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Round the number to two decimal places

Comment: Rounding the number to retain two decimal places Aket 6799 0:46:18It is not necessary to rounding the number into and keep two decimal places. Use the following code.To directly use the roundto function, you must add math to uses.Roundto (1.

PHP implementation three ways to keep two decimal places

See the topic believe that a lot of small partners will think of using rounding method to achieve, this is also a way, then there are other methods, we will take you to understand the PHP implementation of two decimal places to save several

PHP rounding to exact decimal places and rounding

The integer function is often used. let's make a summary today! Actually, it's quite simple, just a few functions ~~ Major methods: ceil, floor, round, intval integer methods such as rounding, rounding, and ignoring decimals There are four common

PHP has two decimal places, and php has two decimal places.

PHP has two decimal places, and php has two decimal places. Recently, I am making statistics on this part. There are many data sources related to numbers, Three functions are used to retain the last N digits after decimal places. Next, we will

PHP Rounding Precision decimal places and rounding _php skills

An integer method for rounding, rounding, ignoring decimals, etc. in one method PHP to take the integer function commonly used four methods, the following collection of four functions, often used to take the whole function, today a small sum!

PHP rounding to exact decimal places and rounding _ PHP Tutorial

PHP rounded to exact decimal places and rounded up. In php, functions such as sprintf, ceil, floor, and round are used to perform rounding. let's take a look at the specific instance. In this article, we will use php to perform four functions in php

C # holds 2 decimal places summary of several scenarios

Scenario 1:C # retains 2 decimal places. ToString ("F2") is OK, but if the number is three digits behind the decimal point such as 1.253, then the conversion will become 1.25. Can you just keep it to the last place, not 0?By default, 2 bits are

MySQL retains two decimal places

1, round (X,D): For data rounding, round (x), in fact, is round (x,0), also is the default d is 0;One of the notable points here is that D can be a negative number, when the D-bit integer bit to the left of the specified decimal point is 0, and the

How to save the number of decimal places of float type in Python

Python retains two decimal places:In [1]: a = 5.026In [2]: b = 5.000In [3]: Round (a,2) out[3]: 5.03In [4]: Round (b,2) out[4]: 5.0In [5]:'%.2f'%aout[5]:'5.03'In [6]:'%.2f'%bout[6]:'5.00'In [7]: Float ('%.2f'%a) out[7]: 5.03In [8]: Float ('%.2f'%b)

Three methods for retaining decimal places in PHP

In the following tutorial, we use PHP to retain two decimal places. There are three implementation methods:/*** several methods for PHP to retain two decimal places * @ linkhttp: // */$ num = 10.4 In the following tutorial, you can

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