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Obtain the true IP and MAC address of Windows version client when using reverse proxy such as Nginx

Note: There are two limitations to the code: 1. The client must be a Windows operating system 2. The program code deployed to Linux when the desired effect, access to the IP is so IP access to the MAC address is also inaccurate, to be improved .... 3. Please the enthusiastic friend message comments, thanks for pointing the maze! Import; Import; Import

Learn DNS Series (v) Create a DNS forward, reverse lookup zone

The installation of DNS servers and clients is briefly described in the previous section. Although there are few knowledge points involved, there are already two parts of the DNS system that are indispensable, that is, DNS servers and clients, and the DNS system includes zone and resource records, which are primarily discussed in this section for the creation of DNS forward and reverse lookup zones. In the

Get the IP address of the client and the MAC address summary

In a recently completed module, you need to get the system client's IP地址 and 物理地址(MAC地址) .1. Gets the native IP and Mac is the server, not the client's →_→Through Java, the IP address and MAC address of this machine can be completed using the following code:Package com.howin

Configuration process for DNS reverse address resolution

In the day-to-day IT operations, we often need to query the IP address of the corresponding host name, as well as anti-spam often use the Reverse address query function. DNS itself can also be used to complete the reverse resolution of the address settings, the type of

Three ways to get your MAC address

communication and errorless transfer of data including flow control, TCP is the primary handler of this task and performs it well. the TCP/IP stack needs to deal with an extra level of packet sequencing because of the given wing protocol, along with flow control issues and retransmission of lost packets. Finally the session, presentation and application layer have not yet been solidified in any real manner (eg. like the other layers have been with TCP/IP, Ethernet, etc ). people seem to conside

Fast Lookup directory for MAC Development

, AppleScript editors, visual creation toolbars, video interception, and many quartz composer related things. The system even provides support for bundling compatible Nsdictionarycontroller, allowing you to edit the contents of Nsdictionary in Nstableview.The system also provides the API, you can write your own IB objects or toolbars, if you want to do something for other developers, you can look at this part. You can also make your own development easier by writing these.ConclusionNow it's time

How to modify the MAC address method _ Application Tips

value you want to specify. The new MAC address should be a 12-digit hexadecimal number or letter with no "-", like "000000000000" values (note that the specific key values in Windows 98 and Windows 2000/xp are slightly different locations and can be looked up by the lookup feature). Under "NetworkAddress", continue to add a string value named "Paramdesc" that wi

RARP Reverse Address Translation Protocol

The Reverse Address Translation protocol (Rarp:reverse addressing Resolution Protocol) Reverse Address Translation Protocol (RARP) allows the physical machine on the LAN to request its IP address from the Gateway server's ARP table or cache. The network administrator creates

[Nginx] Under Windows and Mac, Nginx reverse proxy server configuration

- #对应前端js中的ajax的请求是:/rest/aaaaa/bbbbbb + Location ^~/rest/{proxy_pass http://XXXX/rest/; +}}After this configuration, the AJAX request initiated under Path D:\BigCity\americanschool\frontend\output, as long as it starts with/rest/, is forwarded to the address pointed to by Proxy_pass, which is the HTTP/ XXXX and Ajax access to the URL stitching up, get: http://XXXX/rest/aaaaa/bbbbbbSecond, the configuration under the MacMac, installed Nginx can not b

Nginx Installation and reverse proxy test under MAC

InstallationYou can use homebrew to install Nginx directly under MACBrew Search Nginxbrew Install NginxStart Nginx:sudo nginx, access 8080 should be able to see the Welcome screenNginx-v View Nginx startup parameters, the configuration file location by default is --conf-path=/usr/local/etc/nginx/nginx.conf #重新加载配置 | restart | stop | Exit nginxnginx-s reload|reopen|stop|quit The reverse proxy assumes that you want someone else to enter localhost:80

Switch port security (MAC address binding)

Switch port security, is a switch filtering policy, that is, one port of the switch to bind a fixed MAC address, so that other MAC address when access to trigger policy, down port or denial of serviceThe following is the topology diagram  Switch configuration  Enable access to privileged modeconf t into global configur

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