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Roomblock:a Platform for Learning ROS Navigation with Roomba, Raspberry Pi and RPLIDAR

What's this?"Roomblock" is a robot platform consists of a Roomba, a Raspberry Pi 2, a laser sensor (RPLIDAR) and a mobile battery.The mounting frame can be made by 3D printers. ROS navigation system enable to make a maps of rooms and use it to reach to the goal autonomously.Who need this?Anyone want to learn the cutting-edge technologies of robotic navigation, mapping, and autonomous driving. This robot can is built easily and lower cost than other co

ROS Learning Series--Roomba, Xtion Pro live 360-degree panorama photo Panorama unable to start the solution

Turtlebot has an application panorama to realize iPhone360 panorama photography function. The official use of the Create base and Kinnect, when using the Roomba base and the Xtion Pro live package, found that the tutorial does not start.1. StartRoslaunch turtlebot_bringup minimal.launch \ Load wheel drive Open another Shell windowRosservice Call Turtlebot_panorama/take_pano 0 360.0 30.0 0.3 ordered a camera spinThis time found that

USA Today Twitter account hacked

On the afternoon of July 15, September 26, Beijing time, the Twitter account of USA Today (USA Today) was hacked and used to spread rumors. Previously, the same hacker attacked the Twitter account of the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) news website in September 9 and published a series of false messages, this refers to the terrorist attack on the 911 World Trade Center site ground zero. The hacke


There is no better way to separate this question. But it also goes through: /*ID: qq104801LANG: C++TASK: race3*/#include Test data: USACO TrainingGrader Results 8 users onlineCHN/3 EGY/1 IND/1 IRN/1 NED/1 USA/1USER: cn tom [qq104801]TASK: race3LANG: C++Compiling...Compile: OKExecuting... Test 1: TEST OK [0.005 secs, 3384 KB] Test 2: TEST OK [0.003 secs, 3384 KB] Test 3: TEST OK [0.003 secs, 3384 KB] Test 4: TEST OK [0.003 secs, 3384 KB]

Intrude into USA website at one time

A process of penetrating USA website through injection Author: Rover [] I have read many injection articles over the past few days ~ Are you ready to find a site for injection ~ I am from China ~ Not patriotic ~ No one can afford to scold ~~~~ The most basic requirement for injection is to find an injection point ~ Where can I find so many injection points ~ I think of Google I found a classic injection point suffix. asp? Id = 8, select "sear

Wowfun technology and QData log on to New York, USA

Computing node 2 24. CPU cores/512 GB memory Storage Node 3 36 CPU cores/4.8 TB Flash Cache/18x1.2 TB machine Disk 1.3 QData Server Configuration Server Type QuantityQuantity Configuration Computing node 1 32 CPU cores/96 GB memory Storage Node 2 32 CPU cores/6.4 TB Flash ? 2Data Loading Test 2.1 Exadata 1/4 ToUniqueFULLNEWExample,Data exceeds140010 million rows,Capacity28 GB,Data Loading time38.14Sec

[ZT] Several Grand Hotel Group USA co-brand Credit card comparison (c) How to choose the best hotel for your credit card

charges. It also saves an extra fee for travel around the world.Conclusion: 1. IHG 2. Club Carlson Premier Reward 3. Club Carlson Reward 4. Marroit Premier Reward,hyattClub Carlson Premier Reward is ranked in the top three of the rankings and is undoubtedly the best choice for hotel credit cards. In addition, considering the size and quantity of hotel chain, Marroit Premier reward,surpass, Reserve,club Carlson Reward,hyatt. And fame far-broadcast SPG in addition to the low-end hotel free accomm

UVa 575/zoj 1712/mid-central USA 1997 Skew Binary

UVa 575/zoj 1712/mid-central USA 1997 Skew Binary (water ver. skew binary) 575-skew Binary Time limit:3.000 seconds Http:// option=com_onlinejudgeitemid=8category=24page=show_problemproblem=516 When a number is expressed in decimal, the k-th Digit represents a multiple ofK. (Digits are numbered from right to left, where

