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How to buy a virtual space)

What is a virtual space? I often hear webmasters ask in the group where is the virtual space good? Where is the performance of the virtual space good? Where is the virtual space cheaper? Virtual space is an important sales product in the IDC

Uncover the veil of the virtual host provider

A. Space-type 1. How to view the size of space2. Why rent space can not do local online and download3.1G space Friends don't know what you're thinking4. Are our enhancements really unlimited online?5. Hundreds of-dollar space and the difference

Tentanyl Droperidol or does it do more harm? Talking about the rental server

Server Recently, a netizen letter asked the rental server is how the same thing, the same is how many people share the server and cost-sharing, and what is the difference between it and the virtual host, these problems believe that many small

Where will the virtual host and server rental market go?

Recently, a lot of people ask the virtual host good or server rental good? In fact, each has its own market advantages, both will be long-term coexistence. We all know that the virtual host technology at the beginning of the development of the time

Site build from scratch (ii) Server space

The original published self-built website, welcome everyone to visit, reproduced please retain this paragraph or note the original first part of the domain name related knowledge, the introduction of the

Virtual reality: Understanding the application of virtual host

Virtual Host The advantages of a virtual host in building a Web site are obvious. This article is to give you a specific introduction to the virtual host application, use and maintenance of knowledge, if you are building a website do not know where

Do you choose a virtual host or a stand-alone server for your site?

If everyone and I have a few tens of thousands of IP stations, it must be considered the use of virtual host or stand-alone server. I currently have 3 10,000 IP stations, are still used by the virtual host. We all know that the price of a virtual

How to build a mail server how to select a server

When selecting a server, the generalIDCoperators will make several suggestions: buyVPS(Virtual Private server), after the server is purchased, and managed toIDCroom, directly withIDCThe carrier hires the server or chooses to purchase a cloud server.

Website creation: Select server hosting or virtual host

As we all know, you need to purchase or rent a server to store the webpage space for website construction. So, is it enough for us to select a server to lease or purchase the entire host or just select a virtual host? Before answering this question,

Pei Tao: The virtual space that seoer the pain of their eggs

Personal webmaster of the emergence of the Chinese Internet has embarked on the "fast track", gratified, there will still be a lot of sites "small lotus just show sharp angle", how to let this "spark" into its prairie fire? It is clear that a

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