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Introduction of cable TV Cable (Cable) mode broadband access

Cable TV Cable (Cable) mode broadband access to the Internet is the standard docsis (Data over Cable Service Interface specification), Recently this standard has been upgraded to 2.0, and Imedia announced in April the DOCSIS2.0 chip IM6030 and a reference design that can be mass-produced immediately. This means that th

How many meters does the network cable transmit at most? Several common categories of network cable and network cable transmission

How many meters does the network cable transmit at most? Several common categories of network cable and network cable transmission Maximum network cable data transmission distance If you know more about the network, you know that the twisted pair wires have an insurmountable "100 meters" transmission distance. The max

Network cable production method | national standard network cable production method | common network cable production methods

The network cable is already inseparable from our life. Because we often use the network cable, we need the network cable to access the Internet. Therefore, we need to learn how to make the network cable so that we can better control our life in Russia, Okay. Let's just talk about the network connection methods. Th

Coaxial Cable and optical fiber cable Detection

I. coaxial cable Detection1. After the cable enters the water, we have tested the change of Characteristic Impedance. When the cable enters the water due to moisture and the TV signal passes through the cable, the measured level is lower than the specified loss value of the cable

Network cable-network cable Sequence

How to make a network cable-network cable Sequence 14:03:16 | category: Share read 135 comments 0 font size: LargeMediumSmall subscription General orange, orange, green, blue, blue, green, brown, white. If there are only four wires, choose four cables. When the cables are made, press the four portals of the crystal head at 1/2/3/6. If you only have one network cable

Difference between "Heat-Resistant Cable" and "fire-resistant cable" (1)

resist external attacks and avoid external harm. Therefore, cable fire prevention has become the top priority. People often say that the fire of water is heartless. Since the fire was discovered by humans, fire not only accelerated the development of human civilization, but also brought destruction to human civilization. How many ancient civilizations were destroyed by the fire. Similarly, a fire can also burn out the Integrated Wiring System to inte

? Direct connected network cable and crossover cable

Intersection line: One is t-586a standard on the other end is the standard of t-568b can be directly connected to two computers (network card to the network card)Ordinary network cable (straight line) at both ends are generally t-568b standardSo: Need a specially made cable, or have a spare line to change it can also be changed only a head. When making the crystal head, the other end of the 1th and 3rd to s

Player guide: Samsung data cable full model, select data cable is mandatory

We recommend that you have to go to to check the products related to Samsung mobile phones. The seller gave me an error when I bought the e638 data cable. I don't know which data cable I bought. He gave me the s308 data cable, but I still want to trust the seller. I did not expect it to be unreliable. Go to the Forum and ask, we used to use the

How to use C Programming in Linux to check whether the network card is connected to the network cable | Linux Command to check whether the network card is connected to the network cable

1. Use C programming to check whether the network card is connected to the network cable # Include # Include # Include # Include # Include Int main (){If (check_nic ("eth0") = 0)Printf ("detect OK./N ");ElsePrintf ("detect fail./N ");} // If the network card is connected, 0 is returned; otherwise,-1 is returned.Int check_nic (char * nic_name){Struct ifreq IFR;Int skfd = socket (af_inet, sock_dgram, 0 ); strcpy (IFR. ifr_name, nic_name); If (IOCT

Production and Application of direct connection network cable and Cross network cable

Production and Application of direct connection network cable and Cross network cable production and application of direct connection network cable and Cross network cable (cross line) one is the standard of the T-586A, the other is the standard of the T-568B can be directly connected to two computers (NIC-to-nic) Ord

Apple 5s charge not certified data cable _iphone5s data cable how to solve?

"IPhone5S not certified Data cable solution Tutorial" 1, we install a ifile software or PP handset assistant in the computer, then the Apple handset connects the computer to find in the ifile: after System/library/coreservices/,2, after entering, we find the springboard.strings inside.3, we are open by editing, if the hint "may not support this accessory", 4, we can go to this file to edit, delete, save, restart, perfect

Differences between insulating cable clamp and Common Cable clamp

The edge piercing clamp is mainly applicable to connection, branch connection, low-voltage cable entry, Cable Support for Distribution System of T-type connection building, connection of underground low-voltage insulated cable to street lamp system and grounding protection, the applicable voltage levels are 10 kV and below, and their main performance features are

Hand-taught network cable, according to different needs, make practical network cable

Hand-taught network cable, according to different needs, make practical network cable Main Line (Standard 568b): the two ends of the line Order is the same, the line order is: White orange, orange, white green, blue, white blue, green, white brown, brown.Reverse line ( 568a ): One end is the line sequence of the positive line, and the other end is: white green, green, white

What is the difference between a direct serial cable and a null modem serial cable?

The serial cable can be divided into straight chain and intersection. Generally for straight line extension PC equip, will 2, 3, 5 connect 2, 3, 5, because PC universal male. But the devices are mostly female, so they are just plain, and it can also be used to extend the connection; the crossover PC is connected to the PC with 2 pairs of 3, 3 pairs of 2, 5 to 5, and the general two are female at both ends!Before the computer appeared, the EIA establis

iphone data cable not certified solution for cable not certified

  "The perfect solution for the iphone data line not certified" 1, when the use of data lines to charge or connect the computer, if the prompt "this cable or accessories have not been certified, so may not be able to match the reliable work of the iphone", please do not click "Off". 2, unplug the USB connection to the computer, and then plug in (remember: not to unplug the phone's head). 3, at this time "this c

DSP-FTA Optical Cable Test Adapter

A tester can complete the test of copper cables and optical cables, certification and documentation Record Filing automatically calculates the optical fiber margin and passes/does not pass the test results automatically at both wavelengths simultaneously measuring the two optical fiber cables stored in copper and optical fiber cables new model: DSP-FTA440S, DSP-FTA430S, DSP-FTA420S products function high-speed network makes the optical fiber in the construction and campus network environment can

Maintenance method of metropolitan area optical cable line

The metropolitan area Optical cable line is mainly the pipeline optical cable, supplemented by the aerial and other laying way very few optical cables, its characteristics are: The line section is relatively short, can be divided into local trunking, user access network backbone and user to introduce optical cable, optical fiber

Cable interference and Countermeasures

Cables are the main cause of electromagnetic compatibility problems in the system. Therefore, in practice, it is often found that when the external drag cable on the device is removed, the device can pass the test smoothly. When electromagnetic interference occurs on the site, if you unplug the cable, the fault will disappear. This is because the cable is an effi

How to tell the network cable pros and cons

1, test the speed of network cable The transmission speed of the network cable is the most effective way to discriminate the quality of the network cable. In order to be closer to the actual use of the environment, while reducing the external interference link, the author recommends the use of two-machine direct-linked way. At the same time in order to ensure th

How to construct the access Layer optical cable network

With the rapid development of broadband multimedia service and optical fiber communication technology, optical fiber communication technology has been used more and more widely in the access network. In the past, optical fiber network is mainly to meet the needs of transmission network construction, access to the layer of fiber optic cable needs less, a small number of access layer cable is generally direct

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