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Rule Engine Research (i)--rete algorithm (1)

, the rule R's instance R (O) is added to the conflict set. The so-called rule R example is to use the value of the data object o instead of the corresponding parameters of the rule r, that is, the rule r that binds the data object o.General algorithm for rule matching:1) Remove an R from the n rule;2) Remove a combination of p facts from M facts C;3) with C test

Rete Algorithm Learning

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. In the previous blog, we introduced several options in the process of strategic business logic, one of which is to use the rule engine to process logic. In fact, hidden in the rules of the engine is still a lot of algorithms, one of the algorithms is the rete algorithm, recently just pay attention to the

Data Structure and algorithm simulation algorithm C ++ implementation, data structure and algorithm Algorithm

Data Structure and algorithm simulation algorithm C ++ implementation, data structure and algorithm AlgorithmSimulation Algorithm: simulates the entire process. By changing the parameters of the model in mathematics, you can observe the changes in the process state caused by

C language ranking algorithm and ranking algorithm, C Language Algorithm ranking

C language ranking algorithm and ranking algorithm, C Language Algorithm ranking 1 # include "stdio. h "2 int search_second_max (int array [], int n, int m) 3 {4 int max1; 5 int I, num; 6 num = 1; // default first place 7 if (m> n) return 0; 8 max1 = array [m]; 9 for (I = 0;

C Language greedy algorithm algorithm-algorithm thought

make fewer machines available, for example, if tasks A, B, D can be assigned to the same machine, the number of machines is reduced to five. A greedy way to get optimal distribution is to distribute tasks progressively. Each step is assigned a task and is assigned in a non descending order of the start time of the task. If at least one task has been assigned to a machine, the machine is said to be old, and if the machine is not old, it is new. When choosing a machine, use the following greedy

Data Structure and algorithm greedy algorithm C ++ implementation, data structure and algorithm greedy

Data Structure and algorithm greedy algorithm C ++ implementation, data structure and algorithm greedy1. Basic Idea: gradually approach a given goal from the trigger of an initial solution of the problem, and obtain a better solution as quickly as possible. When one step of the alg

"Algorithm C language Implementation" ———— fast-Find algorithm (Quick-find algorithm)

=0; i i; //loop read-in integer pairs while(scanf_s ("%d-%d", p, q) = =2) { //if the object p is connected to Q, the next pair of integers is read from the standard input if(Id[p] = = Id[q])Continue; //if the values of id[p] and id[q] are not equal, then P-Q is the new pair//All elements that are equal to the value of the id[p] element are connected to the Q for(t = id[p], i =0; i ) { if(Id[i] = =t) id[i]=Id[q]; } //because P-q is new, so ou

MD5 algorithm Description of C # program MD5 algorithm

program | algorithm when I write a program of MD5 algorithm, I find that there are some inaccuracies in the English language description, some details It's not clear, or very confusing. Finally have to come up with C language source program to debug, which is very not to understand the algorithm Lee's. So I summed up s

Classic Algorithm Research Series: c/c ++ implementation of all versions of the Quick Sort Algorithm

-recursive, all versions are written in c/c ++.In the light of the rush of time, I hope you will not be able to give me any further comments on the improper aspects of a person's consideration. However, below, all the c/c ++ source code has been debugged by myself. please correct me if you have any questions. OK. This

A unique ID generation algorithm for distributed self-increasing order based on C language-snowflake algorithm __ algorithm

Turn from: Before someone asked me to design a distributed incremental unique ID generation. Think for a long time do not know, occasionally a colleague said Snowflake algorithm, I Baidu a bit, very simple and efficient. Reference Https:// So, I use C language casually realized a bit, has not reached the industrial level, th

Markov chain algorithm (Markov algorithm) of awk, C + +, C language implementation code _c language

text of the Markov chain algorithm will first show your, and then randomly remove flowcharts or table two words, assuming that the choice is flowcharts, then the new prefix is your flowcharts, similarly, select Table, The new prefix is your table, with the new prefix your flowcharts, and then select its suffix again, which is randomly selected in and and will, repeating the process to produce a readable text. The detailed description is as follows:

