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Oracle row migration and row link clearing and Detection

I. Introduction of row migration and row link in actual work we often encounter some problems with low Oracle database performance. Of course, there are many reasons that cause low Oracle database performance, we can use some correct design and

Oracle row-to-column (row to column 1, row to column)

The new Listagg function in the Oracle 11g Release 2 release, Listagg is an Oracle built-in function that implements string aggregation;Listagg (column, ' delimiter ') within group (Order by column)-(Partition by column)The delimiter can be

An example of the row-to-column and column-to-Row Operations in Oracle Data Tables.

An example of the row-to-column and column-to-Row Operations in Oracle Data Tables. Row-to-ColumnOne table The query result is -- Row-to-column Conversion select years,(select amount from Tb_Amount as A where month=1 and A.years=Tb_Amount.years)as

Methods for column encryption in Oracle

Methods for column encryption in Oracle 2011-12-22 17:21:13Category: LinuxOracle supports multiple column encryption methods:1, transparent Data encryption (TDE):CREATE TABLE Encrypt_col (id int,TXT VARCHAR2 (+) encrypt using ' algorithm name '

Summary of Oracle row-column Conversion

If you want to sort out the FAQs in Oracle, I think the row-to-column conversion problem is inevitable. Today, I used some leisure time to sort out my understanding and experiences. Before proceeding to my summary, I repeatedly thought about the

Oracle row-to-column summary and oracle column-to-column Summary

Oracle row-to-column summary and oracle column-to-column Summary Recently, I have applied row-to-column conversion in my work. Here I will make a simple summary. The conversion process is as follows: 1. Create a table structure CREATE TABLE

Oracle Data Table default value column addition and row migration (RowMigration)

In my previous articles, I have discussed the danger of adding default columns to a data table, especially in online production environments. A default column is added to a large data table, which has the following serious hazards: The system runs

Summary of SQL statements for Oracle row-to-column, column-changing lines (GO)

Multi-line Turn stringThis is relatively simple, with | | Or the CONCAT function can be implementedSelect Concat (id,username) str from App_userselect id| | Username Str from App_userString to multiple columnsis actually the problem of splitting the

HBase vs. Oracle comparison (column and row database)

HBase vs. Oracle comparison (column and row database)1 Main differences HBase is suitable for a large number of insertions and read cases The bottleneck of HBase is hard drive transfer speed , and Oracle's bottleneck is hard drive seek

Oracle 12c column storage (in memory theory)

With Oracle 12c introducing the in memory component, the Oracle database has dual-mode data storage that enables support for mixed-type applications: traditional, row-saving data meets OLTP applications, and data stored in columns satisfies OLAP

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