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Apache. htaccess file

Today the thinkphp URL pattern is http://localhost/mythinkphp/index.php/index/user/id/1 by Normal mode (url_mode=1). HTML changed to rewrite modeHttp://localhost/mythinkphp/Index/user/id/1.html, thus implementing the hidden. index.php effect when

Explanation of pseudo-static settings in apache. htaccess

What is. htaccess?. The htaccess file (or "distributed configuration file") provides a method for changing the configuration of directories, that is, to place a file containing one or more commands in a specific document directory, to act on this

Detailed description of the. htaccess Rewrite rules

Detailed description of the. htaccess Rewrite rulesAuthor Freemouse July 22, 2010With Apache virtual host a lot of friends, Apache provides. The htaccess module can set rewrite rules for each virtual host, which is useful for SEO optimization of the

Thinkphp using the Rewrite rules of the. htaccess file to hide index.php in the URL

Remove the index.php from the URLThinkphp as a PHP framework, is a single entry, then its original URL is not so friendly. But thinkphp provides a variety of mechanisms to customize the desired URL format, in conjunction with Apache. htaccess files,

. htaccess tips: URL rewriting (Rewrite) and redirection (Redirect) Catalog Table of Contents First, ready to start: Mod_rewrite. htaccess implements URL rewriting (rewrite) and URL redirection (redirect) to map an. htm page to a. PHP

The Apache server customizes the two methods of the 404 page as well as the important command summary of the. htaccess

There are two ways to customize the 404 error page for the Apache server:The first method is the simplest, directly under the Apache httpd.conf Configuration Modification Command, the contents of the changes are described in. htaccess command syntax

. htaccess Rewrite rules detailed description _linux

Domestic virtual machines are generally not available. htaccess function (as far as I know, Discuz's host seems to provide this function), while in foreign hosts,. htaccess function seems to be standard, the author of the blog frame on MT, support.

The Apache rewrite rules are analyzed from the very perspective. htaccess

1. htaccess File Use premise The main role of htaccess is to implement URL rewriting, that is, when the browser access to a server folder through the URL, as the owner, we can receive the URL, how to receive it, is the role of this document. All

The MoD rewrite and. htaccess methods are enabled in Apache

Between management introduction Apache Module Mod_rewriteAn engine that describes a real-time rewrite URL request based on a certain ruleState extension (E)Module name Rewrite_moduleSource file mod_rewrite.cCompatibility is available only in Apache

Nginx pseudo-static configuration and a collection of common rewrite pseudo-static rules _nginx

Nginx in the use of pseudo static is directly in the nginx.conf write rules, do not need to be like Apache to open the Write module (mod_rewrite) in order to perform pseudo static. Nginx only need to open the nginx.conf configuration file, write

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