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Code for implementing the sliding effect on the sidebar in WeChat applet development

This article introduces how to implement the sliding effect of the sidebar in the development of Mini Programs. code is a common function in the development of mobile apps. of course, it is no exception in the development of mini apps, however, soon

WeChat applet sliding effect on the sidebar (sliding left and right), Applet sliding

Slide the side bar of the applet (sliding left and right) and slide the Applet Slide on the sidebar is a common feature, but soon after the applet came out, many special effects have not yet been proven and can only be rewritten in the native mode.

Save the gadgets settings in the Vista sidebar

Save the Vista sidebar gadgets. In Vista, you can add multiple gadget entries without affecting each other. Therefore, after a gadget is deleted, the corresponding settings will also be lost. So how to save the settings? In Vista, save each user's

Windows 7 Base Recycle Bin and sidebar settings

Q: My notebook is pre-installed with the Windows 7 base version, I do not know why the desktop does not have a recycle Bin? It's awkward to use XP. In addition, there is a toolbar on the top of the screen, do not know what the reason is missing, how

Win7 Restore let the file regained

To create a System restore point First find "Computer" in the Start menu, Win7 users need to be found in the Start menu, the sidebar on the right. Then right click Computer and select Properties. Find the third option in the left column of the

Mmdrawercontroller practice, has been implemented, a few lines of simple code implementation sidebar

Learning methods, read the Readme, see the DemoSee the function how to achieve the imitation, personal feeling imitation is the fastest way to learnNonsense less say on the codeImport Mmdrawercontroller Framework I don't have much, then what we do

How to quickly restore the system and recover the system of an Apple notebook

How to quickly restore the system and recover the system of an Apple notebook A laptop is also known as a portable computer. Its biggest feature is its compact body, which is easier to carry than a PC. Notebook Computer, also known as a laptop,

How does iphone6 plus use itunes Backup to restore? itunes Backup Recovery method

itunes Backup Recovery method Backing up data 1, we connect the iphone to the itunes (that is, connect the computer), as shown in the view we click on the display sidebar (for example, iphone, ITUNES11) 2, the left side of the bar, we

CSS layout: the Float layout process and the conventional three-column layout

For the original article, see the main blog site. You are welcome to comment. Using CSS to layout webpages is the basic skill of the front-end. What two-column layout and three-column layout are also the basic questions for front-end interviews. In

Drawer navigation may reduce user engagement by half

Imagine you need to design an application that contains many pages and modules and cannot display completely in one screen. You will first think of designing a tab navigation at the bottom or top. Wait a moment. What kind of Navigation seems a

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