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MySQL Data table Damage Repair command

Symptom of table corruption A typical symptom of a damaged table is as follows:1. When selecting data from a table, you get the following error:Incorrect key file for table: ' ... '. Try to repair it2. The query cannot find rows in the table or

Repair of MySQL Data Tables (corrupted)

The following articles mainly describe how to correctly repair corrupted MySQL Data Tables. There are two methods: checktable and repairtable, and myisamchk and isamchk, mySQL (the best combination with PHP) database errors caused by power failure

Checking and repairing MySQL tables: MySQL table is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

0x001 Issue BackgroundMySQL executes the relevant MySQL command (we performed, show procedure status) When prompted Mysql.proc table crashed, cannot be repaired (marked as crashed and last (automatic?) Repair failed)Error message: MySQL table is

MySQL database table repair MyISAM

I. Summary of the causes of MyISAM Table Corruption in MySQL: 1. The data file is damaged due to a sudden power failure on the server. The mysql service is forcibly shut down without being shut down first. The mysqld process is killed when writing a

MySQL data table Damage Repair method detailed

1. Table Damage Reason analysis The following are common causes of MySQL table corruption:1, the sudden loss of power to the server caused data file corruption.2, forced shutdown, did not first shut down the MySQL service.3. The mysqld process was

Mysql in the optimization and Repair Database Tools Mysqlcheck Detailed Introduction _mysql

Introduction of Mysqlcheck The Mysqlcheck client can examine and repair the MyISAM table. It can also optimize and analyze tables. Mysqlcheck function is similar to MYISAMCHK, but its work is different. The main difference is that when the MYSQLD

Correct repair scheme for MYSQL data table damage _mysql

It is a common problem to have a database error with MySQL (the best combination of PHP) with a power outage or an abnormal shutdown. There are two ways, one way to use the SQL statements of Check table and repair table for MySQL (and the best

MySQL installation (rpm) and startup configuration

MySql installation (rpm) and startup configuration installation environment: OS: OracleLinux5.9 installation steps: 1. Unzip the MySql installation package [root @ bakdbservermysql] # tar MySql installation (rpm) and startup configuration

MySQL in Linux can not REPAIR table repair tables Solution

REPAIR table Syntax REPAIR table ' table_name ' repair form REPAIR table is used to repair damaged tables Using in Linux REPAIR TABLE ' table_name ' pre_forum_thread Tips Xt.pre_forum_thread Repair Error 1 when fixing table

MySql installation (rpm) and startup configuration _ MySQL

MySql installation (rpm) and startup configuration MySql installation (rpm) and startup configuration Installation steps: 1. unzip the MySql installation package [Root @ bakdbserver mysql] # tar-xf MySQL-5.5.24-1.rhel5.x86_64.tar [root

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