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Linux Package management tool (Rpm/dpkg,yum/apt,alien)

Summarized:Rpm/yum RedhatDpkg/apt DebianAlien ConversionIn the Gnu/linux (Linux) operating system, RPM and DPKG are the two most common types of package management tools that are applied to Linux distributions based on the RPM package and the DEB

Linux RPM, YUM

two major mainstream of Linux: RPM and DPKG distribution delegate software management mechanism online upgrade mechanism (Directive)

Use of RPM commands in Linux

Usage: rpm [option...] Query options (parameter-Q or -- Query ): -C, -- configfiles: list all configuration files -D, -- docfiles: list all document files -- Dump: Export basic file information -L, -- list all files in the package -- Queryformat =

RPM package management in Linux

RPM package management in Linux Overview A package and Installation tool used to download packages from the Internet. It is included in some linux distributions. It generates a file with the. RPM extension. RPM is the abbreviation of RedHat Package

Rpm installation package commands

Run the RPM command to query the software package: 1. query all RPM packages installed in the system $ Rpm-Qa Query the software packages installed in the current Linux system. Example: $ rpm-Qa | grep-I X11 | head-3: view the first three packages

Linux Learning Note 3:linux Network configuration, RPM package, Shell and Samba server usage and installation

1, linux shell "Linux command, editor and Shell Programming" (1) shell kinds of many, commonly used three, in Linux can be ls-l/bin/*sh to show all installed shell Type 1) bourne/bin/sh 2 ) C/bin/csh 3) Kom/bin/ksh (2) See what kind of shell command

Go deep into RPM package installation/upgrade/query/uninstall

In the next year, more people will learn about Linux, and you may encounter problems of installing, upgrading, querying, and uninstalling the RPM package, here we will introduce how to install, upgrade, query, and uninstall the RPM package. Here we

Unpack the RPM package with Linux commands and rpm command introduction _linux Shell

RPM is a red Hat (REDHAT) package management tool that implements features like Add/Remove Programs in Windows RPM-IVH install_rpm Tar xvf Informix-linux.tar Inux to extract the command Daquan . tarUnpack: Tar xvf Filename.tarPacking: Tar cvf

Self-Summary by cainiao rpm

In the early days, RPM was developed by RedHat to manage software installation mechanisms. It records users' installation needs in the form of databases. Software. Because software installation usually has dependency attributes, for example, if we

CentOS 6.6 x86_64 RPM package creation tutorial

I. INTRODUCTION to RPM packagesThere are five basic operation functions for the RPM Package: installation, uninstallation, upgrade, query and verification.Linux software packages fall into two categories:1. Binary package: including the rpm

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