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Using the library fractions module to allow Python to support fractional types

Recently encountered in the work of the score processing, find the relevant data discovery can be implemented using the fraction class, so the following article is mainly about the use of the standard library fractions module Let Python support the

Python built-in functions (55) -- round, python built-in 55 round

Python built-in functions (55) -- round, python built-in 55 round English document: round( Number[, Ndigits]) Return the floating point value NumberRounded NdigitsDigits after the decimal point. If NdigitsIs omitted, it

Python built-in function (--round)

English documents: round (number[, ndigits]) Return The floating point value number rounded to ndigits digits after the decimal point. If ndigits is omitted, it returns the

Problem e codeforces round #184 (Div. 2) B. Continued Fractions

B. Continued fractionstime limit per test 2 secondsMemory limit per test 256 megabytesInput Standard InputOutput Standard output A continued fraction of heightNIs a fraction of form.You are given two rational numbers, one is represented as andThe

Poj 1131 Al fractions decimal conversion between arbitrary hexadecimal

// Poj 1131 Al fractions decimal conversion between any hexadecimal notation// You must convert an octal decimal point to a decimal point,// The number of decimal places after conversion is three times the number of decimal places in the first eight

[Python] Round function

In Python, the round function truncates the decimals by rounding them.However:>>> round (3.55, 1) 3.5The official documentation for the function is interpreted as: Unfortunately, most decimal fractions cannot is represented exactly as

YZOI Easy Round 2 _ simplification (simplify. c/cpp/pas), yzoisimplify. c

YZOI Easy Round 2 _ simplification (simplify. c/cpp/pas), yzoisimplify. c Description If a polynomial is given, the simplified result is output. Input A string contains only the polynomials of the letter x, excluding parentheses and fractions, and

Yzoi Easy Round 2_ Simplification (Simplify.c/cpp/pas)

DescriptionGiven a polynomial, output the result of its simplification.InputA string that contains only the polynomial of the letter x, without parentheses and fractions, with no extra spaces.OutputA string that, after simplifying the polynomial,

Codeforces Round #384 (Div. 2)

A. Vladik and flights (water)Test instructions: From a position to B position, ask the shortest cost figured out is the flood problem1#include 2 using namespacestd;3 Const intINF =0x3f3f3f3f;4 Const intMAXN =100000+5;5 CharS[MAXN];6 intMain ()7 {8

CSS3 Font variants Font-variation detailed

If you want to describe it in one word, you can call it a font variant (font variants), and the corresponding CSS property is the font-variation-* property, which includes the connection (ligatures), upper case (caps), number (numerals), and

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