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Webmasters must not ignore the use of robots

I have been emphasizing the details of the optimization, is now the site of Baidu's requirements is to see your details do well, code, tags and so on have the details, then the robots are also part of the site details, do a good job he has a great


Robots.txt GuideWhen a search engine accesses a Web site, it first checks to see if there is a plain text file called robots.txt under the root domain of the site. The Robots.txt file is used to limit the search engine's access to its Web site,

Seo robots.txt setup tutorial

About the syntax and function of robots. txt As we know, search engines all have their own "Search robots" and use these robots to link on the Web page over the network (generally HTTP and SRC links) constantly crawl data to build your own database.

Robots hazards to websites (security-related)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Many programmers are doing this, but hackers are still not willing to do it! The technical staff firmly believe that the technology will speak. If the user experience is good, it can truly bring users the resources

On the writing of website optimization robots.txt documents

robots.txt files, more or less than friends have heard, may have written their own. In fact, so far I have not written robots.txt file, not not to write, just feel that there is nothing in the blog to stop Spiders crawl. And presumably everyone

How to write the syntax for robots.txt

ArticleDirectory What do you want to do? Use the robots.txt file to intercept or delete Web page Printing The robots.txt file restricts the access to your website by the web-crawling search engine. These roaming bots are automatic.

Asp. NET SEO: Using the. ashx file--Excluding duplicate content

Catalog of this series Different links to the page if there are a lot of the same content, this phenomenon will be called "duplicate content", if a site is a lot of duplicate content, the search engine will think that the value of the site is not

Seo for ASP. NET: Use the. ashx file-exclude duplicate content

This series of directories   If different links direct to a page with a large number of identical content, this phenomenon will be called "duplicate content". If a website has a large number of duplicate content, search engines will think that

PHP Tutorial. Installing php_php

Install PHP This chapter compiles and installs the following software as follows: * Apache v.1.3.4-The world's most popular web server. * GCC v.2.8.1--from the GNU C and C + + compilers. * MySQL V.3.22.16b-gamma-a database used by many people around

PHP Tutorial. Installing PHP

Introduction: This is a PHP tutorial. Install PHP detailed page, introduced and PHP, related knowledge, skills, experience, and some PHP source code and so on. class= ' pingjiaf ' frameborder= ' 0 ' src= '

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