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Import data from RRD database to MYSQL _ MySQL

Import data from RRD database to bitsCN.com in MYSQL Import data from RRD Database to MYSQL. 1. RRD Database and RRDTOOL indicates Round Robin Database. The design concept is to store data in the round-robin mode. after a period (which can be

Zabbix and RRDtool drawings create rrd files per map for each host

Now let's take a look at a rrd file article about Zabbix and RRDtool drawing to create each of each of the hosts, and hopefully this example will help you. RRDtool for the graphics show how excellent, presumably understand the people know. The

Deploying LVS-RRD Monitoring LVS

1, installation RRDtooltar xvzf rrdtool-1.4. 7. Tar . GZCD RRDtool-1.4. 7 . /configure-prefix=/usr/local/rrdtool make make instalAdd the RRDtool library file to the system library file search path when the installation is completeEcho '

Zabbix and RRDtool drawings create rrd files per map for each host

RRDtool for the graphics show how excellent, presumably understand the people know. The troops did not move the fodder first. The manual for it is first rrdtool the official manual address http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/doc/index.en.html

Use nginx-rrd in CentOS to monitor the number of nginx shards

You can use monitoring programs such as cacti and nagios to monitor nginx servers, but sometimes it is not that complicated. You can use nginx-rrd to monitor connections and requests. First, compile and install nginx. Pay attention to loading the

Knowledge about Linux SNMP and RRD database updates

After a long time studying Linux SNMP, you may encounter a Linux SNMP problem. Here we will introduce how to solve the Linux SNMP problem RRD database update instance. In Quick Start 1), we have introduced the update command: it uses one or more

Cacti issues encountered during MySQL implementation

About 50 pieces of graphs monitored by cacti on the mysql server have been obtained and shown. Some problems have been encountered and the impressive records are as follows:(1 ):Add io monitoring   Click Create Graphs for this Host to Create an IO

Cacti monitoring MySQL implementation of problems encountered during the solution summary

Introduction: Cacti monitoring MySQL server about 50 graphs have been out, also out of the map, which encountered some problems, the impression of a more profound record as follows:(i): Add IO MonitoringClick Create Graphs for the This Host to enter

How to determine a counter corresponding RRD file

info.py#!/usr/bin/env pythonimport requestsimport jsonimport sysd = [ { "endpoint": sys.argv[1], "counter": sys.argv[2], },]url = ""r = requests.post(url, data=json.dumps(d))print r.text执行:python

How to merge two images in Cacti

How to merge two images in Cacti Cacti is a great open-source network monitoring system that is widely used to display network elements, such as bandwidth, storage, processor, and memory usage. With its Web-based interface, you can easily create and

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