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Linux privilege escalation Root privilege WebShell Privilege Escalation

Article Title: linux elevation of Root privilege WebShell Elevation of Privilege. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. There is no technical knowledge. It is a way of thinking that some people who get the

Root User Privilege Escalation: mysql write startup Item Privilege Escalation

From: Pesticide blog In practice, you can use udf in webshell. dll elevation, use the function's file upload function to upload files to the startup directory, and then use the shut function to restart the system. (I have not succeeded yet. I have the opportunity to test it locally. I recorded it here first ). for an English version system, the Startup directory is in "C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Start Menu \ Programs \ Startup" 1. Connect to the MYSQL server of the other partyMysq

Modify the local database root privilege password

. Close the running MySQL service.2. Open the DOS window and go to the Mysql\bin directory.3. Enter Mysqld--skip-grant-tables carriage return. --skip-grant-tables means skipping permission table authentication when starting the MySQL service .4. Open a DOS window again (because the DOS window is no longer moving), go to the Mysql\bin directory.5. Enter MySQL return and, if successful, the MySQL prompt > will appear.6. Connection rights database: use MySQL;.6. Change Password: Update user set Pas

Ubuntu adds a user and gives the normal user root privilege method

1, add the user, first with the AddUser command to add a normal user, the command is as follows:#adduser TommyAdd a user named Tommy#passwd Tommy//Change PasswordChanging password for user Tommy.New UNIX Password://Enter your password hereRetype new UNIX Password://Enter password againPasswd:all authentication tokens updated successfully.2. Give root permissionMethod One: Modify the/etc/sudoers file, locate the following line, remove the previous comm

MYSQL Privilege Escalation method ROOT Password search

From ice source s blog I remember yesterday I intruded into a website named PHP + MYSQL. The main site cannot go in! OK. Next to the next day, there is a next station. Of course, I think of Elevation of Privilege. I have carefully read the following permissions: Only one E:/MYSQL5 and the website directory [supports PHP] can be viewed. None of the other permissions are available. [I may not find a dish] There is no way to think of my SQL data storage

Injection + write shell directly and give privilege to root

function in shell to bounce back to the local first, local listening: Remote server-side forwarding: Then I checked it in the command prompt line. The current permission is: After reading the/tmp/folder, I found that the/TMP/permission was disabled, and few servers disabled the folder.Fortunately, granting permissions to this folder does not require the root user. Execute the authorization statement directly: Chmod + x/tmp/ Copy the code here. Th

Liunx gives a common user root privilege common practice

CentOS gives a normal user root privileges1, add the user, first with the AddUser command to add a normal user, the command is as follows:#adduser Tommy//Add a user named Tommy#passwd Tommy//Change Password2To modify the /etc/passwd file, locate the following line and change the user ID to 0 as follows:Tommy:x:500:500:tommy:/home/tommy:/bin/bashModified as followsTommy:x:0:500:tommy:/home/tommy:/bin/bashSave, with Tommy account login, directly get the

Privilege Escalation for mysql "root" in linux

In a linux system, mysql Elevation of Privilege when logging on with the root permissionIn the linux version of mysql5.x, there is a function that can help us do a lot of tedious things, this function 4. There seems to be none below x. I haven't found it and haven't checked the function manual. I just wrote something in my own experience. 4. Let's take a look at the function manual tomorrow for another expe

Root privilege/sbin/init no faulty murders.

/init is dynamically linked, the resulting surface appearance is /sbin/init not exist;650) this.width=650; "src=" "title=" 3.jpg " alt= "Wkiol1v-lunho7xlaaddfk7u9x0737.jpg"/>Lesson: Root permissions must be tightened, especially for unfamiliar old-timers in the new environment. Experience: Linux Rescue mode is very important, if necessary, can save a life, we must learn. This arti

No grant permissions after MySQL root privilege optimization

when obviously give all ah, why do not have authorization authority?After Baidu and compared with other database root users, the final query user table root user grant_priv field found to N.15:05:18 15:05:28 mysql> Select User,host,grant_priv from user;15:05:28 +---------+---------------+------------+15:05:28 |user |Host |Grant_priv |15:05:28 |Root | |N