[Algorithm] Simple selection of sorting C language implementation, algorithm sorting C Language

[Algorithm] Simple selection of sorting C language implementation, algorithm sorting C Language In the previous article, we talked about the Bubble sorting and implemented the Bubble Sorting in two versions. Do you have a summary of the characteristics of the Bubble sorting? In fact, Bubble Sorting is quite violent bec

Objective-c algorithm (1. linked list) and objective-c Algorithm

Objective-c algorithm (1. linked list) and objective-c AlgorithmIntroduction to linked list: A linked list is the most basic data structure. It is of great help when maintaining the set data, especially in addition and deletion. Today, we will summarize the linked list we have learned.In ios development, mastering some common algorithms can help us develop more e

Objective-C Sorting Algorithm Implementation and objective-c Sorting Algorithm

Objective-C Sorting Algorithm Implementation and objective-c Sorting Algorithm As a basic skill of programmers, algorithms have always been a tough headache for me. After all, there are very few work contacts with algorithms at ordinary times. Most of the time, they are building UIS, writing business logic, and writing

What is an algorithm in C language? An algorithm plays an important role in programming.

and B.The Code is as follows:# Include # Include # Define n 100Char A [n], B [N], STR [N];Int lcs_len (char * a, char * B, int C [] [N]){Int M = strlen (A), n = strlen (B), I, J;For (I = 0; I For (I = 0; I For (I = 1; I For (j = 1; j If (A [I-1] = B [J-1])C [I] [J] = C [I-1] [J-1] + 1;Else if (C [I-1] [J]> =

Introduction to RSA algorithm and C implementation algorithm

relatively prime,enter again!"); scanf_s ("%d",e); K=gcd (f_n,e); } returne;}Long intCalculated (Long intF_n,Long intE//Divide{ intI, j =1, T1, t2=1, k =0, M; intarry_1[ -] = {F_n,e}, arry_2[ -] ={0} ; printf ("The calculation:\n") ; for(i=1; (Arry_1[i]! =0) (arry_1[i]! =1); i + +) {Arry_1[i+1] =arry_1[i-1]%Arry_1[i]; arry_2 [i-1] = arry_1[i-1]/Arry_1[i]; printf ("%d =%d*%d+%d\n", arry_1[i-1],arry_1[i],arry_2[i-1],arry_1[i+1] ) ; } T1=1 ; T2=-arry_2[i-2] ; while((I-2)!=k) {m=T1; T1=T2

"C + + algorithm/data structure" adjacency matrix representation Graph, depth, breadth first traversal algorithm design + code + Picture __java

,arcnumIncinfo I=i+1 Select the type of diagram Construction diagram Input vertex I Y Depth traversal Breadth traversal J=j+1 N I Initialize the neighborConnection matrix End Y J N Y I=i+1 N Main program

C # MD5 Digest algorithm, hashing algorithm

. byte[] data =Md5hasher.computehash (Encoding.Default.GetBytes (input)); //Create A new Stringbuilder to collect the bytes//and Create a string.StringBuilder Sbuilder =NewStringBuilder (); //Loop through each byte of the hashed data//and format each one as a hexadecimal string. for(inti =0; I ) {sbuilder.append (Data[i]. ToString ("X2")); } //Return the hexadecimal string. returnsbuilder.tostring (); }String MD5 Value Comparison //Verify a hash

Depth first traversal and breadth first traversal (c + + two-tree algorithm implementation) __ algorithm

method is naturally called the depth-first traversal of graphs. 2. Basic realization Idea: (1) Access vertex v; (2) Selecting a vertex w from the inaccessible adjacency point of V and proceeding with the depth first traversal from the W; (3) Repeat the above two steps until all vertices in the diagram and V have paths communicated are accessed. 3. Pseudo-code Recursive implementation (1) Access vertex v;visited[v]=1;//algorithm before execution vis

C + + Sundy algorithm (improved BM algorithm)

The most famous two of the string lookup algorithms are the KMP algorithm Knuth-morris-pratt) and BM Algorithm (Boyer-moore). Two algorithms in the worst situationtime to find a linear search condition. The BM algorithm is often 3-5 times faster than the KMP algorithm. But the BM

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