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Brother Bird's Linux Private cuisine 4th Edition-Self-study notes

Tags: round http pre style hard disk technical chip ACK Self-study noteIntel Chip architecturePS: Upgrade the computer also have to see if the motherboard is suitable for CPU, motherboard suitable for the type of CPU is limitedPS: Now there is no North Bridge, has been integrated into the internal CPU.MemoryHard diskPS: HDD 1. Minimum unit is sector2. Concentric circles of sectors form a track3. A concentric circle to form a magnetic column--------------------------------------------------------

C + + Primer (4th edition)-Study notes-part 5th: Advanced Topics

initialization for that base class. Chapter 18th tools for large programs C + + provides the following two ways to allocate and release raw memory that is not constructed(1) The allocator class, which provides a perceptual type of memory allocation. This class supports an abstract interface to allocate memory and then use that memory to save objects.(2) operator new and operator delete in the standard library, which allocates and frees raw, untyped memory that requires size. Allo

"Clr.via.c# Third Edition" Part II 4th, Chapter 5 reading notes (ii)

are contained within a reference type are not stored in the stack, but are in the heap (or value types, not boxed) and are included in the reference type object.(iii) Attention to the impact of boxing and unpacking on program performanceUnderstand the three-time boxing in the following code: Public Static void Main () { Int32 v=5; =V; V=123; " " + (Int32) o);}The first boxing is to convert V to object; the second and third is because the WriteLine () method takes a string

SPRING in ACTION 4th Edition notes-sixth chapter rendering WEB views-003-spring General TAG Library Introduction and <s:message> and Reloadableresourcebundlemessagesource for internationalization

path: No prefixClasspath: "Classpath:xxx"System path: "File:///Users/habuma/messages"(2) There is another messageresource, to reload the resource file to restart the app1 @Bean 2 Public Messagesource Messagesource () {3 New Resourcebundlemessagesource (); 4 Messagesource.setbasename ("Messages"); 5 return Messagesource; 6 }2. Write the resource file and put it in the appropriate path(1) Default file messages.properties1 spitter.welcome=welcome to spitter\!(2) When the client langua

SPRING in ACTION 4th Edition notes-fourth chapter aspect-oriented spring-001-what is AOP

-cutting concern, in this many methods inAn application can has security rules applied to them. Figure 4.1 gives a visual depic-tion of cross-cutting concerns.This is represents a typical application that's broken down into modules.Each module ' s main concern are to provide services for their particular domain. but eachmodule also requires similar ancillary functionality, such as security and transactionManagement.A Common object-oriented techniqueFor reusing common functionality are toApply in

SPRING in ACTION 4th Edition notes-fourth chapter aspect-oriented spring-009-with Parameters ADVICE2 configuration file is XML

One1. When the configuration file is XML, the slice class does not write AOP anotation1 PackageCom.springinaction.springidol;2 3 Public classMagicianImplementsMindReader {4 PrivateString Thoughts;5 6 Public voidInterceptthoughts (String thoughts) {7SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("Intercepting volunteer ' s Thoughts");8 This. Thoughts =thoughts;9 }Ten One PublicString getthoughts () { A returnthoughts; - } -}2.123Xmlns:xsi= "Http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"4xmlns:aop= "HTTP

SPRING in ACTION 4th Edition notes-seventh chapter advanced Spring mvc-006-How to maintain redirected request data (with model, placeholder, redirectattributes)

. Requirements:Let's say that instead of sending a username or ID in the redirect and you want to send the actual Spitter object. If you send a just the ID, then the method that handles the Redirect have to turn around and look up thespitter fr Om the database. But before the redirect, you already has the Spitter object in hand. Why isn't send it to the redirect-handling method to display?2. redirectattributes is the sub-interface of the model and works with the session, before the redirect ta

Spring in ACTION 4th Edition notes-eighth chapter advanced Spring mvc-001-Configuration Springflow (Flow-executor, Flow-registry, flowhandlermapping, Flowhandleradapter)

flowhandlermapping and tell Dispatcherservlet to hand flow to it.Dispatcherservlet typically dispatches requests to controllers. But for flows, you need a flowhandlermapping to the help Dispatcherservlets know that it should send flow requests to Spring Web Flow1 2 class= " Org.springframework.webflow.mvc.servlet.FlowHandlerMapping ">3 4 as can see, the flowhandlermapping are wired with a reference to the flow registry So it knows when a request ' s URL maps to a flow. For example, if y

Spring Combat (4th edition) reading notes record

knight:Package com.springination.knights;Import Java.io.printStream;public class Slaydragonquest implements quest{Private PrintStream stream;Public slaydragonquest (PrintStream stream) {This.stream=stream;}public void Embark () {Stream.println ("Embarking on quest to slay the dragon!");}}AssemblyCreating the behavior of collaboration between app components is what we call assembly. Spring has many ways of assembling beans, and using XML is a common way of assembling.Let's take a look at this co

