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Photoshop recovery-scanned old photos for two-inch electronic photos

Photoshop Recovery-scanned old photos for two-inch electronic photos There are some folds in the old picture, and the edges are white and the photos are not very good. I'll show you how to deal with these problems, including stra

Photoshop to create old old yellow photos

To make old old yellow photos In our impression, the old photos are usually yellow, a bit faded, the photo surface will have a lot of scratches and so on. Therefore, when making the first is to color palette, mainly gray yellow. Then use a filter or material such as adding

Photoshop paints a picture of old, yellowed photos to share

Give your Photoshop software users a detailed explanation of the tutorials that color the old yellow photos. Tutorial Sharing: In the new "Wizard of Oz", the director with Black-and-white opening to the classic "green" salute, lens color from black and white into color can be said to be one of the highlights of the film. In this issue, we will

Photoshop quickly paints brown old photos

In the new "Wizard of Oz", the director with Black-and-white opening to the classic "green" salute, lens color from black and white into color can be said to be one of the highlights of the film. In this issue, we will learn how to use Photoshop to turn Black-and-white photos into color photographs, so that old photos

How to paint old photos with Photoshop

Effect description A photo of the old yellow, as shown in Figure 62-1, is made from a computer to create a picture with a new glow. The following is an example of how to use the various tools and functions of Photoshop CS software to make the old photo into a color photo, as shown in Figure 62-2. Creative Thinking To open an

Photoshop to make old photos

I think a lot of people like me, for those old yellow old photos have a hard to give up feelings. Indeed, looking at the old photos, miss or imagine those leisurely years, it is difficult not to immerse in the antique. Well, if you are P

Photoshop Tutorial: Make old broken photos fresh

We'll tell you how to use Photoshop and a new photo for sampling to make a fresh, mottled old picture. Old photos, even if the preservation of the proper, still can not avoid the years of pig-killing knives. Moisture, dust, mildew will damage the photos, chemica

How does Photoshop fix old, faded black-and-white photos?

Now many families will have black-and-white photos, but these photos can not withstand years of erosion, gradually fade the color, like old memories gradually blurred. Many of the photos bear our memories, and even carry the lofty years of our ancestors. How do you fix these pictures and let them continue to carry tho

Photoshop to create the effect of children's old photos

Final effect: Original: 1, create a 489x324 pixel size in Photoshop new document, if the picture is larger, you can also create a large number of documents. 2. Open the background material as shown in the image below, and drag it in the appropriate size to match the document size. 3, open the character material, like the second step to adjust its size, so that the

Photoshop fixes old photos of dark tones

The old pictures of childhood are a little brown, through Photoshop repair, graphic tutorials. Original: Effect Chart: PS Open Original photo Use the channel mixer to turn the picture to black and white. Use the dust and scratches to remove the small dirty points in the photo, the big dirty points for two times to dispel. Copy a new layer, again using the dust

Photoshop photos processed as old anti-ancient photo effect

Original material picture Old photo effect after processing 1, open your Photoshop software, if there is no Baidu to download a, and then open your photos, add hue and saturation for the photo, the parameters shown in the figure below.

Photoshop makes old and worn photos

The introduction to the tutorial is a little yellow of the old photos of the production method. It is roughly divided into 3 major steps to complete. First is the color palette, the hue is adjusted to roughly yellow-brown. Then the decadent texture of the addition, this step with some texture material overlay can be. Finally, the corner parts of the production, need to use a mask and some simple layer style

PS Old photo Renovation tutorial Photoshop Common old photo repair tips

What happens when you see old photos in your life and want to make them into new ones? In fact, we can use some Photoshop old photo repair techniques to renovate old photos, next to learn PS o

Use simple techniques to renovate old photos

Examples of effects:old photos of the renovation, for PS Novice has a certain degree of difficulty, especially on-line tutorials are generally used in color masks and other more abstract and complex techniques to modify. after groping, I found its practical PS "content recognition" fill technology ,"hue saturation" and "color balance", as well as the layer of "multiply" The most common problems can be solved by simple and intuitive techniques. (Fir

How PS repair torn old photos

The footage makes it clear that it takes two processes to fix the photo: first you need to put the torn photos together. Then it is to fix the cracks, flaws and so on in the photos. The process is simple, but it takes a little time to fix more things. Original Final effect 1, this is the original image, we can see the missing part of the picture is more, was divided into four pi

PS trimming and restoring old photos tutorial

1, to assess the extent of damage to photos Open the selected photo in Photoshop and start evaluating the damage to the photo. Take a good look at the photos prepared before you start, and choose the direction of the process. Conveniently use the cutting tool to cut the unwanted edges of the cock (you can also skip this link). 2. Basic treatment Le

PS to the Palace Museum treasures exhibits old photos coloring

Repair the old photos, renovation, color, etc. is another feature of PS, although there are many new software can be used to renovate old photos, but the real flexibility to apply and do the best of the non-Photoshop, today's webmaster pointed to bring you an

PS Pull out the lifelike monochrome old photos

The tutorial introduces a very realistic way to make old photos of the years. General process: First of all, simple to deal with the picture, such as adding dark angle, adjust the picture level. Then use some texture material overlay to make the image texture and scratch effect. Finally, the overall color and palette can be. Photoshop Tutorial Artwork Fi

Photoshop turns young people into old age effects post-processing tutorials

To the users of Photoshop software, let's say a detailed post-processing tutorial on turning young people into old age effects. Tutorial Sharing: Effect comparison: Time is fair to everyone, just as the youth, though beautiful and wonderful, will die. And a young face, also with the passage of time, the eyes, eyebrows and mouth gradually wrinkles around, the skin graduall

Photoshop creates a personalized signature old photo effect

. 13. Next, add noise (Filter > Noise > Add noise) to your photos, and the parameters are set as shown below. 14, perform the editing transformation rotation, the effect of the following figure. 15, click the right button to choose deformation, the following figure. 16, the last new layer, create a reflective part, mixed mode for "superposition", opacity to 70%, complete the final effect.

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