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Learn how to install WordPress website programs

WordPress is famous for its simple installation. In most cases, installing WordPress is a simple process that can be completed in less than five minutes. The following installation guide can help you complete the installation in five minutes, or

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors

Solutions to common WordPress blog errors WordPress is a mainstream Blog building platform. WordPress is the world's most advanced weblog program. Currently, most of the programs developed are based on it. It can better grasp the search engine.

Reset WordPress password

1. reinstall WordPress. We do not recommend this method. it is troublesome to reinstall and download the installation file. 2. use the password retrieval function. WordPress supports email password retrieval. if the email of the administrator

How can I retrieve my Wordpress password after I forget it?

1. Wordpress built-in password retrieval methodIf the email address of your admin account is correct, click "forgot password" on the WordPress logon page based on the common password retrieval steps ?" Enter the admin or email address. Then, you

Practical WordPress background MySQL operation command _ MySQL

Practical WordPress background MySQL operation command WordPress Keywords:WordPress MySQL Background DatabaseAddress: WordPress stores all its information fragments

How to retrieve the wordpress background login password

If you forget your password but remember your mailbox, it would be easy. However, if you forget your email account, it would be a little troublesome. The method is as follows:1. Log on to the backend of your server and phpmyadmin. The first step

Some practical WordPress MySQL Operation Commands

WordPress stores all its information fragments (including articles, pages, comments, blog links, and plug-in Settings) in the MySQL database. Although WordPress users can control the above information snippets through website background editing,

How to reset the root password of mysql in windows: mysqlroot

How to reset the root password of mysql in windows: mysqlroot Today, we found that WordPress cannot connect to the database. log on to the window server and check that all services are running normally. Log on to the mysql database with the root

Collation of some practical WordPress background mysql operation command _php tips

However, if you have hundreds of articles on your WordPress site, and you need to make a whole-site change, then editing from the background is a bit time-consuming and laborious, and the chances of making mistakes are increased. The best way is to

How to install WordPress in the local wamp environment

This is a sub-tutorial on zblog to wordpress, but even if you are not a friend of zblog, this article is also very suitable for you. it gives you a comprehensive and detailed description of how to use wamp to install wordpress. According to this

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