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Spring AOP is based on the principles of JDK dynamic proxies and cglib proxies and why JDK proxies need to be based on interfaces

(). GetName ()); System.out.println (subobject instanceof Proxy); String result = Subobject.execute ("parameter One", "parameter Two"); SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN (result); } Print results Com.sun.proxy. $Proxy 0 True do something before execute Invoke method ... Parameter Two does something after execute Invoke method ... Execute method To highlight: See Com.sun.proxy. $Proxy 0 is a dynamically generated proxy class for JDK, subobject instanceof Proxy is printed as ture s

Java fundamentals-static proxies and dynamic proxies

static and dynamic two, first understand the static agent, know its shortcomings, then understand the dynamic agent, will be enlightened.The role of static proxies: Static proxies are often used to augment legacy business logic. For example, a class that holds a two-party package and calls some of these methods. Then for some reason, such as logging, printing method execution time, but it is not g

Spring (10) implements AOP technology through dynamic proxies (JDK proxies) and Cglib

Test.spring.service.impl.personservicebean2;public class AOPTest2 {@Testpublic void Test () {cglibproxyfactory pfactory = new Cglibproxyfactory ();// At this point Personservicebean has no interface PersonServiceBean2 Pservice = (PersonServiceBean2) pfactory.createproxyintance (new PersonServiceBean2 ("KKK"));p ("PPP");}} Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced. If you want to reprint, please specify the source: Htt

Java dynamic proxies, proxies and Cglib

Java proxies require proxy object implementation interface, Cglib is not required. So some people say that spring's AOP uses Java proxy for interfaces, otherwise it uses cglib. Java Proxy Import Java.lang.reflect.InvocationHandler; Import Java.lang.reflect.Method; Import Java.lang.reflect.Proxy; public class Proxytest {public static void main (string[] args) {Worker1 w1 = new Worker1 (); Workerinvocationhandler handler = new Workerinvocationhand

Program practice series (19th) Rotating phalanx, practice series rotating phalanx

Program practice series (19th) Rotating phalanx, practice series rotating phalanx Problem description As shown in the following figure, it is a 6x6 digital rotating phalanx. Given N values, the NXN rotating phalanx is output. For problem analysis, refer to previous blog posts 1. MxN spiral matrix (from inside out) (ht

[Code Note] rotating images and code notes rotating

[Code Note] rotating images and code notes rotating I ,. 2. Engineering Drawing. 3. Code. AppDelegate. h #import AppDelegate. m #import "AppDelegate.h"#import "RootViewController.h"@implementation AppDelegate- (BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions:(NSDictionary *)launchOptions{ self.window = [[UIWindow alloc] initWithFrame:[[UIScreen mainScreen] bounds]]; //

Rotating image, ps rotating image

Rotating image, ps rotating imageRotating image by Wu xueying -(Void) startAnimation {CABasicAnimation * rotationAnimation; rotationAnimation = [CABasicAnimation animationWithKeyPath: @ "transform. rotation. z "]; rotationAnimation. toValue = [NSNumber numberWithFloat: M_PI * 2.0]; rotationAnimation. duration = 1; rotationAnimation. cumulative = YES; rotationAnimation. repeatCount = 3; [_ loadingImage. lay

1.6---Rotating two-dimensional array, rotating image pixels, rotation matrix, 90 degrees (CC150)

ImportJava.util.*; Public classTransform { Public int[] Transformimage (int[] Matrix,intN) {//Write code heren =matrix.length; intLimit = (n-1)/2; for(inti=0;i){ for(intj=i;j){ inttemp =Matrix[i][j]; MATRIX[I][J]= matrix[n-1-J] [i]; Matrix[n-1-j][i] = matrix[n-1-i][n-1-J]; Matrix[n-1-I][N-1-J] = matrix[j][n-1-i]; Matrix[j][n-1-i] =temp; } } returnMatrix; }}1.6---Rotating two-dimensional arra

Simple rotating CD production, simple rotating CD Production

Simple rotating CD production, simple rotating CD Production

Rotating circle instance based on jQuery and jquery rotating instance

Rotating circle instance based on jQuery and jquery rotating instance This article describes how to rotate a circle Based on jQuery. Share it with you for your reference. The specific implementation method is as follows: Run the following command: I hope this article will help you with jQuery programming.

