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Dlna (UPnP Media Server) development

. The implementation is very simple. However, it takes a long time to construct the object metadata. How can this problem be solved? You can create information caches. Multipart object metadata can be loaded. How can I ensure that files in the directory are synchronized with files on the disk? It can be implemented through some system mechanisms. But it is generally unnecessary. For more information about the effect of the Media Server, see mini-W

Server Load balancer principles and practices 16th Server Load balancer Network Design regards Server Load balancer as a layer-2 switch or a layer-3 Router

of using Server Load balancer to improve the scalability, availability, and manageability of Server clusters. This chapter mainly discusses the deployment of Server Load balancer and several solutions for deploying Server Load balancer in the existing network. We will also discuss how to design highly available soluti

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (18) router DHCP server and relay configuration

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (18) router DHCP server and relay configurationExperimental Purpose :Master the configuration method of router DHCP serverMaster the configuration method of DHCP relay AgentMastering the DHCP protocol and the principle and implementation process of the relayExperimental Background : with the expansion of the company's network, more

How to configure tplink router virtual server function ing server

The application topologies for routers, servers, the Internet, and clients are as follows: A small enterprise uses tl-wdr5300 to build an application network, it needs to open the mail server and Web server to the outside network. This requirement is implemented through the TL-WDR5300 virtual server function, and the user network parameters are

Router tplink882 Virtual Server unreachable How to troubleshoot

Routers tplink882 solutions that virtual servers cannot access: Possible reasons: How to access the server, or the address and port number entered when accessing the server is incorrect. Solution: Access to the server depends on the actual application of the network access to the server and intranet acces

ADSL Broadband Router enables Internet access to the company's intranet server _ route exchange

Company A accesses the Internet through ADSL, and the Intranet accesses the Internet through an ADSL Broadband Router sharing an ADSL cable. With the development of Company A's business, the company needs to build A Web server for Internet access. The Web server mainly includes a company website, and is responsible for submitting daily orders and submitting busin

Router configuration DHCP server instance resolution

Router configuration requirements: Enterprise internal computer usageDHCPTo obtain the IP address. Set the DHCP address to Set the default gateway to, the domain name to, And the DNS service to IP address is valid for 2 days. The router configuration is as follows: Router (config) # int f0/0

Router tplink845 Extranet unreachable server How to do

Routers tplink845 Extranet cannot access server resolution: Possible reasons: How to access the server, or the address and port number entered when accessing the server is incorrect. Solution: Access to the server depends on the actual application of the network access to the

How/why to transform a Linux server into a router

Most IT managers think that the router price is too high. In this Guide, Harrison explains why Linux can reduce router costs and how to achieve this.Edit Note: Most IT managers think that the router price is too high. This is a situation that Peter Harrison discovered when studying a new book "Linux Quick Fix Notebook" published by Prentice Hall PTR. In this Guid

The WAN port of the tplink router prompts "no response from the server".

Introduction to the problem When setting up a router to surf the internet, the router WAN Port PPPoE dial is unsuccessful, and the WAN port status appears as "Server unresponsive", as shown below: Solutions Please follow the following methods to troubleshoot: possible causes : line connection is wrong or

Use Windows NT Server as a Router

Counter to the network Computer Center, the information cannot be sent at all. From the above analysis, we can know that the information in the same network can be smoothly transmitted, so if there is such a machine: a machine that belongs to both the network Counter and the network Computer Center. Through it, two different networks can transmit information to each other. When an NT router is created for each network, the creation process is as foll

How to set up the Universal tl-wr842n Router virtual server

   Set up the TL-WR842N router virtual server step One: Set the computer IP address For example, a small company, using Tp-link tl-wr842n router access to the Internet, the company's local area network architecture of a mail server, a Web page server. Users on the Internet

Erecting WEB/FTP server with broadband router

Personal set up a Web server to consider a lot of questions, today to explore the network of personal building stations. We all know that if the Web or FTP site established on the LAN, only the intranet can access, the extranet is inaccessible. To solve this problem, the usual approach is to apply a peanut shell IP binding a domain name, and then set the mapping on the broadband router, mapping the domain n

How to build a router simulator, DNS, and DHCP server

For the wan nic, we configure the IP address and mask for it, without configuring the gateway and DNS. For LAN NICs, the IP address and mask are also configured. Because it is 10 private network segments, the mask can be used by default. Then we set up AD because we need to deploy DHCP, and DHCP requires AD to operate normally. Then we select the DHCP server, DNS server, and remote access. Then, make sure t

How can I configure a router as a DHCP server and ensure the routing function ?, Vrodhcp configuration dhcp

How can I configure a router as a DHCP server and ensure the routing function ?, Vrodhcp configuration dhcp Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Lab Name:Configure the router as a DHCP server and ensure the routing function. Lab requirements: 1. automatically assign IP addresses to terminal Devices 2. Have the ro

Enterprise Router China Telecom Netcom dual-line access server load balancer settings

This paper applies to TL-ER6120 V1.0, TL-ER5120 V1.0, TL-ER5520G V1.0, TL-R483 V3.0, TL-R478 + V5.0, TL-WVR300 V1.0)Gamers of online games know that using the telecom line to go to the Netcom game server will be a "card" (high latency), and vice versa, using the Netcom line to go to the telecom game server will also be "card ", the reason is the access bottleneck between China Telecom an

Set up an ezVPN server on the FAST Router

There may be no specific mode for the description of the problem related to the FAST router settings, so the following questions and replies from netizens may not help you, but it will help you in the future. Set up an ezVPN server on the FAST Router 1. FAST router settings: Enable AAA◆ Enable AAA for aaanew-model◆ Aaa

Build a WEB/FTP server using a Broadband Router (1)

There are many issues to consider when setting up personal website servers. Today we will discuss the network problems of personal website construction. We all know that a WEB or FTP site established on a LAN can only be accessed through the Intranet, but not through the Internet. To solve this problem, we usually apply for an IP address with a peanut shell to bind a domain name, set the ing on the Broadband Router, and map the domain name to the mach

Analysis on virtual server settings of tengda Wireless Router

Tengda wireless router virtual server-port field ing Start port ~ End port: the service port segment provided by the mapped Intranet host. Intranet IP Address: the IP address of the computer that acts as the server in the LAN. Protocol: Contains TCP, UDP, and all. If you are not sure about the protocols used, you can select all. Enabled: only when this option is

Router tplink882 How to configure a virtual server

Router tplink882 How to configure a virtual server: A small business needs to open the mail and Web server to the Internet. Implement this requirement through the virtual server functionality. The user network parameters are as follows: Open ports: Internet users access the port used by the

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