Excellent Network USA Los Angeles VPS host performance, speed and basic reference data experience

Good network, a Chinese host provider, to provide based on Xen architecture of Hong Kong, the United States virtual host, VPS, servers and other business products. The main business is Hong Kong Shatin and the United States Nextecloud room, this is not official lost a test machine to prepare through the regular VPS evaluation data to record the performance of this VPS provider's products. PS: This business old left is also the first encounter, according to its introduction should be a f

Alibaba Cloud ECS West usa vps host configuration and performance testing

company service provider. This will bring us many opportunities. In this article, let's take a look at Alibaba Cloud's West usa vps host performance and parameter experience.1. Alibaba Cloud official websiteThe code is as follows:Copy codeOfficial Website address: www.aliyun.comAt present, the minimum monthly fee for VPS hosts in Western United States is 75 RMB, 1 GB memory, 1 Mbps bandwidth. For example, you can use a 10% discount code for t

About Amazon USA-jiansnet

About Amazon USA-jiansnet About Amazon's work in the United States by oldcat currently has around 4000 people at Amazon's Seattle headquarters, around 17000 people around the world. 1. amazon has a high requirement on candidate, so several rounds of phone interviews will be available before spending money to fly candidate to Seattle. In addition, because many teams are recruiting, it is very likely that you will receive phone interviews from differ

UK EU Code Comparison table, USA EURO Size code table, foreign clothing code comparison table

Easy to buy overseas, reference chart USA (US) size is US yards Euro (EU) size is European size There is an international code that is commonly used in the S M L XL XXL Height is tall, the following number is the foot Chest is the bust, unit is in inches, (PS: number in the upper right corner single quote is feet (ft), double quotation marks are inches (in). 1 ft = 30.48 cm (cm), 1 inch = 2.54 cm (cm), 1 ft = 12 in) International code, Ameri

Finsar USA: distributed network protocol analyzer-THGs & THGsE

THGs is a powerful network performance analyzer that can be accessed locally or remotely controlled by Surveyor software for effective diagnosis, fault identification and monitoring of any full or half duplex 10 M/100 M/M Ethernet network provides

Farce USA site

Actually, the game was stopped.... F1A memorable day in history Eddie Wu:I think the currentF1Chaotic ~ β α-ε α-ETA: Haha , not in silence , perish in silence Eddie Wu:Was it only sponsored by two tire manufacturers, Shi Qiao

The same plan as. Game framework in USA [flyinsky]

On Http:// Tabindex = 1 & postid = 575960 The following is his basic plan. For more information, I don't know if there is any suspicion of infringement.---------------->Hey gglad to hear from you. I

App Store USA, Canada account registration Address _ Tools

The account number often switches back to the App Store. The address recorded from the Internet is as follows, convenient to use. An American tax-free State address: 11831 SW Riverwood Road, Portland OR 97219Fill in 11831 SW Riverwood Road When

Sequoia, USA

Bet on the track, not the competition Operator   American thinkerEmerson once said: "An institution is an extension of one's influence ". In Sequoia, this person is founder Tang Valentine. The so-called wallentan style can be summarized as one

A total of 78 download addresses for MP3 in Travel USA

A total of 78 MP3 episodes in travel to the United States Http: // Http: // Http: //

RAND Corporation, USA, a report on the current situation in China ------ (collected by individuals) is a well-known non-profit research institute that provides "objective analysis and effective solutions" to the U.S. authorities ". Recently, they published an analysis report on the current situation of China, which is positive and

Several American entertainment companies _ USA

Marvel: Founded in 1939, it has Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and Other superheroes, and Avengers Alliance, X-Men, Magic Four, the Galactic escort team, such as superhero team. 2008 was acquired by Disney. HBO Home Box

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