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Ready for Android app release-Generate channel packs

${defaultconfig.versionname}-"+ variant.productflavors[0].name +"-debug"+ getDate () +". apk"Output.outputfile =NewFile (Oldfile.parent, NewName)}}}Finally, we also need to get our channel name in the program to do some follow-up operations, such as doing some statistical work String channel=AppUtil.getMetaValue(this,"CHANNEL_NAME"); Log.d("TAG",channel);When everything is done, we can create a channel bundle.Open the terminal and enter the following command to generate all the cha

Android Gaussian algorithm in "on the Road" APP implementation

*/ Relativelayout.layoutparams relativelayouts = new Relativelayout.layoutparams ((int) imgwidth, (int) imgHeight); Imageview.setlayoutparams (relativelayouts); Relativelayout.layoutparams relativelayout = new Relativelayout.layoutparams ((int) imgwidth, (int) imgHeight); Mohu.setlayoutparams (relativelayout); This.addheadervIew (headerview); ishavehead = true;} /** * Swipe down to make the picture larger * * @param event * @return */public boolean ontouchevent (Motionevent event) {if (!ishaveh

The road to Android learning and the road to android

The road to Android learning and the road to androidAndroid Basics Sort out the knowledge points that I think new users must master. By the way, the blog addresses that I think are good. It takes two minutes to understand the lifecycle of an Android Activity )! The Activity is used most frequently in actual developm

Android development road 01, android road 01

Android development road 01, android road 01 I. android systems are divided into four levels: 1. the bottom layer is the linux core, including multiple drivers, providing the core functions that the operating system should possess; 2. on the linux Core, there are two parts:

iOS Fury Road---what you can learn in the first app of iOS

Android program, we all know that the entrance of an application is not mainactivity OnCreate method nor application OnCreate method, but the main method of Activitythread, Similarly, the entry for a program in iOS is also the main method, and this main class is in the Main method:    Each program has a main.m this class, there is a main method inside, and this method we see and C language in the form of the main function is consistent, the entrance

Android Streaming Media Development Road two: NDK development Android Live streaming streaming program

+ + code to use on Android, must be compiled into a dynamic library, and then let the app through Jni to invoke. In essence, Android is also Linux, so with other embedded Arm-linux cross-compiling method, essentially the same, of course, if the system is arranged in a cross-compilation environment. Familiar with the NDK should know that Google provides a complet

"Android Studio Discovery Road Series": Android Studio project creation

the applications. It is the app name that the app displays on the device, and also the name of the Android Studio project. Company domain: Corporate domain name. Affects the following package name. The default is the computer host name, and of course you can set the package name separately. Package Name: the application bundle name. Each

Android development road 4 --- Layout

Android development road 4 ------- Layout The layout of Android is mainly divided into four types in the main window: LinerLayout (linear layout), RelativeLayout (relative layout), TableLayout (table layout), and FreamLayout (frame layout ). The following describes in detail the features of these four la S. I. LinerLayout Layout The linear layout means that all

"Android Studio Discovery Road Series" Eight: Gradle Project building System (II): Gradle for Android scripting syntax

aspects: one is the source of the declaration warehouse, here can see is the specified Jcenter (), the previous version is Mavencentral (), Jcenter can be understood as a new central remote warehouse, compatible with MAVEN Central warehouse, and better performance. Another is the version that declares Android Gradle plugin, the Android Studio 1.0 Official edition must require support for Gradle Plugin 1.0

My Android Studio Road Day 02

In the middle because of busy 2 days, did not put their study summary in time to write up, today specific summary in my study of enterprise-level project Build.gradle Some of the basic configuration properties,When you create a new project using Android Studio, two Build.gralde files are generated by default, one located in the project root directory and one in the app directory. There is also another file-

Programmer's Road: using Android Card

Avenue 3,000, why the road?Recently there is a private message, email me to consult some career planning students, I am here as an experienced people to give you some advice.Any industry, any position, regardless of high or low, regardless of size, can be divided into a broad, profound two directions.Profound nature refers to the versed in a certain field, of course, will not be ignorant of other technologies, or become a single-legged people, how can

Product orientation for the App Store: Thinking about the Android App Store model

Article Description: thinking of the Android App store. Melee, messy, and uneven, this is a idiomatic expression of the status of the domestic Android Third-party App Store. Behind the impetuous disputes, there is a lack of thinking about the App store itself. The

Android Road (ii)

(a) In-app document detailed1. Build contains files that are automatically generated at compile time.2. Libs Third party jar package , need to put the jar package in Libs, will be automatically added to the build path.3. Androidtest here is a test case for Android test, you can do some automated testing of the project4. Where Java code is placed, the activity file is inside.5. All the images/layouts/strings

Piglet's Android starter Road Day 8 Part 6

Piglet's Android starter Road Day 8 Part 6An analysis of Android network programming--socket network programming--Reprint Please specify Source: Coder-pigIntroduction to this sectionFinally ushered in the last section of Android Network programming: Socket programming in Android

Where is the road for the development of embedded Android in Guangdong?

platform will be extended to a larger area. This shows that the future of Android is still very good.However, the overall mobile internet is still growing at a relatively rapid pace, the corresponding technical requirements are also continuing. The evolution of the app will put higher demands on the technician, which is expected, and in general, the more mature the technology or programming language in the

The road to Android development and learning-experience at the beginning of Service

The road to Android development and learning-experience at the beginning of Service The last component of android is the service. Finally, I learned the last component. It took three weeks to build the development environment a year ago, I have learned a lot about the code written in books. I would like to thank the first line of code for this book. I did not stu

Android road ------- explanation of Activity, androidactivity

Android road ------- explanation of Activity, androidactivityPreface Due to the approaching holiday, the company was busy working on projects, so LP was busy some time ago and had no time to summarize and write a blog. It was just preparing to read a book while going to bed, and there was not much reading every day, about 10 pages, but every day, it is a huge number. Today, the LP task is completed, and a b

Android Development Road 01

I. Android system is divided into 4 levels: 1. The bottom-most of the Linux kernel, including multiple drivers, provides the core functionality that the operating system should have; 2. Above the Linux core, including two sections, part of the Android Runtime (including the Dalvik virtual machine , and core libraries is equivalent to JDK in Java) and libraries;3. Is the application framework layer, which in

"Meow" on the Android Road "opening" sequence

"Meow" Android Road "opening" "Preface" I Nodin, occasionally called Monodin, friends like to call me Ding, There is a pen named Mo on the person, the art is called Love Wind, strenuously called refused to rot the soil ... Maybe you think I'm kidding, actually I've never had a zit in 25 years--it seems too young, (sing) My adolescence it hasn't come yet! a joke. 2011 year March began to test the water

Piglet's Android starter Road Day 7 Part 4

Piglet's Android starter Road Day 7 Part 4--contentprovider (content Provider) for Android data storage and access ---Reprint please specify the Source: Coder-pigIntroduction to this section:In the previous study, we have learned some ways to store data, and these can be shared, such as files, we can put the operationMode is set to Context.mode_world_readable or

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