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HomeKit Smart Home Platform What is this? Apple HomeKit details

HomeKit Smart Home Platform What is it? Apple held the WWDC software Developers Conference, released MacOSX10.10 Yosemite, HealthKit, HomeKit, Opentouchid and Appdatasharing, Special attention to wearable health functions and smart home. HomeKit allows mobile phone users to control their smart home by using their mobile phones, and can use Siri to issue command o

Roomblock:a Platform for Learning ROS Navigation with Roomba, Raspberry Pi and RPLIDAR

What's this?"Roomblock" is a robot platform consists of a Roomba, a Raspberry Pi 2, a laser sensor (RPLIDAR) and a mobile battery.The mounting frame can be made by 3D printers. ROS navigation system enable to make a maps of rooms and use it to reach to the goal autonomously.Who need this?Anyone want to learn the cutting-edge technologies of robotic navigation, mapping, and autonomous driving. This robot can is built easily and lower cost than other co

What do you mean, HomeKit?

But in the end what HomeKit will be able to do, the actual work of what is, these information is rarely published Apple, but with a number of third-party accessories manufacturers in the conference ventilation only, the typical Apple style. But it doesn't matter, we have a way to get some information about HomeKit from the accessory manufacturer. 1. Do not expect HomeK

ROS Learning Series--Roomba, Xtion Pro live 360-degree panorama photo Panorama unable to start the solution

Turtlebot has an application panorama to realize iPhone360 panorama photography function. The official use of the Create base and Kinnect, when using the Roomba base and the Xtion Pro live package, found that the tutorial does not start.1. StartRoslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch \ Load wheel drive Open another Shell windowRosservice Call Turtlebot_panorama/take_pano 0 360.0 30.0 0.3 ordered a camera spinThis time found that

Apple HomeKit How to affect the national intelligent hardware pattern

Apple HomeKit How to affect the national intelligent hardware pattern 2014-06-23 15:48 Published system categories: Consumer Electronics Custom Classification: Default Tags: smart home Apple unveiled a series of heavyweight development frameworks, including home Kit,health Kit,cloud Kit, at the WWDC developer conference in June. Among them, the release of HomeKit to the current hot domestic and

Apple announces first HomeKit smart home appliances to be launched in June

Phoenix Technology News Beijing May 15, according to the Wall Street Journal web-based report, Apple announced in Thursday, the first batch of support for its HomeKit platform smart home equipment will be listed next month. The announcement also refutes reports that the Apple home automation software platform will be postponed to August or September."HomeKit hardware certification is only open for a few mon

HomeKit and old equipment

Apple has pushed HomeKit, and there are already many vendors doing it that can reach Siri to control all of the device's functionality.But Siri is not everything, and the semantic understanding of human beings can be a mistake, but I believe the problem will be solved in the future. If the home has an old television and other equipment, or make a machine to switch windows, then HomeKit is powerless.Some of

Use Olami SDK Voice control for an iOS program that supports HomeKit smart home

ObjectiveHomeKit is an apple-released smart home platform. With the HomeKit component, users can control smart bulbs, fans, air conditioners and other smart homes that support HomeKit through iphone, ipad and ipod touch, especially with Siri for voice control.But there's a big problem with Siri for voice control, which is that Siri-supported corpora can't be expanded freely, and there's no way to add more.

"IOS Human Interface Guidelines"--homekit

HomeKit Smart Home PlatformThe smart home platform makes it easy for people to use home automation apps on their iOS devices to control or set up their home-connected homes, regardless of the manufacturer of the accessory. The best home Automation app integrates HomeKit and iOS to help users: Building houses, rooms and spaces Add, find, and remove homes, such as bulbs or thermostat c

HomeKit Man-Machine Interface Guide

HomeKit Man-Machine Interface Guide IntroductionWith HomeKit, users can use home automation apps on their iOS devices to control and configure connected Accessory devices at home, regardless of the manufacturer. Generally, a Home automation app needs to help users complete the following tasks: · setting a Home · managing users · adding and removing accessories · defining scenarios. In addition, a Home autom

