round off function in php

Want to know round off function in php? we have a huge selection of round off function in php information on

Ceil and Floo in PHP and round function _php tutorial

A ceil is a function that gets a value upward; Floor is the function of rounding out the decimal place to get a value; Round is a function that is used for rounding. CeilDefinition and Usage: The Ceil () function rounds up to the nearest

Round rounding function in PHP in detail

In this article, we introduce The four commonly used rounding and rounding functions in PHP are Ceil,floor,round,intval,Let's take a detailed introduction. 1.ceil: Into a method to take the wholeDescriptionfloat ceil (float value)Returns the next

Method of division Rounding in PHP (Round,ceil,floor)

When you encounter a situation in PHP that requires the results of division to be rounded, you need to use the following methods:1. Round: RoundingThe round () function rounds a floating-point number.Syntax: Round (x, PREC)

Improving PHP speed in an all-round way _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Improve PHP speed in an all-round way. One of the advantages of PHP is that it is fast. it is enough for general website applications. However, if the site traffic is high, bandwidth is narrow, or other factors make the server generate PHP, one of

PHP Curl realize multi-process concurrent efficient acquisition of reptiles

Demo Code Operation effect (Figure 1) Operation effect (Figure 2) Main Package function Multi_process ();According to the parameters, create the number of pointers to the child process.Bright spot Function 1: The

PHP-based programming considerations _ PHP Tutorial

Summary of PHP-based programming considerations. 1. php implicit ternary operators (? :) Priority problem: Example 1: Copy the code as follows: $ person $ whoor $ personlaruence; is actually equivalent to: $ personempty ($ who )? La 1. php implicit

PHP Core Knowledge Essentials, PHP Core Essentials _php Tutorial

PHP Core Knowledge Essentials, PHP core points PHP: scripting language, website building, server-side running PHP Definition: A server-side HTML scripting/programming language, is a simple, object-oriented, interpreted, robust, secure, high

Php FAQs _ PHP Tutorial

Summary of some common Php problems. Summary of some common Php problems 1: Why can't I get the variable I post the data name to another webpage on one webpage? why can't I get any value when I output $ name? In versions later than PHP4.2, reg Php

PHP Part FAQ Summary _php Foundation

PHP Part FAQ 1: Why I can't get a variable I post data name to another page on one page, why can't I get any value when I output $name? Register_global defaults to off in later versions of PHP4.2 To obtain a variable submitted from another

(1) php faq Summary

1: Why can't I get the variable?Why can't I get any value when I output $ name when I post data name to another webpage? In Versions later than php4.2, the default value of register_global is off.To get the variables submitted from another

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