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Using Sqldevelop to connect Oracle steps in RET Hat 6.2 in Linux

How to connect to Oracle remotely with Plsql on a computer that does not have Oracle installed1. Load Instantclient, mine is WIN7, download is instantclient-basiclite-nt-11.2Unzip to a fixed directory such as C:\instantclient_plsqlCreate a file in the extracted directory Network\admin\tnsnames.ora2. Edit the contents of the file, and note that IP and prot are used by remote Oracle# Tnsnames.ora Network Configuration file:c:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\network\admin\tnsnames.ora# Generated by Orac

Ret Hat under SendMail

Ret Hat under SendMailTools: RHEL7.5, Win7SendMail Server: RHEL7.5--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------*************************************************************************************************************** **************1. Installing the SendMail ComponentCheck whether the SendMail component is installedRpm-qa |

Ret Hat configuration Apache Service

Tools: RHEL7.5, Ubuntu kylin18.04Apache Server: RHEL7.5ip: machine: Ubuntu kylin18.04ip: ----------********************************************************************************************************1. Turn off SELinux and firewallsSetenforce 0 #临时关闭SELINUXSystemctl Stop Firewalld #关闭防火墙#永久关闭SElinuxVim/etc/sysconfig/selinux#修改其中语句Selinux=enforcing---> s

Assembly Language Learning Tenth chapter-call and RET directives

this blog series reference from Call and RET are transfer instructions, they can change the IP value, or also change the value of CS and IP, often in the program using them for the design of sub-program module. 10.1 ret and RETFRET uses stacks of data to modify the contents of the IP to achieve near-transferRETF the contents of CS and IP with the data in the stack, realize the remote transferret Execution

Assembly language--call and RET directives

I. RET and RETFWe use the assembly syntax to explain the ret and RETF directives:When the CPU executes a RET instruction, it is equivalent to: Pop IP When the CPU executes the RETF instruction, it is equivalent to: Pop IP (the general IP is at the low address) POP CS (cs at high address) Second, call commandThe CPU executes a call failed, socket might closed or timeout, read ret:-1

Recent projects connected to Bluetooth after receiving the command function issued by Bluetooth devices, after connecting the device, create Rfcommsocket connection when reported failed, socket might closed or timeout, READ ret:-1 error. Here is my solution, I hope you have a little help.Private Bluetoothsocket Msocket;Locate the Bluetooth device and infer if Bluetooth is connected and create the socketBluetoothadapter adapter

Assembly Language---Call and ret directives

Assembly language--call and RET directivesCall and RET instructionsBoth call and RET directives are transfer directives, both of which modify the IP, or both CS and IP.They are often used together to implement sub-program design.RET and RETFThe RET instruction uses the data in the stack to modify the contents of the IP

Assembly language Note call and RET instructions

Reprint Address: Http:// Modular programming Modular programmingAssembly language implements modular programming through call and RET instructions. It is possible to implement multiple interconnected, functionally independent subroutines to solve a complex problem. Sub-Program Framework1 Assume cs:code 2 code segment 3 main: : 4 : 5 call Sub1 ; Calling subroutine Sub1

Call and RET commands

1. The call and RET commands are both transfer commands, both of which modify the IP value or the Cs and IP value at the same time. They are often used in the design of subprograms. 2. the RET command uses the data in the stack to modify the IP content, so as to achieve near transfer. 3. The retf command uses the data in the stack to modify the Cs and IP content to achieve remote transfer. 4. When the CPU e

Reading Note _ CALL and RET commands

difference between near-call and far-call is whether to process segment registers. Because near-call occurs in a code call, it is not necessary to load and switch code segments into the stack, because Remote calls occur between different code segments, you need to save and switch the code segments. However, for the NT series windows, because the flat memory is used, the code in the same process is in a large 4 GB segment, so you do not have to consider the differences in segments, almost all re

