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Offline Browser teleport pro

For free-hosted blog users like csdn blog, it is a good practice to back up your entire blog. What teleport pro can do is not just browse a webpage offline (allowing you to quickly browse the content of a webpage offline is of course an important

Install and set WinRoute 4.1 pro

WinRoute is a server software running on Windows 95/NT. It integrates the functions of router, proxy server, mail server, firewall, network addresstranslator, and schedator to connect your LAN to the Internet. I. Installation The WinRoute

Make your privacy and security office more secure to access the Internet

In the office, maybe you have just left your computer, and someone else starts to "peek" your computer. Although the Screen Saver with a password can avoid such security threats to a certain extent, the screen saver can be started only after a

Iptables/netfilter related content

Firewall:Firewalls in the IT domain: a complete set of security isolation tools;Software firewall:Application software processing logic to run the common hardware implementation of the firewall;The most common firewall in Linux is: NetFilter network

Intel System Programming Guide Chapter 1-11th Cache Control

The intel 64 and IA-32 architectures provide a variety of caching mechanisms for controlling data and instructions, as well as mechanisms for controlling the read/write order between processors, caches, and memories. These mechanisms can be divided

XP SP3 cannot install IIS system version IIS 5.1 IIS 6

XP SP3 cannot install IIS. The solution is as follows:Choose Control Panel> add and delete Programs> add and delete Windows Components> accessories and tools> details> games> details,Remove the check box before zinternet games and then install IIS! -

Routine Oracle9i operations

 1. Oracle startup and Shutdown 1. In a single-host environment To start or shut down the Oracle system, you must first switch to the Oracle user, as shown below: Su-oraclea: Start the Oracle System Oracle> svrmgrl Svrmgr> connect internal Svrmgr>

Harden Windows systems with "Group Policy"

1. View local shared resources Run CMD and enter net share. If abnormal share is found, disable it. But sometimes when you turn off sharing and start up again, you should consider whether your machine has been controlled by hackers or has been

On mobile Web Development (top): in-depth concepts

If you're a front-end engineer working on mobile Web development, you may also have had problems that I've encountered: There are too many new concepts to master, too many similar concepts to differentiate. It doesn't matter, I will use two articles

C # object-oriented technology-interfaces, abstractions, seals, iterators, segments, and generics

Interfaces, abstractions, and iterators are similar to java. Therefore, they are only explained in a simple way. They are used in simple examples. Interface: You can use it to implement multiple inheritance functions. An interface can contain

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