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[Share] automatic review of class libraries and auxiliary tools for sensitive content

Through this class library, you can automatically analyze the input content and give a score. The program can determine whether the content has reached a certain sensitivity level based on this score, so as to perform corresponding automatic

GRE optimal preparation plan and detailed review schedule

GRE material reserves:★The silly word heibao book: the most important book in the entire g test process has been officially published. ★Chen Shengyuan's gre sentence filling: the best guide book provided by New Oriental; ★Yang Ji's gre reading

Review Board and git used together

For a good purpose, before submitting the code, you must automatically notify the relevant personnel to review the code. After the review code owner approves the code, the code can be submitted to the code repository, otherwise, review the changes

Build Review Board code review site on Ubuntu

Reviewboard is a code review framework that open source individuals can use for free, and it seems that more and more companies are starting to use Reviewboard as the company's Code review tool.This morning tried a bit, the building process is very

Python crawler 3--Get review elements (board wild Friends beauty Bar picture download)

Test environment: python2.7 + beautifulsoup4.4.1 + selenium2.48.0Test URL: goal is to download all the images under this page, a total of 160 + sheets. Can be divided into the following steps:1. Get the source

Practice 5 of agile development "loose programming": code check (large R & D team, learning team, 139 team, mentoring system, code review)

This article is the fifth part of the "loose Pair programming" series. (One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and eight, the ninth and later articles in this series can be found in the topic catalog .) The loose pair is different from the tight

PHP 201307 Month latest manual chm free download

Two versions of this update Php_manual_zh_notreview.chm (15MB without comment) Php_manual_zh_review.chm (32MB with review) Production method: The official old CSV production method has been invalidated, the network is copy literature, can not

Review Criteria for "runable software" in Agile development (also on iterative mid-term Quality Control in Agile Development)

After the software is "runable", it can be reviewed and approved? This is a problem. When I attended the scrum master training many years ago, the teacher came up with a good table. Each line is a story, and each column is roughly like this:

CSDN Download 2018 Latest free version

csdn Free Points Downloader is a CSDN website resources download tool,csdn downloader can not login free points to download the resources need points, do not have to worry about integration problems. Because csdn do not know when will continue to

OWASP SSL Advanced Review Tool

Http:// has selected the annual open Source Tool winners in the areas of deployment, operation and security of cybersecurity.Best Open Source Network and security softwareBIND, Sendmail, OpenSSH,

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