round function in crystal report

Want to know round function in crystal report? we have a huge selection of round function in crystal report information on

Comparison of the three report solutions of crystal:. Net object model, Report Application Server Object Model, and Crystal Enterprise Object Model

Overview For Web application development using the. NET platform, crystal Decisions provides developers with three more advanced report object models: 1. Crystal Report Visual Studio. NET (. NET) object model: bundled in Microsoft Visual Studio. NET

Crystal Report formula)

I. formula components Ii. Formula syntax Iii. Formula type ---------------------------------------------------------------- The formula consists of two key parts: component and syntax. A component is the part added to the creation formula, and the

Digital functions in crystal report functions

ABS (x ):Basic syntax and crystal syntax.Parameter: X is the number or currency in which you want to return the absolute value.Return Value: Numeric ValueOperation: ABS (x) returns the absolute value of X.Example:ABS (1, 1.50)1.50 is returned. ABS (-

Crystal Report formula must be read

Directory:I. formula componentsIi. Formula syntaxIii. Formula type----------------------------------------------------------------The formula consists of two key parts: component and syntax. A component is the part added to the creation formula, and

PHP Web Game Learning Xnova (Ogame) source Interpretation (16) _php Tutorial

19. Attack Mission (missioncaseattack.php) According to the fleet task number, the first one is the attack mission. This code is very long and you have to be patient when you look at it.Fortunately, the quoted content is not many, and gives a

Asp. NET Program Development Example Treasure

In the collation of information found some very useful source of information, especially beginners, most of which is usually used in the knowledge point, can refer to its implementation methods, share to everyone to learn, but please do not use for

SQL simple and complex conversion function

declare @jall nvarchar (4000), @fall nvarchar (4000)select  @jall =n ' Ah Ae, alas, Ai cancer ai ai-ai, I press the Dark bank amine, the Alang ao ao regretful Australian ba grilled ba-ba scar ba-ba-da-pai-pa-i-bai-Bai-the-beat-PA class moved to the

Simplified Word conversion function _javascript skill

Copy Code code as follows: var default_isft = 0//default is traditional, 0-simplified, 1-Traditional var stranit_delay = 50//Translation delay millisecond (this is designed to let the Web page appear smoothly first) --code start, do not

PCB wiring specifications (Huawei)

  PCB wiring specifications (Huawei) () Design Process A. Create a network table 1. the network table is the schematic diagram and PCB interface file. The PCB designer should select the correct network table based on the principle diagram and the

Several solutions of web printing Control Technology)

Several solutions of web printing control technology (transfer) Web developers will certainly face a common problem, that is, printing. Indeed, compared with Windows desktop applications, web application printing has various restrictions, and

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