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Ssh:could not resolve hostname devsrv:name or service not known

Ubuntu down SCP Error: ssh:could not resolve hostname devsrv:name or service not known Workaround: You need to add the Devsrv IP to the filename/etc/hosts. Additional /etc/hosts file function: 1. About/etc/hosts, host name and IP configuration

Oracle tnsping hostname/IP display Tns-12541:tns:no listener

Today is a cloudy day, God want to down, sleepy always want to sleep ...The amount of ... Don't say much nonsense.Today, I want to do a catalog library, I installed on the virtual machine oracle11g, this is different from the target database,So

How to modify the IP address and hostname in Linux

Querying and modifying host informationI. How to modify the Linux host name 1. Change the current host name1.1 echo New-hostname>/proc/sys/kernel/hostname (when the system starts, the host name is read from this file)1.2 hostname New-hostname

Linux hostname configuration file and file/etc/hosts

Linux hostname has been developing for a long time. Here I will share my personal understanding. Next I will talk about Linux hostname. Today, I began to write network documents again. I first wrote a smaller trainer and planned a larger basic

Resolve javamail Send mail javax.mail.messagingexception:501 syntax:helo hostname problem __java

A few days ago, when using JavaMail to send Mail on a Linux server, it always reported javax.mail.messagingexception:501 syntax:helo hostname this error, In the confirmation of the message sent by the host is not a problem, and in the local Windows

How to permanently modify the hostname host name without rebooting under Ubuntu system

Just installed a Ubuntu operating system under VMware, opened the terminal and found that the host name of this long ah, the entire window is fully occupied.To modify the hostname using hostname, run the command: "hostname new host name"#hostname

SVN: cocould not resolve hostname solution _

 SVN reports the following error:Org. Tigris. subversion. javahl. clientexception: RA layer request failedsvn: Options of '[Your SVN address ]':Cocould not resolve hostname 'svn': Do not know such a host. (Http:// 82) 1. in DOS

"Linux" SOLARIS10 Configure host name hostname to resolve hostname as unknown problem

1. The phenomenon of problems Host name (hostname) is displayed as unknown 2. How to Solve My environment is for unknown, one is not set host name, two are using DHCP assigned IP mode The workaround steps are described below: First procedure:

MySQL 1042 Can't get hostname for your address Problem Analysis and Solution Process

MySQL 1042 Can't get hostname for your address Problem Analysis Solution Process [Comment 1] former colleague penguin said he installed mysql 5.5, found that when using the mysql client remote connection, the error 1042-Can't get hostname for your

View the Host IP address resolved by the DNS host name and resolve the domain name to the DNS server

1. view the Host IP address resolved by the DNS host name Host CommandPurposeResolve a host name to an Internet address or an Internet address to a host name.SyntaxHost [-n [-a] [-c Class] [-d] [-r] [-t Type] [-v] [-w] [-z] Hostname | Address

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