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Photoshop to create retro color portrait of retro photo effect

This tutorial mainly uses Photoshop to create retro color portrait retro photo effect, with the progress of social science and technology, most of photography enthusiasts use a digital camera to take photos, but the style of photography ten years ago has been unforgettable, because we see a new era of photography style, but nostalgic photos more intriguing! Effe

Retro Camera: Fun Retro photo app

Retro CameraIt is a photo app that allows you to take vintage and interesting photos.Retro CameraProvides six different styles of virtualCamera applicationsEach virtual camera has different effects.Retro CameraInspired by LOMO, HOLGA, Polaroid, Diana, and toysCamera applicationsThese nostalgic styles. Users who are interested or who prefer retro flavor can downlo

iOS Dev > Learning-Save photo to System album (Photo Album)

Save photos to System albums This feature is available in many social apps, so let's talk about how to save images to the system album (Photo Album) today.Create UiimageviewCreated to UIImageView show the photo, we are going to save it UIImage to the system album (

Private electronic album making software making electronic photo album tutorial

Open software first, Quick preview of main interface: Add photos, Videos, music (mp3) needed to make video First step: Add photo footage. Download the installation of private electronic photo album production software, run open the software will see the interface provides a simple operation process, as well as the upper window of various functions.

Make a unique album with MTV electronic Photo album Software

  What is an MTV electronic album? MTV Electronic albums belong to the "software type" of the electronic album, is to achieve the effect of MTV electronic albums. So, what is MTV? MTV's All called Music tlevision, that is, musical television. Music Television, is a kind of music as a form of hearing, and through the movement of pictures and music complement each other, to render the form of expression. MTV

Photo processing tutorial: With beautiful Mito easy to create nostalgic retro wind pictures

the Beauty menu under the "Skin Whitening" function, choose White, with the brush in the local understanding of color.    4, then adjust some of the details of the parameters, so that the picture tones look close to the feeling of nostalgia.    5, the last time to click the Landscaping Studio "retro" special effects, it was completed.    Look at the final effect of the picture, is not very picture sense and imagination?    A nosta

iOS development Save photos to System album (Photo Album)

iOS development Save photos to System album (Photo Album)Save photos to System albums This feature is available in many social apps, so let's talk about how to save images to the system album (Photo Album) today.Create Uiimageview

Design a photo album app, instead of the system's own album function, list the main functions

Analysis: First analysis of the shortcomings of the original album, the user needs pain points, and then describe the interface design, and explain why users want to use your product. iOS system phone, comes with a camera with basic photo, basic beauty effect. In addition to local storage, icloud can be stored in the cloud, but it's a bit cumbersome and not very space. And, taking photos This behavior does

Time album app create add personal photo album tutorials Share

Give you time photo album software users to detailed analysis to share the creation of the Add personal photo album Tutorial. Share list: 1, open time album app 2, Early album page click on the top right corner

PHP implementation of WeChat JS-SDK interface selection and photo album and upload method, js-sdk album

PHP implementation of JS-SDK interface selection and photo album and upload method, js-sdk album This article describes the PHP implementation of the JS-SDK interface to select the album and photo upload method. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are

Coppermine Photo Gallery, an excellent PHP Photo Album System

At first glance, we can see the interface of the central component as a forum, which is also determined by its multi-layer classification structure. Unlike some photo album websites, the central node can have an infinite number of categories, just like a forum with many la S, la S, and subla S. After understanding this concept, we can start daily management and use.There are two modes for an administrator t

Photoshop quickly calls out a later tutorial on the effect of a Japanese retro-colored photo

To give you Photoshop software users to detailed analysis to share the rapid transfer of the Japanese retro-tonal photo effect of the later tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: The original picture of the overall dark, low color, later we go to retro film color adjustment, mainly to highlight and add warm, the method is very simple, to step can do, the

IOS multiple pictures saved to album issue (add multiple images to photo album)

Firstobject]; - [Assetslibrary writeimagetosavedphotosalbum:image. Cgimage - Orientation:alassetorientationup -completionblock:^ (Nsurl *asseturl, Nserror *error) { + //Caution:check The execution context-it is any thread, - //possibly use Dispatch_async to dispatch to the main thread or + //Any other queue. A //handle URL or error at if(Error) { -NSLog (@"error =%@", [Error localizeddescription]); -isimagessavedfailed =true; - return; -

Photoshop: how to quickly call up a Japanese retro-tone photo post-image repair tutorial

regulation of red, yellow, so that the photo shows a red film sense, reduce red saturation, increase in exposure to gray coefficient contrast, and then use the plug-in color Efexpro add noise, and finally the completion of the Japanese ~ Well, the above information is small compiled for you photoshop This software users brought to the detailed rapid recall of the Japanese retro-tonal photos of t

How to delete a universal K song album photos? Universal K-Song Delete photo album tutorial

1 We click on the mobile Phone "Universal K song" Into the interface and find the "my" button. (pictured below) 2 then click the "background image" in the new interface and click on the "Edit" button to enter the album. (pictured below) 2 You can choose to delete the photo after clicking on the "delete" in the upper right corner, click "Delete" in the dialog box. (pictured below) Okay

Photoshop photo Album typesetting design: Korean version of the Concise album Plate

The actual application method two times composition: The actual application method is in the photo album typesetting design, according to the layout demand carries on two times composition, actually also is two times the composition synthesis application. Sometimes you use the trim method, and sometimes you use the Add method. No matter what method, finally can show A good result is the successful use of t

Time album app encrypt photo removal method sharing in photo albums

Give you time photo album software users to detailed analysis to share the image of the encryption album to remove the method. Method Sharing: 1, into the time album app encrypted album 2, choose the photos you need to transfer 3, select the transfer path to comple

Teach you how to p out of Zhou Xun's stylish retro vintage photo

Before, Zhou Xun announced the marriage at the charity party, the homepage gentleman after watching the video is very excited. The new couple May 8 for the first time to send a photo of the two people to Weibo, and wrote on the above "This is Archie, please take care of", let people feel very warm. And this nostalgic retro wind of the photos have also aroused everyone's hot discussion. In fact,

IOS Development acquisition System photo and video tutorials in photo album (with URL conversion) _ios

A few days did not write something, the company recently to do new projects, a little busy. Do not want my insistence on this interruption, I took my previous days to study the things to show you. This is the use of assetslibrary and Photokit. I am a Virgo, a little obsessive, previously written in the project used is assetslibrary write the media file in the album, but Xcode always reported warning errors, although able to compile and display the ef

Beauty Mito Digital Photo Processing Department Retro Effect tutorial

To the U.S. Mito software users to detailed analysis to share the digital photo processing place retro effect of the tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: Effect Chart: 1. Under the "Beauty Mito" software to open the photo, under the "Beautification" menu click "Portrait" category. Use the transparency of 20% of the "po-color", 10% "purple fantasy" and 50

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