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Roomblock:a Platform for Learning ROS Navigation with Roomba, Raspberry Pi and RPLIDAR

What's this?"Roomblock" is a robot platform consists of a Roomba, a Raspberry Pi 2, a laser sensor (RPLIDAR) and a mobile battery.The mounting frame can be made by 3D printers. ROS navigation system enable to make a maps of rooms and use it to reach to the goal autonomously.Who need this?Anyone want to learn the cutting-edge technologies of robotic navigation, mapping, and autonomous driving. This robot can is built easily and lower cost than other co

ROS Learning Series--Roomba, Xtion Pro live 360-degree panorama photo Panorama unable to start the solution

Turtlebot has an application panorama to realize iPhone360 panorama photography function. The official use of the Create base and Kinnect, when using the Roomba base and the Xtion Pro live package, found that the tutorial does not start.1. StartRoslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch \ Load wheel drive Open another Shell windowRosservice Call Turtlebot_panorama/take_pano 0 360.0 30.0 0.3 ordered a camera spinThis time found that

History command: history, history command history

History command: history, history command history [Root @ linux ~] # History [n][Root @ linux ~] # History [-c][Root @ linux ~] # History [-raw] histfilesParameters:N: Number, which ind

In linux, view the history command history. In linux, view history.

In linux, view the history command history. In linux, view history.1. Functions of historyLinux's history command is used to record executed commands. Usage: history [n] n is a number, list the latest n commands-c. Delete All history

Linux shell script history file Cleanup script, by day, month, clean up the first n days of history files, delete designated size history files, historical file archive cleanup __linux

I don't know if there's anything to clean up. A directory history file needs to be cleaned. There will probably be a lot of other places to clean up the history files, which may be used. I spent the past two days writing a script, cleaning more convenient, there will be a large number of historical documents to clean up the words can be used. The commands used in scripts are only Linux, and are not support

The history of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom in the history of overseas history

The author of this book, Shi jingqian, is an overseas Chinese historian. The original book is in English and the translator is a Chinese PhD student. The translation is quite good. If you do not speak of it, it cannot be seen as a translation. The book is basically written in academic habits, and each section of history comes from credible historical materials. However, the authors and translators can easily read the text. The author's description o

"Historical records" for the 24 history of the first and other history is significantly higher than the

More than 2000 years ago, a scholar suffered a great humiliation, but "do not fall Lingyun's ambition", with blood for ink, the mind for paper, completed a "historian of the Swan song, no rhyme Li Sao" history masterpiece. This is Sima Qian and his "historical records".A common historian and a masterpiece, what is it that integrates them into one? Who initiated the "Shiji" of the eternal grand? Who changed the life of Sima Qian?"Historical records" re

History (History) command usage: 15 examples

If you often use Linux Command lines, using the history (History) command can effectively improve your efficiency. This article describes the 15 Use Cases of the History command. Display timestamp with histtimeformatAfter you execute the history command from the command line, only the serial number of the executed co

Linux history command history

Linux history command history1. The role of history in linux is to record the commands that have been executed. Usage: history [n] n is a number, list the latest n commands-c. Delete All history commands in the Current shell by using history [-raw] histfiles-a. Write the new

Understanding browser history and browser history

Understanding browser history and browser history This is a basic article about history stack Management in browsers. The reason for writing this is that I recently want to study pushState to see what problems will occur when using it to implement SPA. pushState ultimately affects the content in the browser history rec

History commands in CentOS: history

[Root @ linux ~] # History [n] [root @ linux ~] # History [-c] [root @ linux ~] # History [-raw] histfiles parameter: n: number, meaning "list of the last n commands! -C: delete all history content in the current shell.-a: add the newly added history Command to [root @ linux

The struggle History of the Apes (44)--University dynastic History (eight)--university friendship

better do it myself.It's really hard to get a friend. I'm glad to know them in this homecoming. The road ahead is very long, and the line and cherish. I think. The story of me and them just started.Not to be continued.Good luck!RobinJuly 20, 2014 related articles Program Ape's Struggle History (37)--University dynastic history (I.)--Opening Program Ape Struggle

Programmer's struggle history ()-University cut-off history (9)-years of going south alone

popsicles, selling various snacks, and rushing steps, there is also a leisurely manner. Various life forms a wonderful world. Guangzhou is a suitable place for people to live in. Its beautiful environment, fresh air, non-exclusive, historical, and low cost of living. There is no doubt that the air is fresh, at least N times better than Chengdu. The Morning and evening of Guangzhou are very cool, and the sea breeze is quite pleasant. There are many reasons why Guangzhou is not exclusive and its

HTML5 practice and analysis-history Management (history Object)

HTML5 adds a new management of history, and updates the history object to make it easier to manage historical states. In modern Web applications, you can use the forward and backward buttons to switch historical pages. This allows some new pages that are not opened in the new page to move forward and backward freely, improving the user experience. Through the haschange event, you can know when the URL param

JavaScript Getting Started Tutorial (7) History history Objects _ Basics

Given the need for security, the object receives a lot of restrictions and now only has the following properties and methods left. The history history object has the attribute of length, which lists the number of items in the history. The history that JavaScript can manage is limited to the range that the "forward" and

PHP browsing History method, PHP browsing History _php Tutorial

PHP browsing History method, PHP browsing history The example in this article describes how PHP browsing history is used. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: /** * Product History Browsing History * $data product record information

Linux CMD Tool series-history & Search Command history

History cmd are for list Bash ' s log of the historical cmd you typed1. List last n commandsHistory n2. Execute cmd NO.N!n3. Execute last cmd!!Or-14. Execute command n times before? -05. Execute the last cmd, which starts with "string"! string6. Execture the last cmd, that contains "string"!? string?7. Execute the "CommandName" with any of the args used on your last cmdCommandName!*Search Command HistoryWith ctrl-r then type the command name you used

Eclipse git control action fallback to history commit reset Delete (undo) History of a Commit

(the latest code inside the remote git server, overwriting the local code); Newfile.text was deleted. --click Reset to perform mode 2: (any commit record for the current branch) Project right--team--show in history--Select commit record right mouse button--reset Effect same Way 1 Soft, Mixed operation will make head record change (head represents the record of the current workspace pointing to commit) Hard if the file is only in the workspace (the fl

Programmer's struggle history (forty-three)-University cut-off history (seven)-My lab days and my studies

students, and the only technology that is proud of is his cow technology. This is also not advisable. it is wise to ensure that you do not stick to the lowest level of science and then enrich your technology. Otherwise, there will be too many subjects, and the annoying retake of the exam will make you miserable. On the premise of strong technology, I have to have a scholarship to reward myself. By the way, I am using this money to make some valuable investment. Why not? This article starts fro

Thinkphp browsing history implementation method, thinkphp history

Thinkphp browsing history implementation method, thinkphp history This article describes how to implement the thinkphp browsing history function and shares it with you for your reference. The implementation method is analyzed as follows: The history browsing function uses the cookie function to record user information

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