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In-depth research on the ROP Load Analysis

In-depth research on the ROP Load Analysis0x00 Introduction Exploit-db does not feel good, so I will translate the original article titled Deep Dive into ROP Payload Analysis, by Sudeep Singh. The main purpose of this article is to introduce the analysis technology of the ROP load in the vulnerability exploits, as well as an in-depth analysis of a stack crash de

"Turn" profiling of ROP attacks on Android

IntroductionROP (return-oriented programming), or "return-oriented programming technology". The core idea is to find a suitable instruction fragment (gadget) in the existing function in the whole process space, and to splice each gadget through a well-designed return stack to achieve the purpose of malicious attack. The difficulty with constructing ROP attacks is that we need to search the entire process space for the gadgets we need, which can take a

Linux Kernel ROP Learning

0x00 Preface1.SMEP (Supervisor Mode execution Protection): A CPU policy that slows down the kernel and disables code execution (32-bit addresses 2. The traditional method is to get the kernel stack of the current process in the kernel, traverse task_struct (refer to "exploit and guard of kernel exploit" p102), find UID, GID change value is 0, and find KERNEL_CAP_ T modify the value to 0xFFFFFFFF (keep all permissions).At present, the typical attack mode is RET2USR, that is, the kernel state perf

A step-by-step study of ROP Linux x86

Step-by-step study of ROP Linux x86 learning NotesOne, without any protectionSecond, turn on DEPIii. turning on DEP and ASLRIv. turn on DEP and ASLR, no libc Step-by-step study of ROP Linux x86 learning Notes This part of the article is mainly based on the steamed rice God 一步一步学ROP series of articles, I also follow, this article mainly records the pro

Using ROP Attack technology

BackgroundThe RET2LIBC and RET2PLT are described earlier, and the common point of the two attack techniques is that the function parameters are passed through the stack, which is also the calling convention of the i386 architecture. However, with the popularity of 64-bit servers, and then more and more widespread, almost all servers are upgraded to 64-bit hardware.X86_64 is inherently freeAccording to the calling convention of the x86_64 ABI, the transfer parameters between functions are no long

Rop File Upload Solution ideas

Because the service request message is a text that cannot be transmitted directly to the binary file content, it is necessary to use some kind ofThe conversion mechanism converts the binary file content to a string. Rop uses the following methods to encode the uploaded files:The content can be converted to a string, separated by the "@" character. After the server receives the uploaded file, it canResolves the type of file and the contents of the file

Stack Overflow attacks using ROP in Linux

Protostar stack6 is used to demonstrate the simple use of ROP in Linux. ROP is the so-called Return Orientated Programming, which was also called ret2libc in the early days. For the introduction of ROP, see the early article 《CVE2012-1889 Exploit writing (III)The idea is the same, but the platform is changed to Linux.0 × 01. _ builtin_return_address FunctionFirst

Stack overflow of ROP to Syscall

When the program opens NX, but the program has a syscall call. At this time the use of the stack overflow can be performed through ROP to execute Syscall 59th call Execve ('/bin/sh ', null,null), this is ALICTF together PWN experience.Ida matching GDB Locator vulnerability is as follows:signed __int64 __fastcall sub_40108e (__int64 A1) {signed __int64 result;//[email protected]__int64 v2;//[email protected] intV3;//[sp+10h] [bp-40h]@1__int64 v4;//[sp

64-bit Linux system: Stack overflow +ret2libc ROP attack

Tags: memory security buffer Overflow RET2LIBC 64-bit Linux system ROPA Experimental requirementsStack Overflow + ret2libc ROP? Operating system: Ubuntu 16.04 64bit? Security mechanism: Non-performing bit protection, ASLR (memory address randomization)Open the security mechanism, ensure that XXX can bypass the above security mechanism, exploit the vulnerability to complete attack, achieve the basic goal: Call system ("/bin/sh"), open the shell.Two Exp

