webmaster Rental server should pay attention to matters

In the last two years, in the domestic ASP basic business domain popular a "host to rent", it has grabbed a lot of market price low, but at present the most problematic is the host of the rental market; because the management requirements of the

Standalone Server Web site selection Guide

has done the website the friend all knows, chooses a suitable, the stable server, is establishes a good website the important premise. In the selection of servers, the general IDC operators will put forward a number of recommendations: the purchase

Detailed Linux to build the VPN server (CentOS, PPTP) _linux

This article describes how to build a PPTP VPN service on a Xen VPS that installs the CentOS operating system. Includes the installation, configuration, and corresponding iptables rules for PPTP. This article temporarily does not involve the PPTP

Web Server Performance Optimization

Web server performance and site access performance optimization ideasTo optimize the performance of your Web server, let's take a look at the steps of the Web server on Web page processing:1. Web browser makes Web page request to a specific server;2,

Site build from scratch (ii) Server space

The original published self-built website, welcome everyone to visit, reproduced please retain this paragraph or note the original first part of the domain name related knowledge, the introduction of the

Complete destruction of your Linux server

When we rent a Linux cloud host, if the service is about to expire, how do you completely destroy the Linux cloud host you rented? The shell script reproduced in this article can completely destroy the Linux cloud host and destroy the data by

Security O & M: The general processing process after the server is attacked

Security O & M: The general processing process after the server is attacked Security is always relative, and even secure servers may be attacked. As a security O & M personnel, the principle to be grasped is to do a good job in system security

About DHCP server faults

Do you have many problems with DHCP servers? If you use DHCP to automatically Configure TCP/IP for the workstation in the system, any DHCP failure can cause service crash. After all, if a workstation cannot obtain an IP address, it cannot read any

Cloud computing on Linux

Cloud computing and storage convert physical resources (such as processors and storage) into scalable and shareable resources ("as a service") on the Internet" Computing and storage ). Although virtualization is not a new concept, physical system

Should the server operating system choose Debian/ubuntu or CentOS?

Should the server operating system choose Debian/ubuntu or CentOS?In fact, I think most of his statements are not wrong. If you need to install a server, you really prefer RH system.But...Contact QQ 2880990294 Phone 18326835655Fuzhou Boutique

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