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Rent a Hong Kong cloud host, or rent a Hong Kong independent server, which is better

share with others, nature will not be affected by others, but the price is slightly more expensive than the cloud host, but the value for money, in the economic conditions can withstand the case recommended use. More suitable for medium and large enterprises, marketing products to promote.In short, whether it is Hong Kong cloud host or Hong Kong server to see which is better, according to their own needs and business development to see. The biggest d

SMB heavy price Xeon 5600 server purchase strategy (1)

When it comes to purchasing servers, Intel's next-generation Intelligent server CPU-Xeon 5600 series was released. This industry-leading processor has pushed the server market up again. The Nehalme microframework 5600 processor is adopted, and the process is improved to 32nm, so that the size and performance of the processor circuit can be significantly optimized

List of server Xeon CPU cores

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Dual 6500 Xeon DELL R810 rack server evaluation (figure) (1)

In the Nehalem-EX era, DELL released three machines, a previously tested Blade Server M910 and two rack-mounted servers R810 and R910. They are all four-way machines, but both M910 and R810 are models that can be used for four or two-way configuration BKJIA. Recommended reading: 4-way Nehalem-EX Dell M910 server evaluation ). DELL PowerEdge R810 I have tested the Nehalem-EX prototype officially tested by

DNS server rent a server How much money Hong Kong best cloud data

forwarders checkbox, and in the IP Address text box, type the IP address of the local ISP's DNS server.Third, set the Windows 2003 server server as the root domain controller. The DNS server cannot be the root domain controller, but it can be a normal domain controller.IV, other failures, such as virus infection, cause the DNS service to fail, try to install sys

Why choose to rent Hengyang high-anti-server

Why choose to rent Hengyang High-anti-serverFirst we need to know what the server concept is:Chinese name: Server Name:Server definition: A computer that runs management software to control access to network or network resources (disk drives, printers, and so on) in a local area network. and can provide resources for computers on the network to operate like wor

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