A step-by-step study of the linux_x86 of ROP

0x00This article only explains the linux_x86 of the first step of the steamed rice God, the reader should read this article first, encounter problems and then come to see me this article.After reading these two articles, we will understand ROP (return-guided programming), DEP (stack not executable), ASLR (memory address randomization), stack Protector (stack protection), Memory Leak . 0x01The first question: Why do we construct the "A" *140+ret strin

linux_x64 Knowledge of ROP

steamed rice God talk about rop: 0x00 ROPROP is all called return-oriented programming (return-oriented programming), an advanced memory attack technique that can be used to circumvent the various common defenses of modern operating systems (such as memory unavailability, code signing, and so on).the difference between 0x01 linux_64 and linux_86The difference between linux_64 and linux_86 is mainly two points: first, the range of memory addresses is changed from 32 to

Latex formula number, inline formula, formula space, long formula wrap, inline hyphen symbol

first, the formula number\begin{equation} X (k) =\sum_{n=0}^{n-1} x (n) e^{-j \frac{2 \pi}{n} k n}=\sum_{n=0}^{n-1} x (n) w_n^{kn},\quad k=0,1,..., N-1. \end{equation} Next paragraph (1)Add Begin{equation} and End{equation}, the formula will be automatically numbered; (2)The formula will be empty one line after another paragraph, or the next paragraph will no

Conditional Probability multiplication formula full probability formula and Bayesian Formula

1. Conditional Probability Define a and B as two events, and P (a)> 0 is called P (B bought a) = P (AB)/P () It is the probability of occurrence of condition Event B Under Condition.2. Multiplication Formula Set P (a)> 0 P (AB) = P (B represents a) P ()3. Full probability formula and Bayesian Formula Define sample space where S is test E, B1, B2 ,...

How to convert the MathType independent formula into a numbered formula

Use MathType to enter mathematical formulas in Word. There are three modes to choose from: the row formula (inline equation), the stand-alone formula (display equation), and the numbered independent formula (numbered Dispaly equation). For already entered good MathType independent formula, hope it can have number, how

Integrated mathematical roaming wonderland: Schur polynomial, hook length formula, macmahon plane splitting formula

, if we can find the function equation/recursive relationship that this weight function satisfies /... and so on. We have learned this trick for a long time. We used it when solving the generic formula of the Fibonacci series, didn't we? Put the above idea into practice: Set $ T $ to a young table and remember $ W (t) = (W_1 (t), W_2 (t), \ cdots) $, $ w_k (t) $ is the number of $ K $ in $ T $. The vector $ W (t) $ is called the $ T $ weight. We ado

Save a formula to a formula library in Word2010

Step 1th, open the Word2010 document window, click the formula you want to save to the formula Library to make it edit or select, and then click the Formula Options button and select the Save as New Formula command from the Open menu, as shown in Figure 2011072807. Figure 2011072807 "Save as New

Excel Formula application: Multi-condition summation, array formula application 2

08:11:00 Score: 0 This is simple: Enter the following formula in the edit column: = sum (if ($ A $1: $ a $7 = $ C $1) * ($ d $1: $ d $7 = "Nm"), $ B $1: $ B $7) at the same time, press Ctrl + Shift + enter to complete the formula, the formula in the editing column is represented as:

How to convert a MathType independent formula into a numbered formula

The specific method of operation is as follows: 1. Insert Number: Word has entered a line of independent formulas, before or after the formula you want to add the formula number position, double-click the mouse, the cursor positioning, select the word in the Mathtype--insert equation numbers click, You can add a new number to a separate formula in an existing o

Php implements the Chinese character verification code and formula verification code. php Chinese character verification code formula _ PHP Tutorial

Php implements the Chinese character verification code and formula verification code. Php implements the Chinese character verification code and the formula verification code. This document describes how php implements the Chinese character verification code and the formula verification code. I will share with you how to implement the Chinese character verificati

Full probability formula and definite integral (new solution of Bayesian formula)

First, look at the formula of full probability in the traditional sense: P (B) =∑I=1NP (b| AI) P (AI) The P (B) on the left side of the equal sign is a state amount, and the ∑ on the right is a process amount. This representation is consistent with the representation of the integral: F (n) =∫n0f (x) dx In fact, this process volume superposition into the state of the way is so common, so that you can give a few examples, do not say what Newton-Leibniz

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