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C Library Function-rewind ()

DescriptionThe C library function void rewind (file *stream) sets the file position to the beginning of the file of the given Stream.DeclarationFollowing is the declaration for Rewind () function.void Rewind(*stream) Parameters Stream

The standard input and output follow the rules and several functions of fileno, freopen, fdopen, ftell, fseek, and rewind.

/*========================================================== ==========================================Name: quanhaunchong. cAuthor:Version:Copyright: Your copyright noticeDescription: Hello world in C, ANSI-style=====================================


reprinted from: fopenFunction prototype: File * fopen (const char * path,const char * mode); return value: When the file is opened successfully, the pointer to the stream will be returned.

Reproduced C + + file read and write functions--fopen, fread and Fwrite, fgetc and FPUTC, Fgets and Fputs, FTELLF and fseek, rewind

Http:// in c\c++, the file operations are implemented by the library function, mainly divided into two types of read and write operations, the

The rewind and BACKSPACE functions of FORTRAN language

Rewind and BACKSPACE of Fortran languageIn the early Fortran specification and compilers, backspace and rewind were indeed related to sequential storage devices such as tape drives. Later, it becomes a device-independent statement. However, it may

Play eclipse3-dubug, pour jar packs, rewind items, install Plug-ins, and considerations

Please respect other people's labor achievements, reprint please indicate: Http:// One: Debug Debug Statements Please respect other people's labor achievements, reprint please indicate:

WIN10 Series: VC + + Media playback control 2

(3) Stop video playbackNext add stop control for video file playback, open the MainPage.xaml file, and add a Stop button to the grid element to stop the video from playing, as shown in the following code: " Content= " Stop "grid.column=" 2 ">After

Comparison of php text operation methods

Fgets and fputs, fread and fwrite, fscanf and fprintf fgets and fputs, fread and fwrite, fscanf and fprintf String read/write functions fgets and fputs1. the fgets function of the string reading function reads a string from a specified file to a

For more information, see fflush, buffer zone, scanf, and EOF.

1.Why?Fflush (stdin)Yes First, check the following program:   # IncludeStdio. h>   Int main (void) { Int I; For (;;){ Fputs ("Please input an integer:", stdout ); Scanf ("% d", & I ); Printf ("% d \ n", I ); } Return 0; }   This program will first

C/C ++ misunderstanding 2: fflush (stdin)

1.Why?Fflush (stdin)If yes, first check the following program: # includeStdio. h>Int main (void) {int I; for (;) {fputs ("Please input an integer:", stdout); scanf ("% d", & I ); printf ("% d/N", I);} return 0;} this program will first prompt the

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