"Thinking in Java 4th Edition" Reading notes 1.1 abstract process

Q: What is Object-oriented? What is the difference from a process-oriented one?A: Object-oriented: The problem-oriented space, based on the abstraction of the problem;Process oriented: The solution space, based on the computer structure to abstract;Five basic features of OOP:1) All things are objects.ExplainYou can extract any conceptualization artifacts that you want to solve for a problem and represent them as objects in your program.2) programs are collections of objects that they communicate

C + + Primer (4th edition)-Study notes-part 3rd: Classes and Data abstraction

the built-in logical and, logical, or comma operators are not guaranteed to be evaluated. Class members and non-member overloaded operatorsOverloaded unary operator If there is no (explicit) parameter as a member function, there is a formal parameter as a non-member function. Similarly, the overloaded two-tuple operator has a formal parameter when defined as a member, and two parameters when defined as a non-member function. The principle of setting an operator to a class member or a no

C + + Primer (4th edition)-Study notes-Part 4: Object-oriented programming and generic programming

set to friend. Set a function template as FriendTemplate std::ostream operatorTemplate Friend Class queueNeeds access to item and nextFriend std::ostreamoperator// ...};Template Needs access to headFriend std::ostreamoperator}; Member templatesAny class (template or non-template) can have itself as a member of a class template or function template, a member of which is called a member template, and the member template cannot be virtual. Defining member templates outside of a classWhen a m

C + + Programming (4th edition) Reading notes _ basic knowledge

Assigning values to variablesThe commonly used variable assignment is to use "=" to assign values.1 int 2;However, if you assign a floating-point number to I, it will result in a loss of precision, preferably in C + + using the initialization list of the way "{}" to assign a value to the variable, so as to ensure that some types of information loss may cause the conversion of the type1 #include 2usingnamespace std; 3 4 int Main () {5 int I {2.3}; 6 return 0 ; 7 }For example, the compile

Automatic generation of JavaBean based on table structure, the strongest and most professional javabean tool in the history of Table structure (4th edition)

 Directory:1th Edition: http://blog.csdn.net/vipbooks/article/details/519121432nd edition: http://blog.csdn.net/vipbooks/article/details/519125373rd Edition: http://blog.csdn.net/vipbooks/article/details/519127504th Edition: http://blog.csdn.net/vipbooks/article/details/51912930Released the

Database System Introduction Book after exercise answer 4th edition Second Chapter

^ Px.color = "Red");No use of the Tianjin supplier of red parts produced by the project number Jno;Range S sx,p PX,SPJ SPJXGET W (Spj.jno): Spjx not present (Spjx.sno = sx.sno ^ sx.city = "Tianjin" ^ spjx.pno = p.pno ^ P.color = "Red");Range S sx,p PX,SPJ SPJXGET W (spj.x): All SPJX (spjx.sno! = Sx.sno ^ sx.city = "Tianjin" or spjx.pno! = p.pno ^ P.color = "Red");Will miss out on a project that is not available for the time being.Range S sx,p PX,SPJ SPJXGET W (J.jno): Spjx not present (Spjx.sno

"C + + Primer 4th" Reading notes sequence

Note: This series of reading notes is Bo Master writing in two or three years ago, so is based on the "C + + Primer" Fourth edition, the book has been updated to the fifth edition, the fifth version is based on the C++11 standard, seemingly updated quite a lot. Bo Master graduate this year, if the array can be desired to find a copy of the work of the Linux/C + +

C ++ Primer 4th Reading Notes

C ++ Primer 4th Reading Notes Note: this series of Reading Notes was written by bloggers two or three years ago. Therefore, they are based on the fourth edition of C ++ Primer. Currently, this book has been updated to the fifth edition, the fifth

DirectX 9.0c Game Development notes of RPG programming self-learning log eight--drawing with DirectX graphics (drawing with DirectX graphic) (4th) (A)

of these sections are finally finished. Perhaps the reader is not very clear, especially the meaning of the specific parameters of the function. In fact, you can refer to the SDK documentation, or refer to the second edition of Dragon Book. In addition, the method used here to set the vertex is not used in my updated version of the code, but with the second version of the Dragon book more advanced, more flexible way, so see not very understand also h

The third edition of CSS3 tips covers HTML5 Study Notes 6 ~ Chapter 8, css3html5

The third edition of CSS3 tips covers HTML5 Study Notes 6 ~ Chapter 8, css3html5Part 2 ---- chapter 6th of CSS practical technology, specifying the alternative font for Text Formatting: font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; when the visitor does not install the first font, the browser continues searching in the list until the backup font is found. If the font name contains multiple words, you must encl

"Effective Java Chinese version of the second edition" reading notes

DescriptionHere is read the "Effective Java Chinese version of the second edition" of the Reading notes, here will record some personal feeling a little bit important content, convenient for later review, may be due to personal strength reasons caused by misunderstanding, if found welcome to point out. Some individuals do not understand that will be marked with a slash.The first chapter is the introduction,

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