JMP & call & RET privileged transfer & Process Scheduling

① JMP is not responsible for scheduling. It does not save any information, and it does not consider turning back. Skip this step.② Call, save EIP, and so on, so that the program can jump back. RET is the inverse process of call and the process of turning back. This is an inherent CPU command, so we do not need to save the information. Run the command directly.③ Privilege-level transfer within the same task, which is similar to ②, but you need to prepa

Compilation Note RET

DUP (0) stack endscode segment mov ax,4c00h int 21h start: mov ax,stack mov ss,ax mov sp, mov ax,0 push AX mov bx,0 retcode endsend startAbove instruction, let IP point to 0000, the program exits normally.When you execute push AX, the data in AX is put into buyers, sp=sp-2.The following 2 steps are performed when the

Return SQL RET

meet the requirements. Cursors are divided into cursor-type cursors and Sys_refcursor-type cursors. Cursor type cursors--cannot be used for parameter passing Create or Replace procedure Pro_test () is Cusor_1 Cursor is select field name from table name where condition; (or Select Class_name into cursor_2 from class where ...; Another use of the cursor, which needs to be written between Begin and end) Begin Select Class_name into cursor_2 from class where ...; can use for XXX in cursor Loop ....

[PLC] St Language Five: STL/RET/CMP/ZCP

One: STL/RET/CMP/ZCPDescription: Simple Shun control instructions do not do other instructions.Control requirements : NoneProgramming Ladder diagram:Structured Programming ST Language:(* Step instruction STL (EN,S); *) SET (M8002,S3); STL (TRUE,S3) m419:=true;out_t (TRUE,TC0,K10); SET (TS0,S20); STL (TRUE,S20); m420:=true;out_t (TRUE,TC1,K15); s3:=ts1; (* Step instruction ret (EN); *)

Assembly Language Learning Notes (10) Call and RET directives work together

1.ret and RETF RET: The instruction uses the data in the stack, modifies the IP content, thus realizes the near transfer When the CPU executes the RET instruction, the following two steps are taken: 1) (IP) = ((ss) *16+ (SP)) 2) (SP) = (sp) +2 Equivalent to a pop IP RETF: Using the data in the stack, modify CS and IP content, so as to achieve far transfer 1) (I

Black Hat and white hat revenue is strong seo "Good hat"

Now most stationmaster more or less all know a little seo, can say SEO already gradually popularize. Of course, there is still a relatively distinct level of division, there are high people also have entry-level, but this is only a time accumulation and learning summed up the difference. And we all know, SEO is actually divided into black hat seo and white hat seo (In the meantime mixed with a gray cap, asi

SEO noun explanation--white hat, black hat, gray hat is what

SEO optimization of friends, white hat, black hat, gray hat these words should be not unfamiliar. However, for the small white webmaster, may not be very clear, in fact, I also through the usual experience summed up some, I hope you can understand a little.White hat, as the name implies, is to use the correct method to

Red hat linux-red hat, Rehl, Fedora, CentOS

Red hat linux-red hat, Rehl, Fedora, CentOS(2011-05-21 14:26:10)reproduced Tags:redhatlinuxit Category: Understanding Source: Chinawin.netRed Hat Linux is Redhat's earliest release of the personal version of Linux, with its 1. Version 0 was released on November 3, 1994.Although its history is not as long as other Linux distribu

SEO strategy of the Branch fork: The site needs white hat seo or Black hat seo

The seoer who have had some experience are clear, SEO can be divided into two kinds of strategy: white Hat and black hat, these two different strategies to use the ratio is probably 6:4, that is to say, most seoer or will be more fond of white hat seo, because they think that Black hat seo is by cheating means to get r

White hat seo and black hat seo how do we choose

Some seoer only white hat seo interest, black hat SEO is to sneer at. These people think that Black hat seo use of the means are the next three abuses, is immoral. In fact, I think the Black Hat seo and white hat seo is just different SEO strategy, really no need to black

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