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Guess one of the card games interface design and resource file design

The game to achieve Android phone guessing card game, by the computer and players play together, random poker guessing, score!A: A resource file that defines a stringMain interfaceCall Picture XMLLeaderboard. xmlSave information. xmlGuess one of the card games interface design and resource file design

Music Resource Management and playback on the Android platform, and android Resource Management

Music Resource Management and playback on the Android platform, and android Resource Management The Android platform is based on the Linux and Open Mobile Alliance (OHA) systems. After innovative R D by China Mobile, it has designed a novel and unique user operation interfa

Basic development experience of Android games

Color. rgb method can directly obtain the Color represented by integer values. In addition, you must first load the image from the resource file before you can draw the image to the screen. The Code is as follows: Bitmap mypic = null; mypic = (BitmapDrawable) getResources (). getDrawable (R. drawable. pic )). getBitmap (); Canvas canvas = new Canvas (); canvas. drawBitmap (mypic, x, y, null ); Iii. Questions about adaptive screen resolution

Pack Cocos2d-x games into an Android app

1. Open Eclipse (The CDT,ADT, and NDK are already installed) and import the Cocos2d-x Android project.2. After importing Java source code will appear compile error, open the root folder of Cocos2d-x engine \cocos2dx\platform\android\java\src, copy the org file under SRC to the Project src folder, java file compiled by3. Configure environment variables and resource

A collection of issues that must be addressed when porting Win32 games to the Android platform

There are many problems in this area, and it is difficult to find the answers on the Internet. I'm here to put a game of my own from WIN32 to the Android transplant process must face and to solve problems, listed (some have been answered, some have not resolved).1. How to display your own game program iconThis use of traditional Android platform ideas can be implemented, that is, modify the project Proj.and

Audio Design for Android games

Audio Design for Android gamesAudio Design for Android games 1. Basic Knowledge: A. setVolumeControlStream (AudioManager. STREAM_MUSIC );T) Public final void setVolumeControlStream (int streamType)Added in API level 1 Suggests an audio stream whose volume shocould be changed by the hardware volume controls.The suggested audio stream will be tied to the window of

[Android mobile games] Snake (1)

[Android mobile games] SnakeIntroduction I have been learning about android mobile app development, reading books, coding, forums (mainly, posting, replying, and accumulating a little experience a month ago, familiar with some of the most basic control usage and basic android development ideas.I hav

Texture optimization and Memory Optimization for iOS and Android games (cocos2d-x)

(Unfinished) 1. The most memory occupied by 2D games is undoubtedly image resources. 2. different platforms of cocos2d-x read different texture mechanisms. Cgimage is used in iOS, While PNG is directly called in Android and windows. I tested that using the PNG Library to directly read PNG would save about 1 MB of memory than cgimage (4 MB of memory for images), but the speed would be twice slower than t

Music resource management and playback on the Android platform

Android platform based on the Linux and Open Mobile Alliance (OHA) system, through the Chinese Mobile Innovation Research and development, designed to have a new unique user interface, enhanced browser capabilities and WAP compatibility, optimize the multimedia field of Opencore, The browser field of WebKit and many other industry-renowned engines, including games, widgets, Java me and other advanced platfo

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