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(To) IPv6-related RFC

From http://blog.csdn.net/lucien_cc/article/details/12688477 IPv6 spec RFC 2460: Internet protocol, version 6 (IPv6) Specification RFC 5095: deprecation of Type 0 Routing headers in IPv6 RFC 5722 (updated

SAP Learning Log-RFC remote function call

RFC remote function call is a basic interface technology for program communication between SAP systems and non-SAP systems.For example, bapi and ale are all implemented based on RFC. The SAP system provides three external interfaces. 1.

JSON format standard: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4627.txt? Number = 4627

Network Working Group D. crockford Request for comments: 4627 json.org Category: informational July 2006 the application/JSON media type for JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) status of this memo provides information for the Internet community. it

Sap rfc function creation Java program call learning summary step by step graphic and text, saprfc

Sap rfc function creation Java program call learning summary step by step graphic and text, saprfc  Preface The company will soon receive an interface between a project and SAP. The boss asked us to engage in SAP. First, we had contact with SAP,

. Net connection to SAP system topic: Getting custom exceptions in RFC (4)

Sometimes we need to throw some custom exceptions in RFC. For example, if we enter a nonexistent product number, we need to throw an exception to inform the user that the product number does not exist. One stupid way is to judge through the return

RFC Study Notes

I took a look at Mr. Huang Jia's sap advanced application development. In general, I think the writing is average. Of course, I made some notes and thought it was a review, the record is as follows: 1, RFM: Remote Function Model 2. RFC communication

SAP RFC Functions Create Java Program Call Learning Summary step by step illustrations

ObjectiveThe company is about to receive a project with SAP interface. Boss let us engage in SAP, first SAP contact, but did not play the development, this week focused on this piece.All kinds of wall-bumping, SAP system let me say? Forget, said

View the concept of Xixiang plan from the Linux protocol stack code and RFC

The Xixiang program was finally completed. Since the kernel module was unable to be downloaded, I had to write it myself. After understanding the principle of the Xixiang program, writing this module is not very troublesome (in fact, it is not

[Reprint] [RFC document] rfc1867 form-based file upload in HTML (form-based file upload in HTML)

Organization: China Interactive publishing network (http://www.china-pub.com /) RFC document Chinese Translation Plan (http://www.china-pub.com/compters/emook/aboutemook.htm) E-mail: ouyang@china-pub.com Hujiao hj_chinese@yahoo.com) Release

RFC Chinese Document

RFC document directory Rfc1 host softwareRfc2 host softwareRfc3 documentation SpecificationRfc4 Network ScheduleRfc6 and Bob Kahn sessionsRfc10 documentation SpecificationRfc13 zero text length EOF InformationRfc16 M. I .tRf18imp-IMP and host-Host

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