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Drawerlayout drawer effect in Android app menu writing example _php tips

Navigation menu for drawer effectlooking at a lot of applications, I think this slippery drawer effect of the menu is very good. Do not have to switch to another page, also do not have to press the menu hardware button, directly in the interface of a button click, the menu slide out, and feel able to put a lot of things.References to libraries:First of all, Drawerlayout this class is in the support library, need to add

Android copy of today's headline app to implement Drop-down navigation selection menu effect _android

This article for you to share in the Android how to achieve the Drop-down navigation menu effect of the whole process, for your reference, the specific contents are as followsAbout the Drop-down navigation selection menu effect in the News client more, of course, can also be used in other projects, so that you can easily select more menus. We can use the top of o

Android practice simple tutorial-48th gun (App guide page effect implementation), androidapp

Android practice simple tutorial-48th gun (App guide page effect implementation), androidapp Kids shoes that often use apps will find that the first time they enter the APP, there will be a boot page, which can include some APP usage introductions or other information. Next

Android special effect album (8)-implement the special effects of heart bubbles and dancing, so that your APP can be instantly refreshed

Android special effect album (8)-implement the special effects of heart bubbles and dancing, so that your APP can be instantly refreshedAndroid special effect album (8)-implement the special effects of heart bubbles and dancing, so that your APP can be instantly refreshed

Android App series: Imitation MIUI toast animation effect implementation

in this area, ha. Roughly speaking, since before and after loading the animation, WindowManager through Mparams to determine the display position of the toast, so the first translate function is to let the toast at the beginning of loading to jump to the location, The other animation is to finish the toast from the bottom of the effect of flying, the period of time using the Android:startoffset control to achieve the

Android Properties Animation app, do not know this effect good-looking, anyway quite fun!

animatebottom,animatetop; @SuppressLint ("Newapi") @ overrideprotected void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview ( R.layout.activity_main); ListView Mlistview = (ListView) Findviewbyid (; LinearLayout Tabbottom = (linearlayout) Findviewbyid (; LinearLayout tabtop = (linearlayout) Findviewbyid (; animatebottom = Tabbottom.animate (); animatetop = Tabtop . Animate (); arrayadapterXml:Fun!

Android App series: Imitation MIUI toast animation effect implementation (there is the source map)

ObjectiveBelieve that some people have used MIUI, will find millet toast and Android traditional toast special is not the same, he will fly from the bottom up, and then fade away. It looks pretty good, but custom animations are not supported for Android native toast. So how did this effect come true? Here's to tell you ....AnalysisIf the park friends have read my

ScrollView + Viewpager to achieve Android app main interface effect

ScrollView + Viewpager to achieve Android app main interface effectThe main interface of Android is usually made up of two parts: navigation bar, sliding split screen (I call it myself). Where the sliding split screen is definitely used with the fragment, the specific bearer of the control is Viewpager. There are many controls for navigating the page bar, either

Android realizes reading app panning page effect _android

One of their own app needs to use the page to read, the Internet to see the effect of stereo paging, but there are too many bugs are not compatible. Look at the reading read the page is a translation of the Flip page, so that The imitation of a translation of the page to the control. The effect is as follows: A shadow is drawn on the right edge of the page, an

Android 6.0 Fingerprint Identification app development case _android

Support Library V4 compatibility API instead of using the APIs in the direct framework.2. Before using fingerprint hardware, be sure to check a few of the above mentioned inspection conditions3. According to Google's recommendations it is best to use Google's fingerprint is the icon to indicate your fingerprint identification interface: The purpose of this is to explicitly prompt the user that this is a fingerprint recognition operation, just as people see the small logo Bluetooth to know that

Product orientation for the App Store: Thinking about the Android App Store model

Article Description: thinking of the Android App store. Melee, messy, and uneven, this is a idiomatic expression of the status of the domestic Android Third-party App Store. Behind the impetuous disputes, there is a lack of thinking about the App store itself. The

The text in textview in Android achieves the dynamic effect, with the flashlight effect and flashing effect

I encountered a headache when I was learning Android-how to make the text work out as a drive lamp. At first I wanted to find some information on the Internet, just like everyone else, however, after searching for a few hours on the Internet, I found that the results were very annoying. I did not answer a lot of questions, so I started my own research path, I am an android cainiao character, and I am very f

A look at the Android App Development Starter Tutorial

This article mainly introduces the Android app development introductory course, from the SDK download, development environment Building, code writing, app packaging, such as step one by one, a very concise Android app development tutorial, need friends can refer to the Work

Android app Optimizer's direct reason for slow app lag

effect, of course, more than 60fps is not necessary.The performance goal of the development app is to keep 60fps (some less will not affect the user experience), which means that each frame you only have 16ms=1000/60 time to handle all the tasks (this time can be used to compare with TraceView time, not too much for example greater than 32ms, Otherwise, it should be optimized).6)

A look at the Android App Development Starter Tutorial _android

TextView Hellotv = (TextView) Findviewbyid (; The pop-up Toast prompt button was clicked Toast.maketext (Myactivity.this, "clicked", Toast.length_short). Show (); Read Strings.xml-defined interact_message information and write to TextView Hellotv.settext (R.string.interact_message); } }); } } After the code is written, the computer through the USB cable to connect the mobile phone, mobile phone system settings in the developer option to open USB debugging, in the

App Promotion Channel! Five-step optimization based on this black technology channel effect

App Promotion Channel! Five-step optimization based on this black technology channel effectHow to use the refinement during the promotion period, so that users can maximize the value of their purchased traffic? Let's focus on the following:Before mastering the method, you can familiarize yourself with this technical shareinstall.In the app promotion process, the installation link is essential. Before instal

Appmanager-for-android App App Management

Appmanager-for-android App Management Introduction:Appmanager-for-android Android app Management, connect to quicklyDownload and install APK feature, this example is suitable for start-up companies need to promote their own apk when used,Send apk connection or email via your

Android How to implement automatic app update _android

Let's take a look at the effect diagram you want to implement: For Android users, the mobile app market is no exaggeration to say that it's flying, such as millet, the charm family, Baidu, 360, Jifeng, application treasure, etc., when we want to online a new version of the app, first do not say the channel packaging

Android-install app (APP) does not display icon

recommended to use these two values. 3, remove android:icon= "@drawable/ic_launcher" resources Ah, and so on ... But after you've tried each method, you find that it works but there are other problems: 1, if removed, it means that the app does not start the portal, This does not show the effect of the icon, but then our application can not run. 2, let's take a look at the instructions on

Android-install app (APP) does not display icon

can not be found;It is not a problem to have the value of the parameter as these two values, it is recommended to use both values.3, remove android:icon= "@drawable/ic_launcher" in the resources Ah, and so on ...But after you've tried every method, you find that it works, but it has other problems:1, if remove This really solves the effect of not showing the icon, but in that case our app won't work either

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