round to 1 decimal place

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PHP Rounding Accurate decimal place and rounding _php tutorial

PHP to take the decimal place function has sprintf,ceil,floor,round and so on functions to achieve rounding, let's look at the specific example. This article will use PHP to round up numbers to preserve n decimal places, and a small summary of how

Misunderstanding of Float,double,decimal in C # (reprint)

Tags: common size tin Strong example 5.0 LCD phone DecimalFloating point Type name cts Type description significant Figures range (approximate) float

The difference between decimal and double,float in C #

Tags: head office frame theory getting bigger calls decimal + = RangeFloating point Type Name CTS Type Description Significant figures Range (approximate) Float System.Single 32-bit

The difference between decimal and double,float in C #

Label:Transferred from: precision refers to a 4-byte floating-point number, which is the floatA double is a 8-byte floating-point number, which is doubleDecimal is a high precisionFloating

JS preserves the N-bit after the decimal point method Introduction

Tags: http io ar os java for on CTI codeUsing the tofixed functionCode to copy code as follows<script language= "JavaScript" >document.write ("<h1>js reserved Two decimal example </h1><br>");var

Why doesn't Python solve the "bug" Rounding (round)?

Reply content:Because binary floating-point numbers do not solve this problem. First look at a phenomenon that is unrelated to round: >>> def Show(x):... "" prints a number, 20-bit precision "" "... Print(' {:. 20f} '.format(x))...

Format decimal to retain two-bit _javascript tips after a decimal point

In the development process, you often encounter formatting to adjust decimals, such as two digits after the decimal point, and so on. Methods are also quite common, as is the memo below. The first, using Math.Round var original=28.453 1)//round "or

PHP rounding, rounding, round function Use example, rounding round_php tutorial

PHP rounding, rounding, round function Use example, rounding round Decimal Example: PHP reserved two decimal places and rounded Copy the Code code as follows:$n = 0.1265489;Echo sprintf ("%.2f", $n); 0.13 As you can see, we used the sprintf

JS How to judge a few after the decimal point

Tags: onchange run after jquery div oat amp pos Blur<script> var n=3.143423423;Alert (N.tostring (). Split (".") [1].length]; JS Javascrip intercept after a few decimal placesFirst, the use of Math.Roundvar original=28.4531)//round

Ceil and Floo in PHP and round function _php tutorial

A ceil is a function that gets a value upward; Floor is the function of rounding out the decimal place to get a value; Round is a function that is used for rounding. CeilDefinition and Usage: The Ceil () function rounds up to the nearest

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