One slide-rotating boot page, slide-rotating boot page

One slide-rotating boot page, slide-rotating boot page An online open source code is rewritten Reference: The Online demo may be a little difficult to change the image. I changed the image distribution by myself. Principle Let it slide a page 90 degrees each time when listening to scrollView sliding, to achieve a simple rotation effect, Then, when it is rotated

Introduction of requests using proxy proxies in python, requestsproxies

Introduction of requests using proxy proxies in python, requestsproxies To learn how to use a proxy for web crawlers, we will introduce how to use requests to set a proxy: To use a proxy, you can configure a single request by providing the proxies parameter for any request method: Import requests proxies = {"http": "http: // 3128", "https": "http:

How to write an RPC framework (ii): Simplifying the client code _RPC framework with bean containers and dynamic proxies

For a while, I'll write a series of articles on how to implement an RPC framework (I've implemented an example framework with code on my github). This is the second article in the series, which focuses on using spring as well as Java dynamic proxies to simplify the code that invokes other services. In the first article in this series, we talked about the first point that the RPC framework needs to focus on simplifying client code by creating

The question of dynamic proxies: what does the new operation do in the compile phase of the program __JVM

OK, let's review the previous blog. Java Proxy mode and case study: Static agent/Dynamic Agent: 1, what is the proxy mode.In 2,java, the difference between static agent and dynamic agent.3,spring uses either the dynamic proxy for JDK or the cglib dynamic proxy.The implementation principle of 4,JDK dynamic agent.What is the difference between the dynamic proxy of 5,JDK and the implementation of Cglib dynamic Proxy.6, you know, there are other dynamic agent technology. Please outline the implement

Facet-oriented programming AOP based on static agents and dynamic proxies in Web projects

company AH. So this broker is a key role in static proxies. Take a look at a UML diagram and see the truth:Where target can be understood as the star, Targetinterface can be understood as the star of the extended standard of appearances, Targetproxy can be understood as brokers. Brokers are talking about prices and other things, as well as the company's star appearances.Use the above ideas in the Web if there is a scenario where you delete or modify

C # design Pattern Series: Proxy mode (proxies Pattren)

action only when it is necessary. Protect (Protect or access) proxies: Control access to an object, providing different levels of usage rights to different users. Firewall (Firewall) Proxy: protects the target from being approached by a malicious user. Smart Reference Proxy: provides some extra action when an object is referenced, such as the number of times a call to this object is recorded. Cache Proxy: provides temporary storage sp

Methods for using HTTP proxies under various code versioning tools

Original: Various SCM tools using HTTP proxy download Source: is the abbreviation of software configuration management, Common SCM system has CVS,SVN,HG (Mercurial) and git, etc.Often there is the need to use SCM to download the source code, especially software developers. But our network environment often forces us to use proxies, either because of speed, or because the direct connection si

C # uses proxies for inter-thread invocation

Implementation features:The background thread changes the state of the form control (FLOWLAYOUTPANEL1).with this.flowLayoutPanel1.InvokeRequired = = False, you can know whether the main thread is calling its own control, or whether it is called by other threads.Use the DisplayDelegate proxy if other threads are called.When the form is initially initialized, it is allowed to be called between threads:Checkforillegalcrossthreadcalls = false;When the form is loaded, an anonymous thread threadstatus

Go1.10 Support for HTTPS proxies

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Go1.9 6 months after the time, Go1.10 was [released] ( The new version brings big and small changes ([release Notes] (, but I want to talk about changes in the ' Net/http ' package. Version 1.10 supports proxies on HTTPS ([commit] (HTTPS://GITHUB.COM/HYANGAH/GO/COMMIT/AB0372D91C17CA97A8258670BEADADC6601D0DA2

Examples of implementing dynamic proxies with spring AOP

Let me show you examples of implementing dynamic proxies with spring AOP (computer printing)Here's a look at the specific code:Define the interface of a printer first1 Package Aop007_comprint; 2 3 Public Interface Print {4 5 Public void Colorprint (); // Color Printing 6 Public void Whiteprint (); // Black and white printing 7 }Then define two implementation classes for color printing and black-and-white printing, respectively1

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