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Introduction to Ring Buffer (circular Buffer) Ring Buffer

C code is used to implement some common data structures, such as list, map, tree, string function, and ring buffer. It is worth looking at people who learn C language. The boost Library also has the implementation of a circular buffer. The specific example is as follows: [Cpp]# Include Int main (int/* argc */, char */* argv */[]) {// Create a circular

SQL Server Ring Buffer--deep understanding of ring buffer CONNECTIVITY

Tags: ringbuffer buffer ring BufferSQL Server Ring Buffer--deep understanding of ring buffer CONNECTIVITYFirst we start with the XML returned from the connected ring

SQL Server Ring Buffer--Introduction to the relationship between SQL Server and ring buffer

SQL Server Ring Buffer--relationship between SQL Server and ring bufferThe SQL Server operating system (SQLOS) is responsible for managing SQL Server-specific operating system resources. One of the related dynamic management attempts sys.dm_os_ring_buffers will be identified as informational only. No support is provided. No future compatibility is guaranteed.Firs

Ring Buffer: Ring Buffer Queue Learning

In the project, threads need to share a buffer FIFO queue, one thread adds data to the queue, and the other thread obtains data (typical producer-consumer problem ). We started to consider using STL vector containers without random access. Frequent deletion of the first element causes memory movement, reducing efficiency. If you use linklist as a queue, you also need to allocate and release node memory frequently. Therefore, you can implement a limite

SQL Server ring buffers (ring buffer)--loop buffering in AlwaysOn applications

SQL Server ring buffers (ring buffer)--loop buffering in AlwaysOn applicationsYou can get some diagnostic AlwaysOn information from the SQL Server ring buffer, or dynamically manage views from sys.dm_os_ring_buffers. The ring

SQL Server ring buffers (ring buffer)--ring_buffer_security_error diagnostic security phase

Tags: ringbuffer buffer ring Buffer securitySQL Server Ring buffer--ring_buffer_security_error diagnosing security-related errorsThe ring buffer stores a large number of security error

Ring Buffer Bufferc Language Implementation __c language

The implementation of ring buffer Bufferc language The problem of too many Message Queuing lock calls is solved, and the other annoying thing is probably too much memory allocation and release operations. The frequent memory allocation not only increases the overhead of the system, but also makes the memory fragmentation increasing, which is very unfavorable to the long-term stable operation of our server.

Stm32 Serial-based ring buffer queue processing mechanism-entry level (single byte)

Serial Ring Buffer experiment Introduction to 1.1 experiment The simplest method of serial port data processing is that the data is received and sent back in the same mechanism: successfully received a number, triggered into an interrupt, read the data in the interrupt function, and then immediately. This kind of data processing mechanism is "non-buffered interrupt mode", although this data processing me

"Go" ring buffer

Original address: http://blog.csdn.net/linlinlinxi007/article/details/5086806in communication programs, a ring buffer is often used as a data structure to hold the transmitted and received information in the communication. The ring buffer is a first-in, in-out loop buffer th

Write ring Buffer

Http://mechanitis.blogspot.com/2011/07/dissecting-disruptor-writing-to-ring.html author is Trisha Gee, a female engineer at Lmax. This is a chapter missing from the end-to-end view. Be careful. This article is very long. But in order for you to connect to the context for reading, I decided to write them into a blog. TheKey PointsYes: do not overlap the ring; notify consumers; batch processing at the producer end; and how multiple producers work to

Linux kernel structure--KFIFO ring buffer

1. PrefaceA ring buffer was used in the recent project, and the code was changed by the Kfifo of the Linux kernel. Buffers are often used in the file system to alleviate the CPU's read and write memory and the speed of reading and writing disks through buffers. For example, when a process a produces data to another process B, process B needs to process the data passed on by processes and writes to the file,

What's special about ring buffer?

Http://mechanitis.blogspot.com/2011/06/dissecting-disruptor-whats-so-special.html author is Trisha Gee, a female engineer at Lmax. Recently we open-source Lmax disruptor, which is the key to making our transaction process so fast. Why open source? Because we are aware that there is something wrong with the traditional perception of high-performance programming. We have found a better and faster way to share data between threads. If we don't share it with everyone, it's too selfish. Furthermore

Implementation of STM32F4 serial port dma+ ring buffer

The following is the implementation of the serial port dma+ ring buffer, the data transmit and receive is asynchronous, do not need death. about ring Buffers reference: http://blog.csdn.net/jieffantfyan/article/details/53572103 Implementation Principle The program is designed on the basis of the serial interrupt sending and receiving mode, and the application l

Precautions for using lock-free queue (ring buffer), queue Loops

Precautions for using lock-free queue (ring buffer), queue Loops The circular buffer is a common data structure in the producer and consumer models. The producer puts the data into the end of the array, and the consumer removes the data from the other end of the array. when the end of the array is reached, the producer returns to the header of the array. If there

Four-axis flying machine 1.7 nrf24l01p wireless communication and Improved Ring Buffer

Original article. You are welcome to repost it. For reposted content, please indicate the source. It took more than 10 days to write a blog again. One is the Mid-Autumn Festival advantage activity, and the other is the completion of many things .. Finally, the NRF communication was completed, and improved ring buffering and simple communication protocol planning were used. There are quite a few things to do, and the actual workload is not small .. Hah

"Go" buffer design--ring queue

Test procedure:[CPP]View Plaincopy /* Tst-loopque.cpp Test program for Author:zhangtao Date:july 27, 2009 */ # include # include # include "Xtl/loopque.h" Int Main (int argc, char **argv) { int qsize = 0; if (argc > 1) Qsize = Atol (argv[1]); if (Qsize Qsize = 5; Xtl::loopque for (int i = 0; i Queue.push (i); Std::cout } Queue.check_push (1000); Std::cout for (int i = 0; i int val = Queue.front (); Std::cou

Talk about the loop buffer (ring buffers)

The concept of cyclic buffer (ring buffer), in fact from the Linux kernel (Maybe), provides a lock-free method for solving competition problems in some special situations. This particular situation is when the producer and the consumer have only one, and in other cases it must be locked. Corresponds to the definition of it in the Linux kernel: struct Kfifo {

SQL Server Ring Buffer--Ring_buffer_memory_broker diagnosing internal memory pressure

Tags: ring buffer buffer Ringbuffer memorySQL Server Ring buffer--Ring_buffer_memory_broker diagnosing internal memory pressureMemory BrokerThe responsibility of memory broker is to allocate memory between large memory consumers based on their requirements. Memory Broker is

How to read data from the ring buffer?

Http://mechanitis.blogspot.com/2011/06/dissecting-disruptor-how-do-i-read-from.html author is Trisha Gee, a female engineer at Lmax. This is the next blog of the disruptor mode series developed by Lmax. From the previous blog, we understand what ring buffer andHow good is it?. Unfortunately, I have not mentioned how to read and write data when using disruptor. Consumerbarrier and consumer Here I wil

C # Ring buffer (queue) fully implemented _c# tutorial

Company projects are often designed to serial communication, TCP communications, and most are real-time large data transmission, and then we all know that protocol communication must be related to, sealing, unpacking, sticky, check ... What ghost concept a lot of, say simple is to have an efficient reusable buffer. In accordance with the Code of agricultural inertia is to Baidu, Google search to see if there are ready-made things can be used directly,

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