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RRDtool Introductory explanation

---------------original content, reproduced please indicate the source. ------------I. OverviewRRDtool (Round-robin Database tool), which is the polling-based data base (note: Not equivalent to the polling scheduling algorithm in the computer), uses

Basic usage of rrdtool module in Python

This article mainly introduces the basic usage of the rrdtool module in Python and is often used for data visualization functions, if you need it, you can refer to the recently used python to plot based on the collected data and decide to use the

RRDtool Learning and Customizing script drawing graphics Memo

RRDtool (Round Robin Database tool) is a powerful drawing engine, and many tools, such as MRTG, can call RRDtool drawings. Including the use of a lot of cacti is also based on the rrdtool basis of drawing, can say cacti just provide a display

RRDtool draws MRTG Log Data

Summary: The company has drawn a flow chart using mrtg. here we need to summarize the existing flow chart. I want to use rrdtool to plot the total traffic diagram.1. Understand the mrtg log format: 1233645600 1543128 37293414 1724764 3925319412336453

Zabbix and RRDtool drawings create rrd files per map for each host

Now let's take a look at a rrd file article about Zabbix and RRDtool drawing to create each of each of the hosts, and hopefully this example will help you. RRDtool for the graphics show how excellent, presumably understand the people know. The

[Reprinted] rrdtool Chinese manual-Quick Start (2)

Iii. RRD database update instance In Quick Start (1), we have introduced the update command: it uses one or more parameters in the format ::. if you know that you can use N to represent the current time, you will be happy. Or you can use the time

Rotten mud: nagios Learning (4): pnp4nagios graphical drawing of nagios data, pnp4nagiosnagios

Rotten mud: nagios Learning (4): pnp4nagios graphical drawing of nagios data, pnp4nagiosnagios This document consistsXiuyi Lin FengProviding friendship sponsorship, first launchedThe world After nagios is installed, we also add some monitoring

Install Cacti+rrdtool monitor Windows under Ubuntu

Environment and materials required for the experiment1. Ubuntu installation Please refer to: http://2686716.blog.51cto.com/2676716/19559512. SNMP INFORMANT-STD-17 (Note: is a Windows enhanced SNMP plugin that allows cacti to monitor more Windows

Cacti issues encountered during MySQL implementation

About 50 pieces of graphs monitored by cacti on the mysql server have been obtained and shown. Some problems have been encountered and the impressive records are as follows:(1 ):Add io monitoring   Click Create Graphs for this Host to Create an IO

Deployment of--RPM packages for cacti systems based on SUSE Linux systems

Bean Ding http://www.docin.com/p-191889788.htmlRPM package method; Sha; 2010-12-1; change: 2011/5/16; I. Introduction to CACTI (source: network); cacti is to obtain data through snmpget, the development of using R;CACTI is based on letting RRDtool

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