Domoticz access to Apple's HomeKit for Siri control

ObjectiveAfter the last toss, this attempt to connect Domoticz to Apple's HomeKit, that is, in the IPhone Siri can voice control. Reference official documentationStepsInstalling Nodejscurl -sL | sudo -E bash -sudo apt-get install nodejs -yInstall PM2 after installation is completesudo npm install -g pm2Installing MDNSsudo apt-get install libavahi-compat-libdnssd-devBefore installing Homebridge, you need to install

Can openness make apple a standard-setting for smart homes?

Apple's WWDC this year is a bit special, as we all know, in the past, Apple has released some hardware products to get the market attention, and on this year's WWDC, Apple not only did not publish the expected wearable devices, also did not release the beats labeled headphones, but Apple has released HomeKit and Swift, both of which allow us to see Apple's sincerity and Apple's future development strategy and direction.can

Talking about IOT (Smart Home) technology and Platform

/) 2. homekit platform at the 2014 WWDC conference, Apple released the Smart Home Platform homekit ( ). Homekit is actually an open API. It can integrate Siri functions to automatically control the doors and windows locks, adjust the light, and control the doors and windows, lighting,

IOS8 new Features

object. This means, an app can render to a framebuffer that uses one of the these formats. HealthKit FrameworkHealthKit (healthkit.framework) is a new framework for managing a user ' s health-related information .When your apps implements support for HealthKit, it gets access to health-related information for the user and can Prov IDE information about the user, without needing to implement support for specific fitness-tracking devices. The user decides which data should is shared with your app

Good article reposted-12 Goals tailored for programmers

, namely the ability to automate virtual and reality. If you have never created a robot, do it. At least learn to use LEGO Mindstorms or play with an Arduino board. Check your daily tasks to see which ones can be completely or partially automated. Automation has made great strides in the family life, and can even DIY the system like insteon. One month of investment for automation: Adjust your email filter or set procmailWrite automated shell scripts for frequent workWrite shell scripts to help w

12 Goals tailored for programmers

an automatic door for pets Transform Roomba into a personal messenger : Procmail: The procmail package contains an automatic mail manager that can filter and sort emails. Cron: a scheduled execution tool in Linux. Roomba: Roomba is a timed intelligent robot produced by irobo. Learn more about mathematics Computer science is essentially a discipline of mathemat

Tang youhua: 12 Goals tailored for programmers

10. Install a digital surveillance camera 11. Install a digital internal call system and a children's monitoring system 12. Enable the coffee machine automatically. 13. automatically install the sink for pets 14. install an automatic induction door for pets 15. Transform Roomba into a personal messenger : Procmail: The procmail package contains an automatic mail manager that can filter and sort emails. Cron: a scheduled execution tool in linux.

Programmer !? What are the goals?

   Install a digital surveillance camera    Install a digital internal call system and a children's monitoring system    Enable the coffee machine automatically    Automatically install a sink for pets    Install an automatic door for pets    Transform Roomba into a personal messenger    :    Procmail: The procmail package contains an automatic mail manager that can filter and sort emails.    Cron: a scheduled execution tool in linux.   

New features for IOS 8

. HealthKit makes it easier for apps to share data, whether it's from a device or from a user's own input. The user's information data is stored uniformly and securely. Users can see all the data in the Health app.If the app is ready to support HealthKit, it can access user health-related data and can also provide data without the need for specific health-related hardware. Users can decide what data can be shared with the app. Once the user allows the app to be accessed, the app can register a n

APP Store New Review guide

-keyboard extensions must provide a method for progressing to the next Keyboard25.5-keyboard extensions must remain functional with no network access or they would be rejected25.6-keyboard extensions must provide number and Decimal Keyboard types as described in the App Extension programmin G Guide or they 'll be rejected25.7-apps offering Keyboard extensions must have a primary category of Utilities and a privacy policy or they would b E rejected25.8-apps offering Keyboard extensions may only c

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