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Internet delayed conversation: Channel Management (rfc2811-Internet Relay Chat: client Protocol)

Delayed Internet conversation: Channel Management(Rfc2811-Internet Relay Chat: client Protocol)Status of this memoThis Memorandum provides information to internet groups. It does not set any Internet standards and can be released without

"Collection to" WCF Post series (9): Depth channel programming model Part 2-instance

IntroductionIn essence, WCF is a Communications service framework that allows us to use different transport protocols to interact with different WS-* Series specifications using different message encoding forms, all of which are handled by the

Goroutine+channel+waitgroup use

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Introduced Goroutine Golang language is one of the most characteristic of the East is this goroutine, many times asked why others Golang the use of, Golang network

Deep learning Golang (2)-channel

Channel 1. Overview "Network, concurrency" is the two big feature of Go language. The go language, known as the "C language of the Internet", uses less code and is simpler to write a server than the traditional C language. Write a server In addition

Learn more about golang (2)-Channel

Channel1. Overview "Network, concurrency" is the two major feature of the Go language. The Go language is known as the "Internet C language". Compared with the traditional C language, writing a server uses less and simpler code. Writing a server is

Vitual channel Program

1. Implementation of Virtual Channel Rdp5.1 supports virtual channels (the same below) technology. A virtual channel is a custom set of independent data formats associated with the RDP protocol. This technology makes it unnecessary to change the

Goroutine + Channel Practice

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Background In recently developed projects, the backend needs to write many APIs that provide HTTP interfaces, while the technology selection is relatively loose, so

Packet Data Channel: group data channel.

Packet Data Channel: group data channel. In GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks, physical channels used by PS (packet switched, group switching) services are called pdch. The function module PCU (packet control unit) in BSC (Base Station Controller) allocates

Java Nio4:socket Channel

Socket ChannelThe above describes the channel, file channel, this article describes the socket channel, the socket channel and the file channel has a different characteristics, three points said:1. NIO's socket channel classes can run in

Synchronous requests, asynchronous requests, GET requests, POST requests for IOS, and iosget

Synchronous requests, asynchronous requests, GET requests, POST requests for IOS, and iosget Original link here:   1. synchronous requests can request data from the Internet. Once a synchronous

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