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The RPC Server is unavailable

restarting, it is found that the sub CA does not work properly and the error description is selected1. The CA console does not see the certificate and an error "The RPC server is unavailable"650) this.width=650; "title=" image "s

Office Programming-Why RPC server is unavailable

The following problems occur when the RPC server is unavailable: 1. The object is closed externally (for example, through the Task Manager) 2. The access control of operation objects cannot be implemented. Sequential or inter-thread access may cause unavailability of the

The RPC server is unavailable. (exception from hresult: 0x800706ba)

When you use powershell to run a script to call WMI to remotely start a machine: "The RPC server is unavailable. (exception from hresult: 0x800706ba)" error may occurs when deploying VNC to a remote computer or when using built-in management tools.There can be a few reasons for this error: The remote computer

TestDirector 8.0 (TD) opens in IE prompts the RPC server is unavailable

Prompt "The RPC server is unavailable" when the client is logged on. After you open TestDirector Checker on the server and check all, the application server prompts failed, which descr

IIS prompts that the RPC server is unavailable

Choose "Administrative Tools> services> Remote Procedure Call> Properties". The default start type is "automatic", but the options are gray (unavailable ), click "Log on" to disable the hardware configuration file service and restart the system. Method 1: Modify the Registry Run registry editor, open the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINEsystemCurrentControl-SetServicesRpcSs branch, change the value of the Start ent

What if the Win7 system RPC server is unavailable?

Sometimes when we want to add an IP address to a netsh command or install a printer, we find that the computer prompts "RPC server is not available," which is common, but many users don't know how to solve it, so what happens when you encounter a Win7 system RPC

'Rpc server unavailable 'Solution

My original question: "I am a LAN user and recently I don't know who is doing things on my machine. My question is:At the beginning, the local connection was lost. Previously, it was displayed on the taskbar, and right-click "Network Neighbor". The attribute is blank (may be hidden), and a new connection is created, only "Dial-to-dedicated network" and "Access in

Disk Management error: "RPC Server Unavailable" workaround

Failure phenomena: When a user enters Disk Management to partition a disk, change a drive letter, or compress a volume, an error occurs: "The RPC server is unavailable." Cause Analysis: According to the error information to observe the RPC service

What happens when the computer printer appears to be unavailable for RPC server?

when we were connected to the printer, the RPC server was not available, a large reason is that the service did not start, below we step-by-step to solve the problem that the printer RPC server is not available. Open the

Prompt rpc server unavailable when printer files are printed

Problem analysis Problem one: When printing Excel file prompts: Cannot print. Microsoft gives three suggestions: 1. Not enough memory 2. Driver incorrect 3. Cable loosening;Question two: When printing CAD DWG graphics: Prompt RPC server is not available. Question three: Service not started Solving Method 1. Run--services.msc (service)---Print spooler and remo

What if the Win8 printer appears to be unavailable to the RPC server?

1, the computer printer error, the printer appears RPC server is not how to do. 2, open the control surface version, find services. 3, the list of services found print spooler, found this did not start (not running). WINDOWS8 Tutorial 4, right key point to start (automatic) on it, generally this can be printed (or enter the

The "RPC service unavailable" solution appears when an additional DC is installed.

After using the Active Directory of Virtual Machine installation for Windows Server 2003 sp 1, we found that "RPC server unavailable" appeared when the system was used to install additional DC ", in this way, "BDC" cannot be installed, and the solution is finally found:1. Us

The system prompts "RPC server unavailable" When synchronizing time on the computer system

Today, my colleague told me that her computer time is always several minutes. After adjustment, it won't be OK. Let me see it. First, I checked that there was no virus in the system, so I wanted to enable automatic synchronization of system time, and found that "automatic synchronization with Internet time server" was gray, that is,

Windows cannot determine the user or computer name (RPC server unavailable)

Status quo:1. Connection Sharing, prompting users with incorrect passwords2. After the password is entered for the Remote Desktop Connection, the RPC server is unavailable.Analysis: the server runs multiple application system interface programs, which occupy multiple system

The server application is unavailable, and the Web application that attempts to access this web server is currently unavailable

The server application is unavailable.The Web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please click "refresh" in the web browser to try your request again. Administrator Note: you can find the error details for the specific reques

The server application is unavailable. The web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please click "refresh" in the web browser to try your request again.

Error message:Server ApplicationsProgramUnavailable the web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable. Please click "refresh" in the web browser to try your request again.Administrator considerations:Failed to detail this specific requestThe error message of the cause can be found in the system event log of the Web

Email is unavailable. The server response is 5.7.1 unable to replay for xxx@163.com mailbox unavailable. Server Response: 5.7.1 unable to replay for xxx@163.c

Email is unavailable. Server Response: 5.7.1 unable to replay for xxx@163.com Microsoft's "virtual SMTP Service" can be used to forward mail. That is to say, we can program the use of the virtual SMTP service to send mail, without directly binding to the mail SMTP server, or

Server application unavailable the web application you are attempting to access on this web server is currently unavailable

Server ApplicationsProgramUnavailable You attempt Web The Web The application is currently unavailable. . Click Web Refresh button in the browser to retry your request. Administrator's note: details the cause of this specific request failureErrorInformation can be found inWebServer System EventsLogs. Check this log item to find out the cause

Some memory is unavailable when awe is enabled on a 32-bit SQL Server 2000 SP4 computer.

only access 8 GB RAM. To determine whether awe is enabled, run the following script from the SQL query Analyzer: Sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1goreconfiguregosp_configure 'awe enabled' go IfRun_valueIf this parameter is set to 1, awe is enabled on the server. To view this phenomenon, check the "SQL

MSDTC on server 'server _ 1' is unavailable.

following options are selected: Network DTC Access Network Management Network transactions XA transaction E. In addition, "DTC Logon account" must be set to "nt authority \ NetworkService ". 5. Click OK ". This will prompt you that "Ms DTC will stop and restart. All dependent services will be stopped. Press "yes" to continue ". Click "yes" to continue. 6. Click "OK" to close the "my computer" Properties window. 4. MSDTC depends on rpc.

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