Root Privilege Pass: Sudo

password by default, which is too dangerous, so you can use! Remove root.650) this.width=650; "src=" "/>650) this.width=650; "src=" "/>It's annoying that we've been losing passwords, right? You can use the NOPASSWD keyword to define the no password, passwd define the use of a password.650) this.width=650; "sr

FIX: Ubuntu16.04tls can only log on as guest after the root privilege is elevated

The wheel has been built again ........Today using W3AF to write to the file, found no write permission, so the internet for help, the results of the pit dad Baidu experience it let me change the/etc/passwd file username:1000 : 1000 instead of username:0:0. OK, log off the current user, Duang, can only be logged in as guest.So again the internet for help, all let me restart, the boot always press SHIFT, then choose advanced Options, then choose Recovery Mode, and then into root.Input:sudo vi/et

MySQL Database root privilege loss Solution

Tags: mysql databaseOne day accidentally changed the root of the permissions to the smallest (only login, nothing can do), this may be urgent to me. Heavy-loaded words too troublesome, and there are many users, one after another do not know when.Then I thought of a way, the current server to stop the MySQL service, the MySQL data directory under the MySQL directory renamed to Mysql_old, to another server under the MySQL directory/data/mysql directory

What are the high-privilege operations that app treasure can do after root?

After the phone has root privileges, due to some of its own properties and the impact of the system environment, the following operations may be a certain risk, please do it carefully. Once your phone has root privileges, you can get more features from app Treasure, as follows: 1, uninstall the System program: After you get root permissions, you can uninstall

Privilege Escalation for Linux common users: Root (full version) Shell version first !!!

1. Create a test account in the Linux directory2. Download a script in view the udev PID Method 1: first CAT/proc/NET/NetlinkFfff810077587400 15 364 ffffffff 0 0 0000000000000000 2Ffff810037f810001000 16 0 00000000 0 0 0000000000000000 2Ffff810077078400 18 0 00000000 0 0 0000000000000000 2That 364 is the udev process.Method 2:In addition, it is best to obtain the PID 365 through PS aux | grep udev, and then-1, and pass this parameter to the script.And then in t

MySQL Database Root User Privilege Escalation

(This method can also be applied to webshell elevation. This method has been improved and will not pop up the black cmd window. It will be released in a short time !) 1. Connect MySQL Server MySQL -U root-H MySQL . Exe Program After you install MySQL In the bin directory2. Let's take a look at some databases on the server. MySQL > Show databases; MySQL By default MySQL And Test Databases. If you see other databases, they are user-created

Linux Kernel super privilege user root

We recommend a very good Linux kernel system with great learning value. Here I will mainly explain the application of the Linux kernel system, including introduction to the knowledge of the Linux kernel system. When using the Linux kernel, if you use ls-la/, you will find that there are many directories under/, such as etc, usr, var, and bin, in these directories, let's look at them and find that there are also many directories or files. The Linux File System looks like a tree structure, so we c

Obtain the linux root password after Elevation of Privilege

After webbackdoor itself is root (potentially poor) or a vulnerability overflows to obtain the highest permissions, it can bring us many benefits if we can get the root password. I checked the methods of my predecessors. One is to cheat su to record the password, and the other is to replace sshd. Let's look at the code to cheat su to record the password! First look at the first, kpr-fakesu.c V0.9beta167Fuck

Call the root privilege python script in thinkphp

The default thinkphp uses Apache users and does not have permission to execute background scripts with root privileges, and sudo is required.Change/etc/sudoers under root permissions Add Write permission to file:chmod u+w/etc/sudoers Edit the/etc/sudoers file to find this line: "root all= (All)all" Add "Apache All= (All) nopasswd:all" below, and then

Fixed the Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Ubuntu 16.04, explained how to raise the privilege in the memory read/write kernel, ubuntu16.04

Fixed the Privilege Escalation Vulnerability in Ubuntu 16.04, explained how to raise the privilege in the memory read/write kernel, ubuntu16.04Cause: vulnerability fix overview of a privilege escalation vulnerability in Ubuntu 16.04: This EXP lies in the eBPF bpf (2) System Call carried by the Linux kernel. When the user provides a malicious BPF program, the eBPF

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