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Windows Route Routing Table command finishing _ routers, switches

Windows Route Routing Table command Displays and modifies entries in the local IP routing table. Grammar Route [F] [P] [Command [Destination] [mask Netmask] [Gateway] [metric metric]] [if Interface]] Parameters -F Clears all rou

About the route command for the Linux routing table (GO)

  View the Linux kernel routing table  Use the following route command to view the Linux kernel routing table. # route Destination gateway genmask flags Metric Ref use IFAC E * u 0 0 0 eth0 *

Cisco routing configuration: Cisco routing configuration via fixed IP or dial-up internet

-address The IP is not assigned by DHCPIP DHCP pool dhcp-test Configure DHCP address poolImport all (importing DNS and WINS server)Network IP address range for the DHCP address poolDefault-router Set default route (that is, Gateway)  Sixth step: Configure NAT:Access-list 1 Permit Setting the range of IP addresses allowed to access the extranetIP nat inside source List 1 interface Dialer 1 overload set NAT address translation fr

Linux routing table information-route command

Tags: max table print target mask specify Linux pre colorUse command: routeThe route command displays and sets the Linux routing table-A: Set the address type;-C: Print the route cache of the Linux kernel;-V: detailed information mode;-N: Do not perform DNS reverse lookup, d

Linux route command Details: View and manipulate IP routing table

The route command for the Linux system is used to display and manipulate the IP routing table (show/manipulate the IP routing table). To achieve communication between two different subnets, you need a router that is connected to two networks, or a gateway to two networks.In

[Svc]linux's IP command operation interface and routing table

Reference: the configuration IP of Linux, configure the gateway, add routes and other commandsman ipman ip addressman ip routeip address help可简写ip a sOperations Viewing interfaces- 查看所有接口ip+macip a- 查看eth0的ip+macip a s eth0- 给一个接口设置多个ip(ip addr add)ip a a dev eth0ip a a dev eth0- 删除一个接口的ipip a d dev eth0- 持久化配置到文件(wr)ip address save 1> b.txtip address restore Operat

Demonstration: Hybrid configuration of Dynamic Routing Based on Linux winows cisco Environment

vrotelnet, in fact, to log on to the local Zebra software of the Linux server, so the local loopback IP127.0.0.1 and 2601 are used as the port number. The specific operation is shown in figure 8, is this process similar to that of a Cisco router! After completing the telnet process, you can use show ip route to view the current route table. Currently, no RIP route is learned. 650) this. width = 650; "src =

A thorough understanding of Cisco, Linux, and Windows IP routing

A thorough understanding of Cisco, Linux, and Windows IP routing-1. As long as you understand the essence, the name is not important! Many Linux-based network experts consciously beat Cisco administrators in terms of management distance, route measurement, and other words. I think it's a pity that everyone is a family. Why is it so difficult for each other? If yo

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (14) router configuration for OSPF dynamic routing

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (14) router configuration for OSPF dynamic routingExperimental Purpose :Mastering the configuration method of OSPF dynamic route selection protocolMastering the OSPF route description in the routing tableFamiliar with the principle and process of routing and packet forwardingExperimental Background : The company connects to the egre

Learning Network 8--rip routing via Cisco emulator Cisco PACKET Tracer

Tags: process proc ima RAC Technology share static term ADOBy configuring static routes, you can achieve an increase in routing entries for routers in a relatively simple network.However, if there are more than 20 routers in a network, it is difficult to configure static routes to accommodate the complexity of routing entries and changes in the network. At this point we can use the RIP protocol to configure

Cisco simulator static Routing and dynamic routing configuration

Cisco simulator static routing, dynamic routing rip configuration Dynamic routing protocol RIP commands are simpler than two lines The experiment topology diagram is as follows: More Wonderful content: http://www.bianceng.cn To implement PC1 and PC2 communication, you need to c

cisco-sw-three-layer switching between-vlan routing protocols

(All of the following is the hand of pure hand, there are flaws in the place, please also contain a lot of information to send piglets to exchange!) )(All content and annotations in this article are displayed in the recursive architecture, because the format display does not understand the point of understanding!) )(In this paper, the command keyword is mostly used shorthand, if there is an unknown, it is best to type the

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (13) router RIP dynamic routing configuration

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (13) router RIP dynamic routing configurationExperimental Purpose :The configuration method of mastering RIP Dynamic route selection protocolMastering RIP routing descriptions in routing tablesFamiliar with the principle and process of Routing

Using GNS3 and Cisco IOU to build routing exchange experiments-concept paper

functionality is not comprehensive, and many other features of the routing switch are not implemented, so the Cisco Packet Tracer is suitable for CCNA experiments, And in the work of the simulation of some scenarios to verify!· Boson NetSimBoson NetSim and Cisco Packet Tracer are similar, but Boson NetSim is now the most popular simulation tool that operates alm

Cisco Learning note--BGP14-strip routing principle

origin source code. priority order of three different Origin attributes: The Igp>egp>incomplete,origin property is always carried in BGP routing. It is rarely used to set the Origin property as a BGP routing policy.6: Evaluate Med (the path with the lowest med value wins). by default, only the Med value of the BGP route from the same as is compared (which is the same as the first as in as-sequence). The

Cisco Policy Routing (policy route) fine Solutions

match IP address {access-list-number | name}[...access-list-number | name] 3. Set the packet behavior using the SET command.Set IP precedence [number | name]Set IP next-hop ip-address [... ip-address]Set interface Interface-type interface-number [... type number]Set IP default Next-hop ip-address [... ip-address]Set default interface Interface-type Interface-number [... number] 4. Note Here the difference between set IP next-hop and set IP default Next-hop, set interface and set default inter

CISCO CCNA Static Routing

efficiency of the router configuration, in the Cisco Device command can be abbreviated "typing the first few letters of the command, when the first few letters of the command press the tab can be filled, or directly enter can also execute the command". )Note: Write is the S

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (9) Inter-VLAN routing for layer three switches

configuration ip address of the virtual interface, as the vlan gateway for different vlan Note: The IP address of the two-tier switch configuration VLAN can only be used as a device management address, with only one. Experimental Equipment : switch_3560 1 units, switch_2960 1 units, PC 3, straight line, crossover line.Experimental topology :Experimental steps:New Cisco PT topology diagramOn the two-layer switch, t

Ccna-4-cisco Dynamic Routing

· Dynamic Routing : a route that can be self-adjusted based on network structure or traffic changes· category :1. Distance vector Routing Protocol (DV): RIP, IGRP Send routing entry via routing protocol2, Link State routing Protocol (LS): OSPF, Is-is No

CISCO PT Simulation Experiment (11) router single-arm routing configuration

Vlan2switch (Config-vlan) #vlan 3 //creating Vlan3switch (Config-vlan) # Exitswitch (config) #inter f0/2switch (config-if) #switchport accessvlan2 //set the port mode to Accessswitch (config-if) #exitSwitch (config) #inter f0/3switch ( CONFIG-IF) #sw acvlan3 //set the port mode to Accessswitch (config-if) #exitSwitch (config) #inter f0/1switch (config-if) #sw modetrunk// Set the port mode to Trunkswitch (config-if) #endSwitch #showvlan //View VLAN configuration information Router0 configuratio

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