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Build the DDK compiling environment of VC

1. Environment: path of Windows XP SP1 ntddk (win2kddk) VC ++ 6.0ntddk: D:/ntddkddk: setenvcallbuild. bat builddriver. bat makefile. MK sourcesetenvcallbuild. bat is the command line (msdos) Execution file. The parameters are checked wxp or free wxp

WDM Driver Design

WDM Driver Design Author: Tang Lin Release Date: 2001/03/14   Abstr: Currently, Windows 98 and windows have become mainstream operating

OpenGL Learning 09_ Clipping plane Clipplane

In addition to the 6 clipping planes of the viewing body (left, right, bottom, top, near, and far), additional clipping planes up to 6 can be specified, with further restrictions imposed on the view body.Each plane is specified by its equation ax +

Ridicule those unresolved mathematical interesting puzzles

Ten unresolved mathematical interesting puzzles Translator: July November February 26, 2011References:Mathematical puzzlesBy Peter Winkler.Book Douban address:Http:// I have

JS Basic Knowledge 5

1.1 Review 1. Button not available disabled = "Disabled" | | True 2. SetTimeout executes only once setinterval executes many times 3. Recursive invocation: The function calls itself function recursive call does not advocate using the function name

A summary of regular expression learning

I learned a bit about the use of regular expressions in the book "JavaScript Ninja Cheats" a while ago.Regular expressions are commonly used in some common JavaScript libraries to handle a variety of tasks. Manipulating strings in an HTML

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