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Ten Rules for successful products and key roles and responsibilities of product teams

solutions, including basic product features and functions, product user experience, and product release standards. These also fall into the scope of work of the product manager and are the core responsibilities of the product manager. Some companiesRequirements document,PRD) to complete this work, also known as the product description document or function description document. Similarly, I advocate the use of simplified documents to carry out this wo

Responsibilities and roles of system architects __ Work

the quality, it is not only the use of several kinds of software or the understanding of a number of abstract methodological principles, but also the valuable experience gained from a large number of project practices, as well as the ability to communicate, coordinate, motivate, and even have some charisma or leadership temperament (CHARISMA). This shows that there are significant differences in responsibilities between project managers and system ar

About the WPF team model I understand-between the UI Designer and the developer

, their every move will directly affect the performance and functionality of the software. For example, they do not followDeveloperThey will not considerXAMLCodeThere is no idea about the impact on the performance, and there is no concern about the maintainability and Stability of the software. They only care about "This kind of interface is so beautiful and easy to use ". The results can be imagined. BesidesExpression DesignIn fact, this is feasible. If the boss is willing to pay the training f

Website development process-it must be a UI Designer and developed by a Mm!

The person who came up with this instruction must be a UI Designer and still a mm UI Designer. Otherwise, why do they beautify the designer to ugly programmer and client... the whole description is also described from the perspective of uid, focusing on the work of

Starting from a lecture by a UI interaction designer

The following is a lecture video from Apple UI interaction designer Bret Victor. It mainly explains how to write data more efficiently through tool innovation.CodeDebug code, test code, Design circuit diagram, and create animations. I was shocked by the design concepts, tools, and visual effects brought by the video. However, when watching videos, I was thinking about another issue. Such an excellen

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