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On the relationship between new visitors and old visitors in website optimization

We all know that most of the sites we are relying on search engines, we continue to optimize, constantly improve the amount of visits, when our site IP gradually increased while we immersed in the joy of victory, but we ignore the increase in the number of new visitors and old visitors to increase the data is disproportionate! That's what we're going to think about. So as a webmaster we can not ignore the a

Website ranking is not the ultimate goal of marketing. Focus on visitors

 Does SEM matter? Many times in doing site promotion are talking about SEO, indeed, SEO can improve the ranking of the site, can increase the number of visits to the site, but also to promote the site's products out. But some people may have such an idea, SEO can achieve the effect of SEM, then SEO can not replace SEM? The answer is No. SEM marketing means a lot, not only rely on the search engine ranking algorithm derived from the optimization skills, can also be paid to optimize the Web site,

How to increase the number of visitors to the website?

Small series of recommendations: The design of the way to make products more popular has been the product staff assiduously, like the article said a small change can increase the click of 70%, is not very attractive? Let's study and make a tempting website. How do you keep your visitors longer and look back? Webydo offers you 7 powerful suggestions. Let the user be satisfied with the

How to make visitors trust the website

The trust of the website can be expressed as: the degree of trust that the website brings to visitors. It is a kind of psychological effect when visitors visit the website, and it is a kind of fuzzy evaluation that people based on the Internet surfing experience and life exp

What does your website rely on to retain visitors?

I have been on the website for more than a year. Although I have experienced failures, I have learned a lot.If your website mostly relies on search engine traffic, there is no fixed visitor (this fixed non-fixed traffic, but often to your website users)I hope this article will help you.I personally feel that it is difficult to do the

Website Visitors belong to users, groups, and other in linux. Why?

Website Visitors belong to users, groups, and other in linux. Why? Website Visitors belong to users, groups, and other in linux. Why? Reply content: Website Visitors belong to users, groups, and other in linux. Why?

10 ways to keep visitors on your website for longer. Reprint

1, giving visitors what they can't read elsewhere. So visitors will spend a lot of time on your website to read your original stuff.2, remind your site visitors that they can easily print the content they need. This way, they can browse your other pages while printing. No matter what method you use, make sure that your

How the official website increases the viscosity of visitors

The article on increasing the viscosity of visitors to the site has long wanted to write, but because I have been busy with other things without delay. Until the Guangzhou Evergrande Football Club May 2, 2012 15:00 official announced that the Bundesliga defending champion Dortmund striker Lucas Lamon Barrios (full name Lucas Ramón Barrios) formally contracted, the Evergrande official website instantly canno

Questions about: How to get visitors to your website using Sina Weibo account

Question: How do I get visitors to use their Sina Weibo account to log on to their website? Today I see a post on the internet feel very good How do I get visitors to use their Sina Weibo account to log on to their website? Http:// But the problem with me

The website needs to show the number of online visitors

)'Code that runs when a session ends. 'note:the Session_End event is raised only when the sessionstate mode 'is set to InProc in the Web. config file. If session mode is set to StateServer 'or SQL Server, the event is not raised.Application.Lock () application ("onlinevisitors") =DirectCast(Application ("onlinevisitors"),Integer) -1Application.UnLock ()End SubView CodeOf the above two Session_Start and Session_End methods, has the use of Application.Lock and Applic

Pay attention to the friendliness of your website layout to visitors

No matter what your definition of the site is a garbage station, professional stations are good, the site is for the public, even if you are a professional collection of data to do garbage station, you should also pay attention to the feelings of visitors, do not think by Baidu search in the visitors are not visitors, in fact, as long as the friendly layout, Even

The method and principle of decrypting the QQ number of the website visitors

A recent network has a kind of, visitors visit your website can obtain the QQ number of the visitor. Many businesses are used for profit, and businesses sell to 30,001 sets of programs. After a few days of analysis and research, only a very simple way to study. There are other ways to find a way. At present, access to the Web site visitors QQ Way There are seve

The website needs to display the number of online visitors

Customers have never had this requirement for Insus. NET to develop such websites. However, some customers have such requirements.Number of online user visits. That is to say, to write a counter for the website, the initial value of the counter is 0. When the website starts running (Application_Start), statistics are started, when a user accesses the server (Session_Start), the counter is incremented by 1.

The Cyphort lab found that an infected website of H would mislead visitors to download the toolkit.

The Cyphort lab found that an infected website of H would mislead visitors to download the toolkit. In March 9, 2016, the Cyphort lab found an infected website ( that directs visitors to download the Toolkit and finally installs a ransom software. This website

C # Statistics website total number of visitors and current online application

First, open vitualstudio2010, create a new Web site, then add new items, create a new login.aspx and Index.aspx page. Add a new item, select the Global application class, and the page is global.asax.First step: Open the Global.asax page and write the following code under the Application_Start () method:Application.Lock ();application["Count"]=0; Application.set ("Count", 0)/application.add ("Count", 0) initializes the variable, which is equivalent to setting count to 0.application["Online"]=0;Ap

ASP. NET Website Visitors and online users

I haven't worked on an ASP. NET project for a long time. Suddenly, a project requires statistics on the number of visitors to the website and the number of online users. Add the following code to the Global. asax file:

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