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The third chapter of API interpretation--the core object (JDBC) of processing result set

Core ObjectsThe core objects that handle the result set are resultset and rowset. Where resultset specifies the result set of a relational database, rowset is more abstract, and the data that is composed of rows and columns can be.ResultSetThe

Methods of combining multiple tables or result sets in a MS-SQL

If the MS-SQL combines two or query results into a single result set that contains all rows of all queries in the Union query, a common method 1. Use the Union or union all statement 1. Difference between Union and Union all statements Union

A method of combining multiple tables or result sets in MSSQL

In MSSQL If you combine the results of two or more queries into a single result set that contains all the rows of all the queries in a federated query, the common method is as follows: I. Use the Union or UNION ALL statement 1. The difference

Python calls a MySQL stored procedure to return a result set

Stored procedures:Delimiter| Create procedureGet_product_info (inchIMiDint(Ten),intIuservarchar( -))begin Select * fromTb_testwhereMid=IMiD and User =Iuser;End;|delimiter;Python calls:ImportMysql.connector CNX= Mysql.connector.connect

Convert a result set using SQL -- reversely transpose a result set to a column

The previous four articles about how to use SQL to convert the result set may be a headache when the rows are converted into columns, but they can still be solved after finding a solution. One of them is, for the N rows in each group, assuming that

New Features of Oracle 11g-Result Cache

1. Result Set Caching description   For instructions on the Oracle official website, refer: 7.6 Managing the Server and ClientResult Caches Http://   1.1 Overview You can enable

01. Select into from the stored procedure result set to the temporary table

Original article: 01. Select into from the stored procedure result set to a temporary table In the development process, the result set is often stored in a temporary table. There are two common methods. I. Select 1. Using select into will

Struts2 result type (result types)

Transferred from: Http:// Http:// Http://     The processing of a request submitted to the server

JDBC Advanced Features (i) result set, batch update

First, the advanced features of ResultSet1 scrollable ResultSet1) roll forward and backwardScrolling propertiesIn the initial JDBC version number, ResultSet can only scroll forwardIn the JDBC maybe version number, ResultSet can scroll forward or

SQL statement execution vs. result set acquisition

Title:sql statement execution vs. result set acquisitionTags: [OLE DB, database programming, VC + +, database]Date:2018-01-28 09:22:10Categories:windows Database ProgrammingKeywords:oledb, database programming, VC + +, database, execute SQL, get

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